Re: Biafra Is a Plot by Ndiigbo To Colonize Southsouth – Alhaji Sagir Ringim

A Rebuttal by Donald Ekpo to Ringim’s statement published at

A voice for the voiceless

Donald Ekpo hails from ethnic nationality in Akwa Ibom state in the Niger Delta

Sir, I want to thank you for your concern about the welfare of the people of the Southsouth by exposing the plans of the Igbos to recolonize the region. But I am worried about the sincerity of these your concerns. Because of these worries, let us dissect and carefully assess your statements of fear and concerns in four (4) segments, so as not to repeat the mistakes of 1964, 1966 and 1967-1970 till date. In your carefully written letter or chat with the journalists as reported in the national dallies yesterday, you clearly stated that the Igbos want to;


Alhaji Ringim, may I remind you that the economic prospects of the Southsouth is currently being seized and controlled by your people of the Northern protectorate of Nigeria. Does that in anyway mean that you agree that your people have colonized my region? Are you also aware that even the oil wells in Abia State, Imo State and Anambra state and recently Enugu State (Igbo land) is being owned by your people in the Northern Protectorate? Are you aware that we in the oil rich region (South South) do not have control over our wealth, and its fortunes are determined by your people? Are you also aware that after sharing the proceeds of oil between your protégés in Shell, Mobil, Agip and Chevron, the left over is given to 44 local government of your state Kano, and only 8 Local government of Bayelsa? How more criminal could that be?

Do you know that even when the natural gas from my state, Akwa Ibom, is used to generate power from my state-owned Power Station, that the fraud of a constitution you fostered on my people does not allow me to use same electricity in my state or region, but I am forced to load it into the National grid that sends same power to your home in Kano State? Have you seen how the United Nigeria is enslaving me? Are you aware that the fraud of your constitution took away the economic prospects of my region by empowering only the Federal government to build roads that your people from the Northern protectorate never built in my state for over 40 years until the coming of our own Son Goodluck Jonathan, when he allowed state governments to tamper with Federal Roads, yet you were busy building all the so called federal roads in your region.

That your fraud of a constitution imposed on us by you and your allies in the southwest took away the power from us to develop on the economic prospects of the region thereby taking away our rights to economic progress for over 50 years. And here you are sir getting worried of what the Igbos will do to my people. Sir, have you been ever worried about what your people have done to my people? How many of my people have you killed in your region? Please tell me the number of my people slaughtered by the Igbos in their land that is enough for me to be weary of them. Remember that these are my neighbors that lived peacefully with us for centuries, shared cultures, intermarried and even celebrated common cultural events before you came with your successful propaganda that deceived our fathers?


Ringim patronizing review Ndiigbo

Alhaji Sagir Ringim who has earned his keep by patronizing assessment of Ndiigbo

Alhaji Sagir Ringim may I remind you that the Igbos are not the colonist as you have insinuated here, but you and your people in the Northern Protectorate. They have so far not shown the threat to colonize as when compared to your people. It is your people that used the oil from our region to better the livelihood of your own people and that of your few allies in the Southwest. It is you that are synonymous with the word “CAPTURE”. It is your people that kill non-indigenes in your region to take over their property. Alhaji Sagir Ringim, just in case you think this generation is as vulnerable are our grandfathers and fathers you deceived by your propaganda, this is an entirely different epoch in history. You were able to make our parents’ generation to see the Igbos as their enemies in the 60s. Please, note that this is the 21st century and our folks now know better.

We are aware of these same lies you told our grandfathers and fathers in the early 60’s. We are aware that, after lying to them that they were different from the Igbos, you still went ahead and killed my folks in the name of killing Ndiigbo. We are aware of the devilish, malicious and infernal act you used one of your willing protégés, General Yakubu Gowon, to do when you suddenly created the Southeast State (today’s Cross River & Akwa Ibom states), Rivers State (today’s Rivers and Bayelsa states) just to implement the divide-and-rule policy which was counseled by the evil British woman consultant, just to break the unity of the former Eastern Region.

