Nigerians, Ugandans & Kenyans Barred from Hotels in China – Cannot Own Businesses, Open Bank Accounts or Buy Land


This YouTube video might be too difficult to watch by our regular guests on this website. But sometimes the truth can be bitter and thus unpalatable. Yet, we must hear it.

This is the second time that a YouTube presentation regarding blatant racist attitudes of Chinese people toward Black Africans is tabled on this website. The first was the special video presentation by Dr. Umar Johnson ( which focused on the experiences of African Americans who were denied entry to a nightclub in a Chinese city simply because of their race. When coupled with this recent account by a senior magistrate from Uganda, who was denied accommodation in a hotel in Guangzhou, China because of “specific orders from above”, it is becoming clearer that the Chinese government officials are quite aware and in fact, actively connive at racist practices against Black Africans visiting their country.

Being the largest race on earth, with a population that is fast approaching 1.5 billion, the Chinese are not only seen in all parts of the world, but they also are likely to be the largest foreigner population in their host countries. Chinese are seen in all parts of Africa, from the poorest to the richest and in all climes. They don’t troop to Africa as tourists but instead as hard-nosed businessmen and women. Chinatowns have begun to appear in many large urban centers in many African countries. The Chinese are into commerce, industrial manufacturing, transportation, mining, agriculture and even the hospitality industry. Chinese cuisine is now being popularized in most urban centers across Africa.

Perhaps, the most insidious of all is the massive procurement and acquisition of large tracks of Africans’ indigenous lands by Chinese moneybags. This is evident in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and many other countries in Central and East Africa, for example. Chinese is now recognized as one of the official languages of South Africa. The construction industry in some African countries has since been taken over by the Chinese-owned conglomerates. And the list goes on

The question posed by the host of this YouTube video is poignant and must, therefore, be answered by all conscientious Africans, living both on the African continent and the Diaspora. Is it just and fair for Africans to be treated as unwelcome in China while, at the same time, Chinese are all over Africa gulping up Africans’ lands, fleecing the continent’s resources and dominating many aspects of their hosts’ domestic economy?

The admonitions from the video narrator must also be borne in mind by African governments and business interests that engage in huge financial transactions that contribute to fueling the rapid growth of the Chinese economy. Furthermore, China intends to project its influence on the global stage as stated by the country’s ruler, Xi Jinping, during the ruling party’s congress in Beijing. Should China be allowed to have it both ways? It can choose to be a reclusive racist enclave and forget its global ambitions until its citizens understand that the true color of humanity comes in yellow and all other colors of the rainbow too.