No master-servant constitution

Fred Agbeyegbe, Esq., an Itsekiri indigene, is President of LNC.

The remediation to the constitutional shackling and enslavement of Eastern Nigeria cannot be undertaken by way of amendments to the imposed constitutional regime of 1999 nor can anything that the assemblage of legislators at the National Assembly in Abuja would concoct, even by way of any “Restructuring” which still retains the Nigeria defined by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution, since they (NASS) lack constituent powers to deal with the sovereignty disputation that the whole situation represents.

Just like South Africa went beyond the mandate of the then apartheid South African parliament as Oliver Thambo, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela and their fellow Black compatriots raised sovereignty questions, Nigeria’s subsisting unjust setup can only be redressed by the wholesale jettisoning of totality of the imposed 1999 constitutional order. Stated differently, the starting point for whoever are sincere about getting a handle on the constitutional quagmire of present-day Nigeria, which has been defined by the imposed master-servant relationship among constituent parts of the country, must commence first with a complete abrogation of the 1999 Constitution.

Unfortunately, those who imposed this monstrosity upon the rest of us are unwilling to have a renegotiation of the basis and terms of our mutual coexistence in a union of attrition which Nigeria has become in eyes of the citizenry, especially in the Eastern Region (particularly Ndiigbo). The arch protagonists of unitarism arrogantly declare, to our face, that the basis and terms for Nigerian nationhood are now nonnegotiable. They now boldly and menacingly declare that the marriage of death called Nigeria is now indivisible and indissoluble.

By decree, they wrote those overarching declarations into what all of us are now made to call the 1999 Constitution which, in the most skewed way possible, defines everything else, including the ownership of all economic assets, the powers to work those assets, including oil, gas, coal and vast maritime resources which belonged primarily to the Eastern Region up to July 1966.

These properties, assets and rights no longer belong to and can no longer be exploited for the benefit of the real owners who must now go groveling at the feet of the new owners of Nigeria in Sokoto, Katsina, Kano and Maiduguri for mercy drops and handouts with, of course, the associated insults.

By decrees embedded in that evil 1999 Constitution, there are now 36 States and 774 LGs with concomitant revenue-sharing and representation implications that render the Easterners, which entered Independence in 1960 as over 60% of post-colonial Nigeria in all ramifications, a negligible political minority in all things.

Joining forces to confront a common enemy

           Mr. Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB (left) & Barr. Tony Nnadi of LNC (right) at Abuja High Court

From the perspective of Eastern Nigeria and for the avoidance of doubt, what the situation requires in the minimum, is the complete dismantling of that master-servant constitutional order. Negotiations that could lead to fresh protocols and understanding would have to take place and where that is made impossible either by the adamant recalcitrance of one side or by some irreconcilable clash of civilizations as represented by Caliphate Sharia and feudalism against the Eastern Nigeria Christian-faith republicanism, for example, constituent parts must then exercise their unalienable right to self-determination as guaranteed by the United Nations (UN) as well as the African Union (AU).

Isn’t it obviously outrageous and unconscionable that “We the people…” are being told by our “conquerors” and slave masters that Nigeria has become unchangeable and nonnegotiable?

It is the demand for this irreducible minimum right to exist, which has been criminalized by the Nigerian state, that young people are being shot like wild animals in the East by the uniformed armed agents of “our conquerors in the 1967-1970 Civil War who, nevertheless, maraud in the East under the code name “Federal Government of Nigeria”. The LNC asks: Which Nigeria?

If after half century of waiting since Aburi Conference of January 1967 and a genocidal war in which our “conquerors” killed over 3.5 million of our kith and kin the same enemy is still telling us so formally, as written into 1999 Constitution, arrogantly and menacingly that our slave status has become permanent and nonnegotiable, while a new wave of genocide is being unleashed and more planned to be unleashed by the same malevolent forces that came upon us since 50 year ago, must it then not become an urgent duty of survival and honor for those in East who can muster whatever it would take to put to death that monstrous enemy which goes by the name “Nigeria”, especially as defined by the Caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution? We are obligated to act in self-defense now so that those who are not yet killed in the East would not be killed so that the huge task of reconstruction of the severely raped and devastated region will commence in earnest.

Spiritual and military arms of the Caliphate

Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III (left) and General Abdulsalami Abubakar who wrote and imposed the 1999 Constitution with Decree No 24 of 1999 (right).

The LNC has wholeheartedly embraced the sacred duty to seek Easterners’ self-redemption and to reassert the unalienable right of all the indigenous peoples inhabiting the East and elsewhere within the geopolitical space called Nigeria to determine their fate in their own ancestral land by themselves without imposition from external interests. It is that same duty that MASSOB, IPOB and the Niger Delta agitation protagonists have embraced, in their own ways, by making the supreme sacrifice, if needs be.

