‘The Ekweremmadu Rule’ – EDICT NUMBER AN/IENG/1001/NG.

Aladinma Ndiigbo has duly considered the incident in Nuremberg, Germany involving the former Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu and we think this was a legitimate democratic protest. We must underline that we do not advocate any form of violence on any individual or group of people. We are, however, issuing an edict to all aggrieved Nigerians to adopt the ‘Ekweremmadu Rule’ on all politicians who travel abroad while in elective office. This Rule authorizes all Nigerians to lead a mass protest, to shame publicly or employ any other legitimate forms of civic protest to make these politicians as uncomfortable as they have made their fellow citizens.

You are also entitled to a citizen arrest of these thieves who have looted our treasury and caused severe hardship on Nigerian citizens. Most overseas countries will also allow you to bring a lawsuit against them or their assets overseas if you can prove that this wealth is stolen and that their pay status does not justify their large bank accounts, real estate and other property acquisitions abroad.

This edict also authorizes Nigerians to deny them the quiet enjoyment of their ill-gotten wealth; to drive their children and other family members back to Nigeria and to deny them the luxurious lifestyles that they enjoy on the back of all hardworking Nigerians. If their children are forced to school in Nigeria, we believe they will be forced to pay attention to the decadent state of our educational system in Nigeria; If they no longer can freely fly abroad for healthcare paid for by our wealth, they will do something about Nigerian healthcare and hospitals that have become a death trap. If they no longer can spend vacations abroad, they will immediately pay attention to the infrastructure, insecurity, and mayhem that has plagued our dear country and road or other travel networks. When they are ‘No longer at ease’ in foreign lands, they will begin to invest their loot back in Nigeria and create meaningful employment.

This edict is issued with the utmost thoughtfulness and a sense of responsibility, with all things considered. Aladinma Ndiigbo does not endorse any form of violence but this edict is issued with the best objectives for getting the Nigerian politicians to understand that the status quo, where Nigerian masses have been condemned to poverty, squalor, and servitude, is no longer tolerable, going forward. Every Nigerian is begging to leave our country to be an economic slave in foreign lands in ever-increasing numbers as we speak. Most Nigerians with world-class education in law, medicine, engineering, etc, who should be contributing to the development of Nigeria, are now overseas condemned to serve foreigners as taxicab drivers, cleaners, grocery store attendants, etc. Most of our wives and women have been condemned to clean the feces of old and dying white people and care for those who, in return, call them derogatory racial names and do not appreciate their suffering and labor. Others are in prostitution and serve as house-slave maids to people who are far less educated than they are. Our young people have had to resort to crime and other vices to escape poverty and starvation and in turn, are languishing in jails abroad or killed.

It is clear to us that our politicians have shown an abominable insensitivity to the plight of our citizens, reducing them to beg for food and to be slaves to them, their wives and children. They have also flaunted their stolen wealth with glee and a sense of entitlement that we no longer can ignore. Worse is that nothing is being done to change the deteriorating trend nor any policies to reverse the trend on the drawing board. In Nigeria, you are either poor or super-rich. There is no hope for the thronging population of young people in the North, South or East of Nigeria. The long strangulation of Igbo people has lasted a lifetime since the Civil War in the 1960s.

The politicians have conveniently divided us along ethnic, tribal and religious lines which have given them the reprieve and comfort to loot without any fear of repercussions emanating from a unified Nigerian citizenry.

We, therefore, call on all Nigerians to adopt, share and carry out this edict with immediate effect. Power belongs to “We the people…” and if we all stand together against this exploitation and enslavement by our own fellow citizens, we will win a better life for all of us sooner than later.

Dated this August 27th, 2019.