How Come the Devil Is This Good at Mass Hypnosis?

by Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

How else could you explain Nigeria’s pathetic round-and-round journey since 1966?

I wept as poor Nigerian ‘sheep’le trooped out into the social media to celebrate and hail the newest Crown Prince Atiku Abubakar – the one who will finally save them from the curse of 1914 and the deadly barnacles of the 1999 Constitution.

Hail “Mr. Restructuring!”

Some say, “He is a lesser evil!”

Fools, evil is evil! Once evil is involved, it matters not whether it is ‘lesser’ or bigger. You’re still being led by evil! The devil’s trick is to equate a ‘lesser’ evil with ‘good.’

Aren’t we just coming out of the ‘lesser evil’ of 2014? See where the “lesser evil” of 2014 landed us – blood flows in the Middle Belt and everywhere… families wiped out of existence, we’re now the second poorest nation in the world, etc

Yet, we’re heading for another “lesser evil!”

In an elite WhatsApp group that I belong to, these “elite” and “mega intellectuals” and “political strategists” shouted “Hosanna! All hail the Savior, Atiku Abubakar, who will ATIKULATE Nigeria!”

They’re 100% SOLD! Atiku Abubakar is the answer they’ve been waiting for.

LNM protoganist

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo is a Surveyor & Operations Management expert. He is an activist leader in self-determination quest of the Lower Niger nationalities.

The coordinator of the group contacted me privately and said, “The destination (to the Nigeria solution) has many routes…”

“But this is not a new route!” I replied, “We’ve taken exactly the same route over and over and over again… and it has never worked! Why take a route that has consistently led to hell?”

A highway designed to hell can never lead to heaven! The 1999 Constitution was NOT designed to lead Nigeria to heaven! It doesn’t matter who’s driving on the road to hell; it will still point to hell.

How the devil does the same thing to the Nigerian sheeple and wins every time:

(1) Someone in the same fold of wolves that has ravaged/looted the country and created troubles for the jinxed country suddenly emerges and rides on the highest selling emotion of the people… in this case, “Restructuring.”

(2) They get elected… and swear to uphold the same imposed 1999 Constitution that is the source of everyone’s misery. How can you restructure under the same fraudulent Constitution that makes referendum impossible?

(3) Then they relapse. The condition of the people gets worse and the condition of the politicians and game-makers gets better. What these demons have spent only the primaries could take 1 million unemployed Nigerian youths out of the streets!

And you think all this noise is about you?

But the new “Mr. Restructuring” will certainly do it! He is different, they cry. We will hold him accountable to his promise, bla, bla, bla… When last did holding a politician accountable for his promise ever work in Nigeria?

“Oh, Atiku will be different,” they say.

Each time, we’re told that the candidate is “different” by those who package them. Each time, the candidate proves they’re the same people. Because we refuse to accept our real problem!

(4) Next election season, the cycle repeats.

How the devil manages to achieve this mass hypnosis of 200 million people… using the same technique and succeeding each time – is a wonder!

In Atiku’s case, Nigerians are in for a surprise – if elections indeed hold (as I doubt) … and if he wins (as I doubt). I know one or two things not yet out in the public domain… how the “Restructuring” wave was dishonorably ‘hijacked’ for this purpose.

I weep because of the curse of surface thinkers in this country!

But I have hope; light will overcome darkness.