Make Sure That You Come Out of February 16th Elections Alive – Admonishes Blessedom


The most controversial general elections in Nigeria’s post-colonial history are only hours away. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the electorate started to prepare for this exercise in democracy that takes place every four years. With all the brouhaha regarding the so-called Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs), rancorous primary elections by the dozens of political parties registered in the country, accusations and counter-accusations about rigging, all is now set for the final showdown to take the full stage.

What still hangs in the air is the beer-parlor debate and gossip over the true identity of the current occupant of the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja. President Buhari, last year, had spent 104 days in a London hospital for the treatment of a mysterious ailment which has not yet been disclosed to Nigerians. The Buhari who returned from an extended hospital stay in London, some say, is not the same person that traveled to the US White House to meet with President Donald Trump in later part of last year, for example. 

Producer of this video believes that there are doubles, with close resemblance to Buhari, who play the role of president as determined by the inner cabal that actually runs the Nigerian government. London-based Mr. Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB went further to assert that the real Muhammadu Buhari, who was elected in 2015, died from complications of complex treatments he received in London and his corpse was surreptitiously smuggled to Saudi Arabia for burial. This video states that the real Buhari is still alive, but cannot fulfill the functions of a head of state without some major assistance. There is persuasive biometric evidence to show that more than a single individual have been posing to be Nigeria’s President Buhari for several months. One of the look-alikes is slightly shorter, younger, well-groomed, sharper and more articulate while the real Buhari looks more jaded, clumsier and inarticulate.

The video replays an audio recording that was purportedly sent by a British geriatric nurse, Olivia, who is part of the medical team that travels regularly from London to Abuja to monitor the sick president’s status. The nurse stated what many Nigerians have feared all along – that President Muhammadu Buhari is physically and mentally incompetent to function as a head of state. She also revealed the plan to return Buhari to London to resume hospital admission soon after the general elections. It is intriguing that President Buhari effectively avoided engaging in any public debate which would have offered the ideal opportunity for the public to assess his mental and physical condition in real time. Perhaps, the plan is for the Fulani cabal to take over governance of Nigeria from a debilitated Buhari if the latter succeeds in his re-election bid.

How the upcoming presidential elections shall play out and what shall follow in the immediate aftermath of the 2019 general elections remains unknown. For the February 16, polls, this video cautions the Nigerian electorate not to put their lives in harm’s way at the behest of politicians. The politicians shall be alright after all is said and done. The underlings, especially the youths, are the ones who must do whatever it takes to survive the entire electoral showdown which intelligence reports predict shall be fraught with violence.