Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution Is Not Autochthonous, Not Cognizable in Law as Valid – Chief Nnia Nwodo

It is never too late to build on a solid foundation. In the modern era, the constitution serves as the foundation of nation-building. This YouTube video is a compilation of the views of very knowledgeable Nigerians on the fact that the 1999 Constitution is an imposition that has been sold as an agreement written and approved by “We the People…” Mr. Mark Olise and Dr. Amos Akimgba remind all that a lawsuit filed in 2007 in a Lagos High Court to contest the legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution is still on suspended animation because of the brazen stalling tactics of minders of the status quo.

Chief Nnia Nwodo is the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, the apex Igbo sociocultural group that has successfully built a working alliance with the Yoruba, Niger Delta and Middle Belt ethnic nationalities to jointly demand an immediate Restructuring of Nigeria. This alliance was activated in the run-up to the 2019 general elections when the sociocultural leadership platforms of the South and Middle Belt regions endorsed the candidates and political parties that support Restructuring of Nigeria into a federation of semi-autonomous regions. Many believe that the opposition party’s candidate won more votes cast for the presidency at the polling stations. But the Buhari-appointed INEC boss had a different take on who got more votes.

Nwodo embodies the nostalgia of the halcyon days of Nigeria’s 1st Republic in the immediate post-Independence era. His father was a Minister in the Government of Eastern Nigeria and this gave the young Nnia Nwodo a unique insight regarding the governance model that worked so well before the soldiers intervened in January 1966 to muddle things up. As a lawyer, the Ohanaeze boss clearly sees the fatal faults of the subsisting 1999 Constitution and why such a document is unsuitable for running a country as large and diverse as Nigeria. Before the 2019 general elections, Chief Nnia Nwodo was gung-ho on immediate Restructuring. Now that the elections have come and gone, it is easy to see that the erudite Igbo leader has shifted focus to the taking down of the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution as a national priority. Nwodo’s views tally entirely with those of Senator Adeyeye, Mark Oise, Dr. Amos Akimgba and others as expressed in this video.

Senator Adeyeye undressed the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution in all its nakedness in the Red Chamber of the National Assembly. He vowed that the 1999 Constitution can never give Nigerians progress, peace and unity because it is based on falsehood. A claim in the document’s Preamble that “We the People…” gave ourselves the 1999 Constitution is a LIE.

General Abdulsalami Abubakar wrote the Decree No 24 of 1999 and then bequeathed it as a farewell present by the ruling military junta he headed. Many were fooled into believing that the decree was intended to be transitional. But a former military ruler was recalled to oversee the imposition and entrenchment of the Decree No 24, which has now been baptized as the 1999 Constitution. Rather than address the imposed 1999 Constitution, the new political class of the 4th Republic was content to just debate and haggle over revenue sharing, derivation formula and quota allocations that are monstrosities engendered by Unitary governance as perfected by the 1999 Constitution.

The 1999 Constitution takes away the stakeholders’ sovereign rights over their own ancestral lands and hands them over to an omnibus amorphous federal government that is everything but federal or representative of the aspirations of all the stakeholders. This nebulous and mystical “federal government” of Unitary Nigeria sounds oxymoronic. This self-contradiction shall be rectified when “We the People…” write the agreement to guide our collective future within Nigeria or outside of it.

The final onslaught in a long struggle to take down the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution has just begun. The first skirmishes started during the PRONACO days and is now driven and sustained by the tenacity and audacity of the LNC/MNN alliance partners. The theory is straightforward and precise; discredit and take down the license to rule (the 1999 Constitution) and the enslaved shall then find their own ways to self-determination. The 2019 general elections’ outcome has now convinced, even the doubting Thomases, that no self-redemption shall ever be possible for 200 million Nigerians as long as the 1999 Constitution remains the means for planning the future.

As soon as a critical mass of Nigerians are made aware of the fact that the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution is the cause of the country’s endless list of woes, the hypnosis that has inebriated the enslaved stakeholders for too long shall vamoose in an instant. This video is loaded with facts that can persuade many, who are currently hanging on the sidelines, to become actively involved in ridding the citizenry of the burden and shame of being ruled with an imposed fraudulent document that was written by a military autocrat.

Perhaps, the best place to ambush the enforcers of the status quo is to make sure that Nigerians shall not partake in any future general elections based on the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution. For this to work, a grassroots campaign must commence soon to explain to the people why they should not even bother about registering to vote or acquire the so-called Personal Voter Cards (PVC). Going through the rigmarole of general elections, with all the entailed risks to lives and properties as well as presaged outcomes, must now end. All the electoral shams conducted under the aegis of the 1999 Constitution since the dawn of the 4th republic have all come to naught. Each time we cast a vote, we are acknowledging the constitution on which the voting is based. It must not be forgotten that the victor in all general elections is required to swear a solemn oath to defend and preserve the 1999 Constitution that has been the basis for our enslavement.

This YouTube video needs to go viral because of the message in it and the varied ethnic and professional backgrounds of its contributors. Use your social media platforms to inform your contacts regarding the evolving popular movement to take down and replace the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution. South Africa was subjected to the conundrum of an apartheid constitution imposed by the White minority population in governance that excluded the majority indigenous Blacks. Peace returned ONLY after the offensive apartheid constitution was discarded and replaced with a brand-new one written by all South African constituents and ratified via a referendum. It was under this new constitution that President Nelson Mandela was elected to lead all of South Africa. Nigerians already have a model to follow in replacing the rejected 1999 constitution.