What the LNC has done differently from the other Eastern Nigeria self-determination collective is to frame and spotlight the 50-year-old sovereignty disputation raging between the East and the rest of Nigeria by rejecting the constitutional scheme that enact and encapsulate the whole master-servant reality that Nigerian nationhood has become for all Easterners.

It is within that strategic re-framing of our right to live in freedom and the sovereignty disputation it represents that the LNC targets the 2019 general elections by which the life of the fraudulent and punitive 1999 Constitution will be renewed and reinforced by minders of the status quo and their beneficiaries.

For those who did not notice the otherwise inexplicable anomaly of INEC advertising the dates of 2019 general elections in March 2017, know it now that that action was informed by the desperation of an embattled Sokoto Islamic Caliphate to throw in that electoral distraction joker as a stratagem for taking the wind out of the sail of the burgeoning self-determination quest of Eastern Nigerians amidst the deafening shouts for Restructuring from the equally frustrated Yoruba Region which is meticulously finalizing its post-Nigeria posture that it cleverly tagged “Regional Integration”. It is fortuitous that all these are happening at a time when it also appears that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar had suddenly seen the handwriting on the wall of the rickety One-unitary Nigeria and so, has begun to crow very loudly about “Restructuring” to the hearing of his obdurate Caliphate kinsmen.

It is within this paradigm of hands-on engagement that the journey to 2019 general elections has become the strategic decider for what would be the outcome of the long-standing Nigeria question and the Igbo component of that question. If the status quo forces manage to bulldoze their way to holding future general elections under the 1999 Constitution and under the superintendence of a devout Igbo hater with an INEC that is unabashedly Caliphate-loyal and compliant, and with all the guns in the land under the vice-grip and tight control of our habitual oppressors, then the whole world might end up grieving for Easterners and other fellow compatriots for the second time within half a century. For mere thought of this possibility, the LNC must declare God forbid!

Operations “Python Dance” and “Crocodile Smile” was utilized as subterfuge to reinforce the military occupation of Eastern Nigeria by these malevolent forces in today’s Nigeria who historically migrated into the North from the foot of Futa Jalon Mountains in Eastern Sierra Leone.

The journey toward the 2019 general elections is, therefore, a matter life and death on the sovereignty disputation in terms of whether it holds or not since there is nothing in the horizon which would prevent that obnoxious 1999 Constitution from being used as the basis of that electoral exercise.

The winners of these elections that INEC had advertised for 2019, including the Igbo among them, are bound to swear to defend and uphold the 1999 Constitution which has been tormenting Alaigbo and Ndiigbo to death and also have condemned the remnants as slaves with no right to anything, whatsoever, including right to life and property since its imposition by General Abdulsalami Abubakar’s ruling military junta with Decree No 24 of 1999.

As already repeatedly explained, those who strive to retain the master-servant unitarist Nigeria are brushing past the ubiquitous demands for a grand renegotiation of Nigeria (Restructuring) and instead are pushing towards 2019 general elections that will end up reinforcing the unacceptable status quo.

On the other hand, those who insist that an end must come for the Igbo enslavement, which is where the LNC and the rest of TGE Eastern Nigeria self-determination collective belong, are also setting things in motion to halt the journey towards the 2019 renewal and reinforcement of the Igbo and Easterners’ enslavement by way of national elections under the 1999 Constitution.

That halting must be way ahead of 2019 since boycott has never been an effective tool in matters like this.

This is where what we all do as political actors in 2017/2018 period, especially 2017, become most crucial and most critical.

Broken Map for devolving Nigeria.

Proposed regional geopolitical structure for a devolved Nigeria. Southern Nigeria comprises Yoruba & Lower Niger federations.

We will be EITHER on the side of the status quo forces that is pushing to have the 2019 renewal of Igbo gut-wrenching misery OR on the side of the self-determination forces that seek a grand renegotiation of the Nigerian polity by effectively halting that journey to 2019 and by openly rejecting the 1999 Constitution as basis of any further national elections starting with the one of 2019.

These are the only two sides to that sovereignty disputation between Eastern Nigeria and the rest of Nigeria from which all political actors must choose.

All the talk of employing the party platform and elections as the tool for engaging the aforesaid sovereignty disputation will, therefore, be a question of either ignorance or plain dishonesty.

(For the avoidance of doubt, the LNC is not interested in the Anambra governorship election slated for November 2017 as the outcome is totally inconsequential to the sovereignty disputation which is the LNC concern and for which reason its primary concern is the national elections purportedly slated for 2019).

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Tony Nnadi
Lower Niger Congress (LNC)