Caliphate Colonialism: Historical Key to Understanding Buhari and His Caliphate Jihadist Fulani Republic of Nigeria


This article is based on a monologue written by Dr. Chinweizu in 2013 titled Caliphate Colonialism ( The full opus (125 pages in length) can be accessed free at We consider it essential to give a special feature to the enlightening literary work because its content is at the core of the conundrum facing today’s Nigeria. All we can do with the limited space here is to provide the readers with a tester of the epiphany that awaits them after taking their time to peruse Dr. Chinweizu’s expose on “Caliphate Colonialism” (the intro segment or the full work) by utilizing the weblinks already provided above.

Here is Dr. Chinweizu’s summation of his research work regarding this subject matter:

Brining down the Sokoto Caliphate is the beginning of Nigerians' freedom

Dr. Chinweizu Ibekwe, critic, poet & journalist. This dogged Africanist pen warrior believes that understanding the Fulani’s hegemonic plot for Nigeria is a requirement for all who seek a genuine solution to the country’s crippling malaise.

In my view, much of the criticism of Buhari by Nigerian secularists and believers in democracy misses the key point. They see him as a president who is failing in his job as a democratic leader. In so doing, they proceed, in their complaints and criticism and hopes, from a radical misperception of Buhari, and in false expectation that their criticism will change him. Buhari is not a Democrat who has come to fix Nigeria, play by the rules of the constitution, or entrench democracy. And thus, no amount of criticism for failing at democracy will change him. So, these critics are wasting their time.

If you still don’t understand that President Buhari is a Jihadist war leader waging war on Nigeria and its democracy, or if you don’t understand the Jihadist mentality and mission, then everything else you know about Buhari will only compound your confusion. So, let’s try to see Buhari’s actions and inactions through the Jihadist lens.

Only when we understand that Buhari is A FULANI JIHADIST PRESIDENT OF THE FULANI REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA and that he is waging a Jihad against Nigeria and its democracy, will we understand that no amount of criticism from the democracy standpoint will have any effect on him. Can you imagine an armed robber stopping his robbery in mid-operation because of moral objections made by those he is robbing? Or a cat stopping its catching and eating of mice because of howls of objection from the mice?

As a jihad leader, Buhari has come to destroy democracy, not to practice or protect it. He is not here to play by the rules of the fake constitution that the Caliphate installed as a stopgap until they could get a Jihadist to replace it with Sharia. Buhari is that Jihadist. Buhari is here to impose Sharia on Nigeria. The only way to stop him and get democracy is to wage a Crusade and defeat him. A total crusade – political, economic, ideological, religious and military – is the only way to stop a Jihad.

Some claim that Buhari is incompetent. But far from it; he is competent at what he is actually doing: waging Jihad. His seeming failure at democracy isn’t failure or incompetence at all. Can it be correctly said that someone is incompetent at what he is not doing or even trying to do, what he has chosen to not do? What’s actually happening is this: Buhari enters the boxing ring ostensibly for a boxing match. But once there, he turns into a Bruce Lee and engages in Kung Fu combat, and unleashes Kung Fu kicks, hand chops, grapples and other attacks. But his opponent and the audience don’t recognize what he is doing for what it is. So, they claim he is not a good boxer, and even proceed to adduce that he is indeed an incompetent boxer. And they are hoping to get the referee to stop him. But there is no referee.

Buhari is Chief herdsman

President Muhammadu Buhari is the archetypal Fulani who loves cattle more than his fellow humans. Despite all the depraved butchery of indigenous peoples of Benue, the Nigerian president has not done anything different to safeguard lives of Middle Belters where ethnic cleansing by Fulani herdsmen militia has reached unprecedented levels.

Not realizing what’s going on, his opponent is helpless, and can’t or won’t defend himself appropriately by also abandoning the rules of boxing and picking up the stool in the corner of the ring and smashing it on Buhari’s nose to force him to stop his Kung Fu combat. In other words, the non-Jihadists and anti-Jihadists should abandon the rules of democracy and launch a Crusade to stop Buhari’s Jihad.

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