Nigerian Soldiers Torture, Kill IPOB Members in a Swamp in Aba (Video)


Operation “Python Dance’ wasted no time at all in delivering on the main task that informed its planning and implementation. For 2 years in a row, Nigeria’s Head of State and Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces has ordered carefully schemed military operations into the Southeast to pacify the local population. Curiously enough, the end-of-year festive season is particularly selected for the conduct of this murderous escapades throughout Alaigbo. Multitude of self-determination groups and sociocultural organizations have risen to denounce this insensitive deployment of military force during a very important time of year throughout Alaigbo to scuttle the normal societal activities of the indigenous inhabitants of the region. Introduction of the Army into Igbo heartland, under the cover of a spurious military exercise, conveys the extent of disdain and loathing that President Buhari personally has for the archetypal Igbo.

It is not only that Buhari has used his administration to further marginalize and alienate Ndiigbo in scheme of things, but he also repeatedly dispatched his unruly jackboots into Igbo heartland to shoot at unarmed nonviolent youths simply because they deeply empathize with and support the Biafra self-determination agenda. The same government has consistently turned blind eye to the rampaging AK 47-wielding Fulani herdsmen militia who have literally taken the law into their own hands in the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria by killing sedentary indigenous farmers so as to convert their farmlands into pastures for the cattle herds. It is idiotic, however, to presume that summary extrajudicial killings of pro-Biafra agitators and sympathizers shall persuade the millions of disaffected citizens nationwide to change their minds and then begin to embrace the rotten, decrepit and unacceptable status quo.

This YouTube live video recording, which captured the scene of mass massacre of unarmed nonviolent youths found in communities around Umuahia, capital city of Abia state, has openly demonstrated that the “butcher in Abuja” revels in the spilling of innocent blood as his demented sacrificial offering for maintenance of a unitary Nigerian state that has crumbled into sheer rubble. Just like Frederick Lugard had done at turn of the last century, raw brutal military force has again been deployed as the only means, even in a supposed democracy, of sustaining hegemonic suzerainty of the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate of the Arewa North over all the other ethnic nationalities of British-created Nigeria.

The Yoruba of the Southwest must raise their voice publicly now to openly distance the strategic interests of their people from the murderous escapades of the Nigeria Army in the Southeast and elsewhere around the country. Knowledgeable legal experts have uniformly affirmed that President Buhari, as Commander-in-chief, lacks the constitutional powers to deploy the Nigeria armed forces against any section of the citizenry without express authorization of the National Assembly. This same Buhari has legendary disdain for legality; he flouts and disregards court orders and conducts himself in office as an emperor, a disposition which is antithetical to democratic system of government practiced in Nigeria.

Buhari is living true to his vow to drown Nigeria and rest of the citizenry in the Atlantic Ocean if it is what it shall require in maintaining a unitary Nigerian state, even if just for one more day. With each passing day, President finds himself lonelier as ever-increasing numbers of ethnopolitical constituents of Nigeria publicly state their demands for a change in the status quo or immediate breakup of the country into more manageable federating units or sovereign new nation states.

All things considered, Buhari’s death-wish of sinking Nigeria in the Atlantic Ocean is right on course. It, therefore, behooves all concerned to prepare and ready their own lifeboats since the captain of the Nigerian ship of state has made up his mind to go under with the listing vessel together with all the passengers and cargo therein. This is the unmistakable message from the ongoing operation Python Dance by many divisions of the Nigeria Army in the Southeast.