Nigeria: The Criminal Enterprise, the Roguish Proprietors & the Traumatized People – by Tony Nnadi

While untrained see only the officials of the Nigerian State, in all tiers, as the robbers to pursue, the Nigerian State itself is the parent robbery organization. Like subsidiaries of a big corporation, the 36 states of Nigeria are all a part of that same criminal business conglomerate called “Nigeria” which began operations before 1900 under the name “Royal Niger Company” (later UAC). Substantially, ownership stocks quantified at £865,000 changed hands in 1900 bringing in the British Crown as the new majority shareholder. It was that share that majority transmogrified in 1914 into the holding company called Nigeria in exercise dubbed “Amalgamation”.

The business objective, from inception before 1900, has been maintained to date through many constitutional epochs, from the Orders-in-Council of 1913, 1922, 1946,1954, 1956 and 1960 which became the so-called Independence Constitution.

Then came 1963, 1979 and 1999.

Recently declassified colonial documents in the possession of the LNC show that nothing changed the criminal enterprise that was originally set up in 1900 except nomenclature and internal demarcations in which “colony” became “country”, Protectorate became Region. Region became State. Governor-General became President and their regional helmsmen became the governors we now lament their actions in grand larceny.

Those who go about chanting “Democracy, Democracy” all over Nigeria but who do not ask the content of the constitution upon which that democracy is premised, are either ignorant or dishonest. They may even be both.  Unless the definition of democracy will change to accommodate their mediocrity and dishonesty, Nigeria – their Nigeria – fails all the three legs of the simple definition of “Government OF the People, BY the People, FOR the People” because the 1999 Constitution is not “OF the People” (in the face of the lie that “We the People” enacted it). Neither is it “BY the People” (since we all know that since Independence, the votes of the people had never determined who got to power) nor is it “FOR the People” (since as we knew all along and as we now lament, those in power do not wield their power to benefit the public good).

1999 Constitution is fraudulent

1999 Constitution was written under the direction of General Abdulsalami Abubakar who, subsequently, put the document into effect through the issuance of Military Decree No 24 of 1999. General Abubakar, a Fulani, wrote Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution to serve interests of the Fulani ethnic minority ruling the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate.

It is absolute roguery or pitiable folly, therefore, to describe Nigeria as a democracy like many here do as they go about crowing about “Free, Fair, Credible Elections” as if that is all there is to a democracy.

It gets more pitiable when professional lawyers join in this criminal-level ignorance. I dare add that, for lawyers, the alibi of Ignorance as others may avail themselves, is ruled out (except, of course, those who “procured” their law degree the Nigerian way).

Elections that were transparent and nonviolent were held regularly in apartheid South Africa under the Apartheid Constitution which enslaved and shackled the Blacks in their homeland. Did that make South Africa a democracy at the time?

There is no difference between what Nelson Mandela, Oliver Thambo, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Dr. Kathrada, Winnie Mandela, Steve Biko, Chris Hani and their compatriots struggled to topple for decades in South Africa and what all of us in the Nigeria of today should try in whichever way possible, to topple.

The only apparent difference is that while the ordeal of South Africa started in 1910, that of Nigeria began in 1914.

While the Boers (White minority) forcefully imposed the apartheid constitutional order in South Africa, the Fulani (“White” minority) and their British sponsors forcefully imposed the apartheid-like master-slave constitutional order in Nigeria.

The principles Are Exactly the Same: White is Master; Black is Slave.

Despite minor co-options here and there where you now have local agents from amongst the native slaves who are also called “governors” in Bayelsa, Ogun, Benue, Imo and other states of the South and Middle Belt, the outcomes are exactly the same: affluence of the few (masters) and the misery of the rest of us (slaves).

Those who, seeing all these, have not already joined the urgent task of bringing to death that fraudulent constitutional order and the rogue state called “Nigeria” and instead faithfully operate it, should know that while they may be fit in learning, they are totally unfit in character to carry about a degree awarded by any university worthy of its appellation. In civilized environment, the prerequisite for awarding such a degree is to be fit in CHARACTER and LEARNING.

The resources invested by their parents, guardians or whoever paid their school fees, should have been invested in buying a few goats for breeding.

Maybe, by now, those few goats would have grown to a very large herd of goats, making much more profitable commercial sense than the rickety certificates and degrees which have no bearing, whatsoever, to identifying or solving societal problems. A potential herds owner shall fare much better to seek new grazing grounds as one would for the cows of Daura.

Today’s political elite are sources of great pity and dishonor to the memories of Awolowo, Ajasin, Azikiwe and M. I. Okpara who used their education to engage the evil of their day.

Tony Nnadi
LNC Secretary-General