2019 General Elections Fraudulent: Massive Underage Voter Registration in Arewa North, Unchecked Influx of Foreigners from the Sahel Region Condoned by INEC – Says ADF Communique

The full text of the ADF communique following the Council Meeting of October 9, 2018 can be accessed by clicking on  https://goo.gl/LEFGbh

The Council Meeting of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) was held on October 12, 2018 in Enugu to receive a formal report of the group’s leadership’s tour of the US Igbo Diaspora community. During the US trip, the ADF leadership team featured at the 2018 National Convention of the World Igbo Congress (WIC) in Nashville, Tennessee during this year’s Labor Holiday weekend. The group’s consultations and interactions took the ADF leadership team to Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC and other large population centers that have substantial Igbo Diaspora presence. The Enugu meeting also reviewed the evolving developments within Nigeria as they impact Ndiigbo, in particular, and rest of fellow constituents, in general, in a polity that is buffeted nonstop by rising sense of insecurity, rapid economic downturn and emergent political intrigues stirred by the INEC-scheduled 2019 general elections dateline of mid February – only 4 months away.

ADF & LNC-USA principals meet

Before departing the US on the return trip home, ADF President, Prof. Nwala, was in Washington, DC metro to consult with Igbocentric groups in the area. ADF leader poses with Dr. Okenwa Nwosu of LNC-USA in Maryland.

From the ADF leadership’s account, the US trip was timely, consequential and very productive. With an aim to establish synergy between the ADF and sundry Igbo Diaspora-based groups, the deliberations resulted in the adoption of the “Enugu Re-affirmation of Igbo position on the future of Alaigbo as well as the Nigerian Federation”. The preceding “Awka Declaration” at the Ekwueme Square, which was overseen by the Ohanaeze Ndiigbo leadership, may not have been as impactful in the US Igbo Diaspora community for a combination of reasons. The Chicago Forum’s call for an urgent Igbo Global Sumit in “windy city” by the ADF highest decision-making body which pledges its full support for all measures needed to actualize the proposed get-together.

The ADF communique rues “the unending mass genocide, maiming, rape and killing of our women, destruction of homes and properties, displacement, occupation and renaming of indigenous non-Muslim communities, especially in the North Central states of Plateau, Taraba, Southern Kaduna, Benue, Nasarawa and Zamfara, as well as the general insecurity caused by the nefarious and murderous activities of Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists, with tacit support of the Federal security forces – all are pointers that the country is dangerously and irreversibly heading to disintegration”.

The ADF Council Meeting perceives the INEC-scheduled 2019 general elections as “already being packaged as a fraud, as the outcome is pre-determined and only waiting for a public announcement”. The INEC, in close collaboration with the Fulani-controlled security agencies, is working overtime to ensure that all the parameters for executing and monitoring the country’s electoral process are deliberately skewed to suppress voting in the Middle Belt and Southern states while registered voters’ numbers are inflated in many parts of the Arewa North. The illegal and unjustifiable interference with the National Assembly affairs by the presidency is deemed to be acts of deliberate intimidation of perceived political enemies so as to, hopefully, affect the outcome of the imminent general elections.

The communique heaps all the blame for the unending woes wrecking the lives of contemporary Nigerians to be “the fake 1999 Constitution imposed on the peoples of this Country with military fiat, which begins with an open lie; “We the people…”, when the people never formulated and endorsed it”.

The Council Meeting affirms that the INEC-scheduled 2019 general elections are incapable of resulting in the current impasse in which the UNITARY Nigerian state is mired. The ADF, therefore, “calls for a properly constituted political conference of all ethnic nationalities for a new Federal Union Constitution that recognizes the rights to self-determination of the constituent nations”. Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, Afenifere, PANDEF, Middle Belt Form and “all other socio-cultural organizations of the indigenous peoples of this country who are truly fighting for the emancipation of their people to urgently move beyond rhetoric and come up with clear, time-bound action plan for achieving the much talked about restructuring in the next few months left before the so-called elections”.

Precolonial Lower Niger anchored Nigeria

Emerging federations include the Lower Niger territory, a precolonial delimitation that corresponds to 1st Republic’s Eastern & Midwestern Regions. The map was adopted by the MNN in June 2011.

“The ADF and most other major pan-Igbo organizations have already declared that nothing short of recognizing Alaigbo as AN AUTONOMOUS REGION in a New Federal Union can guarantee the continued participation Alaigbo in any political union with her neighbors in the present Nigerian Federation.”

The communique concludes by enjoining organized pan-Igbo groups, individuals and institutions to embrace other key programs of the ADF such as the “Aku rue Ulo” principle, farming-revival programs and “the Anti-Open Grazing Bill which ADF had tabled before all the Houses of Assembly several months ago” throughout Alaigbo. The ADF felicitates with the Abia State House of Assembly for voting to approve this legislative draft and then calls on the state governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, to sign the bill into law without further delay.