Parable of the Country: A Tale of Civil War Victors & the Vanquished.

– by Emeka Maduewesi

And when the war ended, the victors sat down to share the spoils. One region got the oil wells and the other region got the foreign companies.

The vanquished region got two sets of gifts. While some got £20 each, others got to keep the houses in their own part of the vanquished region belonging to those who got only £20.

After six years, those who got £20 started, once more, to build multistorey residential homes in their part of the vanquished region. One town in the region cornered the pharmaceutical industry, another transportation and automotive spare parts, another town took the electronics and electrical market, yet another took the textiles market and another the building materials market. Now, the vanquished control all these markets in the entire sub-region and beyond. God indeed blessed his own people and they prospered.

Those who got oil wells and the foreign companies accused those who lost their houses and got £20 of being ritualists. As for those who got the houses belonging to those who got only £20, one protested vehemently and was hanged by those who got the oil wells, as most of the oil wells are in that region of the vanquished who got the houses belonging to the vanquished who got only £20.

Ogoniland and its people killed so that Shell's crude oil can flow.

The Ogoni ethnic nationality lost their well-informed leader when Nigeria’s central government hung Ken Saro Wiwa and eight others at Shell’s behest

Those who got the oil wells also got to keep power and government, inviting those who got the foreign companies to share the privileges and appurtenances thereof from time to time. They shared the revenue from the oil wells to the exclusion of those who got £20 and those who got the houses belonging to those who got only £20.

Because the victors got the government and power, they also created all forms of schemes and devices to enrich themselves and slow the growth and development of the vanquished. They even made these schemes important provisions in the current Nigerian constitution.

However, the vanquished who got only £20 still continue to prosper, producing many billionaires, authors, artists, scientists, sportspeople, distinguished professors, erudite jurists, medical professionals, lawyers and stubborn agitators. Whatsoever those who got £20 touched prospered. Like the Hebrews in Egypt, the vanquished are like the Army of Locusts.

Now, those who got £20 want to leave the country. Even the agitation has prospered in its vehemence. But those who got the oil wells and the foreign companies are opposing them.

Remember that the victors have the oil wells and the foreign companies. The victors also got the government and power. The vanquished got only £20 and lost their houses.

Occupation of Ogoniland is complete

Military incursions into territories inhabited by the vanquished predictably imply bloodletting by targeted killings of local inhabitants

Now, what does the victors want? Probably human blood. They drank from over 2 million bodies of the vanquished before the war ended, and they have been drinking periodically even since. They recently drank from over 150 of the vanquished.

And that is the Parable of a Country.