We know that is was also based on Awolowo’s advise that certain parts of Igbo were sliced off, and added into the new states you created so as to weaken any form of unity that could hold. We have also read from a list of newspaper publications, such as the New York Post of the 60’s, as compiled by the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) on all the atrocities you committed against the people of the region before your final propaganda to separate them by these hypocritical lies. And we promise you that even though you used your fraud of a constitution to discourage the study of Nigerian history of the said period in Nigerian Schools, we will do well to expose this events in a carefully chronicled format for every child/youth of this generation to know the truth. How dare you assume that, even in the retarded state of your protectorate, you can conveniently influence the minds of the learned region in this millennium?


Alhaji Sagir Ringim, if these are your fears about the existence of Biafra, first of all, are you revealing the fears of your region, the Northern Protectorate comprising the 12 Sharia states or the entire North? You do not have any mineral resources and you are landlocked. Are you telling me you and your people have been so worried of surviving alone hence your insistence of a non-functional One-Nigeria prokect? Let me explain this to you, Sir;

The Igbos you are talking about do not just have a large reservoir of coal in Enugu that can last for another century knowing that coal is presently running major economies in Europe, South America and South Africa, the region also has a large reserve of oil and gas in Abia and Imo states. Oil exploration in Anambra state has commenced and will soon also commence in Enugu state. Can you see that your propaganda won’t work as it did in the 1960’s?

Apart from the fact that your people maliciously consigned Igbo ancestral lands to Delta, Rivers and Akwa Ibom states, we at the LNC have taken it upon ourselves to expose the hostile schemes of lies you used to separate our region. Your protégé, General Buhari, made it easier for us on National Television when his hatred for the people overwhelmed his ability to continue in the cover of your propaganda. He acknowledged the fact that we were all the same people. That notwithstanding, in a matter of time, your lies and propaganda will hit the broken bridges of discontinuity. How dare you generate fears that do not exist for your selfish interest? You must have been thinking how successful your deceitful and hypocritical lies would go in rejuvenating the lies of the 60’s.


Alhaji Sagir Ringim, this is the most absurd and ridiculous of all your concerns as expressed by your expression of love towards my people in the Niger Delta region. Industrialists do not just sit and lazy about as expected by you. And these were one of the fears and concerns expressed by your late Sultan in a video we managed to see where he was worried about the Igbos in the North. Alhaji, are you aware that your successful brother, Dangote; one of the richest man in Africa, has his economic wealth spread and domiciled outside the Northern region? Or are you in anyway saying that because people expand, explore greener areas, that means such individuals have no space in their ancestral home turf? Your points are a bit too ridiculous to have considered as your reasons for granting this interview.

Having segmented your major reasons for advising my region to be weary of our Igbo brothers as those who intend to recolonize my people, I stand bold to say that you and your kinsmen are guilty of all your worries. It is also a cause for concern that you and your allies have suddenly decided to worry about the Niger Delta region. When did you love the region this much?

  1. Are you not the same people that classify us all as Igbos during your killing and butchering spree and largess in the North?

  2. How come you are bothered that the people you classify as one when butchering, are two different people when it comes to owners of wealth?

  3. If you could desecrate our land as if we do not exist, come in and take away our oil wells as though they belong to you?

  4. Did your kinsfolk not announce on National Television that the Oil in Bayelsa belongs to you in Kano and Jigawa?

  5. Do Northerners not kill us at will if your Muslim religion is disrespected in faraway Norway?

  6. Don’t your fellow Northerners at the helm in Abuja determine for us when and how our roads are built and how we use power generated from our resources?

  7. Did Buhari not swear over your graves that our own kinsman, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, cannot be President of Nigeria or else you make the country ungovernable of which you did?

Yet you have the guts to tell us to be weary of those who have never, in any way, attempted to take anything from us by force? I truly hope you realize that this is 2016 and not 1964.

It is best to inform you and all those who have decided to cry more than the bereaved that we are aware that these are the same propaganda you used to separate us, then forced us to continue in this unholy union. That was a very unfortunate thing to have happened. It ended up keeping us in this bondage since 1966.

Fortunately for us, the 2007 United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) is a tool you cannot do anything about. The LNC has taken advantage of these rights and it is set to call for a Referendum on self-determination for the Lower Niger territory. Quit crying on our behalf, we are presently articulating the Charter/Constitution which our region shall be built upon and so far, rest assured that it can never be an evil as the forced marriage called Nigeria.

Thank you for your concerns, Alhaji and co.”