Africa Is Just a Cemetry for Africans How Can a Cemetry Be Developed, asks Russia’s Putin?


President Vladimir Putin has called for politicians, high-ranking figures and their loved ones to return home to the motherland, say:

“Africa will never be independent. Africans believe in Europeans, Americans and Chinese more than themselves – they don’t trust themselves at all.

A white man will commit a crime in Africa, but no action will be taken because Africa authorities view us as semi-gods, far from the truth. A black man can be abducted in Europe, get harassed, or even killed, but no African authority will question. Africans present themselves as weak people with no hope, especially when dealing with Europeans and Americans.

They are their own enemies. They hate each other and that gives their colonial masters the power to continue exploiting African resources.”

“When an African becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to France for Medical treatment.

He invests in Germany. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.

If he dies, he will be buried in his native country of Africa.

Africa is just a cemetery for Africans. How could a cemetery be developed?” -Putin asks!

Source: The Zambian Observer


Editor’s Comment

Some might ask, how are we sure that these somewhat disconcerting pronouncements emanated from a notable international figure like President Putin of Russia. The point here is that it makes no difference whether the source of the statement credited to Vladimir Putin is from Moscow or elsewhere. The truism embodied in the statement does stand on its own merit. Associating the name of Putin may have helped to advance curiosity initially. On a closer look, the statement of fact regarding the African leadership elite corps is accurate, regardless of who might have voiced it initially.

This video is making a case for a transformative change but is not prescribing any specific pathway toward Uhuru. For Africans to compete effectively on the international scene, they must first understand that they are as human and capable as the rest of humanity. It is particularly important that Africa’s leadership elite corps imbibe and internalize this mindset as a bare minimum requirement for the critical roles they play in society. Regarding another human being who has no ancestral roots in the land as a semi-god makes no sense in the authentic African cosmology. The novel mindset being described by Putin was inculcated during the enslavement and colonization of Africa. 

The African continent has been on the path of self-rule for the past two generations or so. Sadly, Putin’s assessment of Africa and its elite leadership corps is based on observing the conduct of contemporary African leaders. The way forward implies a conscious departure from the neocolonial inclinations of African leaders who collude actively with outside interests that have raped and exploited the continent for centuries. 

Pan Africanism must be seen as the genuine pathway for Africans to begin to understand their ultimate fate in a global arena that sees the African continent and Africans through the lenses of President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Africa must have a variant of continental governance in its medium and long-term future. Today’s African Union (AU) status needs to be taken to a higher level.