Otta Covenant: Firm Promise Not to Restructure Nigeria Is Basis of Support for Atiku’s Candidacy by Obasanjo & the Class of 1966 – Red Flag by the LNC

Those prancing all over the place in celebration of what they think is the iron-cast guarantee of Restructuring of Nigeria, should Atiku win the 2019 presidential election, are invited to take a sober look at the following solemn Injunction contained in the widely publicized the Atiku endorsement speech by Obasanjo in the presence of notable witnesses, spiritual and temporal. Obasanjo stated as follows:

“I make one demand and one demand on you today. I need you to say, before God and man, that you will always remain irrevocably committed to ALL provisions of the Constitution of the Federal (UNITARY) Republic of Nigeria and the whole country will remain your single indivisible constituency.” – Obasanjo to Atiku, 11th October 2018

Raising a red flag about what seems to be an obvious bogus posturing on Restructuring, one thoroughly alarmed erstwhile believer in the “Atiku-will-restructure” retail network wrote as follows:

“If Obasanjo has entered into this agreement with Atiku in the above words at Ota before the Nigerian leaders, and none disagreed or opposed it or made an input or adjustment there and then, what then is the possibility that the 1999 Constitution will be broken and Nigeria Restructured for the good of all? What is the possibility that Atiku will break his agreement & contract with Obasanjo which he made before the witnesses present; before God and man?”

For the avoidance doubt, this solemn injunction and covenant to preserve the sanctity of the atrocious 1999 Constitution is an express covenant not to Restructure Nigeria.

Tony is LNC Chief Scribe

Mr. Tony Nnadi, a Lagos-based lawyer, is Secretary-General of the LNC

The implication of this evil covenant is that the sovereignty of the peoples of Nigeria, who have been hijacked and imprisoned by the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution, will remain confiscated in the coven of those who foisted the master-servant 1999 Constitution on all of us.

It is pertinent to note that the position of the LNC and its MNN alliance partners is that the inevitable fundamental reconfiguration of the constitutional architecture of Nigeria MUST be undertaken before any further national elections since any winner of the 2019 presidential election will, as a condition for assuming the office the president, have to swear to defend and uphold the imposed, fraudulent and widely repudiated 1999 Constitution.

This development puts paid to any hope that any Restructuring will happen after the 2019 Elections since the ruling party, either PDP or APC, is rigidly opposed to Restructuring.

In the face of the countrywide and regional repudiations of the rogue 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria, it has become imperative for the ethnic constituents of Nigeria to declare an ELECTORAL FORCE MAJEURE against the 1999 Constitution as the first urgent step towards extricating their confiscated sovereignty from the current Caliphate suzerainty of Nigeria entrenched by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution.

For a quick view of the abominable contents of the 1999 Constitution, directly responsible for the miseries of Nigerians and the monumental failures of Nigeria, open this link:

The Ill-fated Electoral Journey to 2019 Must Be Halted Inside 2018 to Avoid a Catastrophe for the West African Subregion.

Tony Nnadi
Secretary-General, LNC
October 12, 2018.