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Special bulletin from the MNN/LNC Joint Secretariat on April 29, 2020.

With provisions that massively empower one side and thoroughly incapacitates the other side, the Caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is directly responsible for the killings, subjugation and mass impoverishment of the peoples of Nigeria, especially in the South and Middle Belt.

The South and Middle Belt must now act swiftly to end the toxic Nigerian union which binds them together with the murderous Fulani Caliphate that has completely hijacked the defunct Federation of Nigeria and is now on a sweeping ethnic cleansing campaign against the indigenous nationalities of Nigeria.

The strategy for ending the toxic Nigerian union is to take down the 1999 Constitution upon which the poisonous entity is currently erected. The process for enacting that takedown action is already underway in the impending Constitutional Force Majeure.

Our collective sovereignty has been compromised by Major-General Muhammadu Buhari and his Fulani kinsmen who are bent on bringing over the wandering Fulani from all over Africa to forcefully take over Nigeria as their own homeland, replacing the Nigerian indigenous nationalities whom they are currently exterminating in an undisguised ethnic cleansing onslaught as confirmed publicly by Lt. Gen T.Y. Danjuma in March 2018.

Whether we realize it now or not, anyone from the South or Middle Belt, no matter the name of his or her political party who, in pursuit of personal political advancement, is still discussing and plotting toward the 2023 electoral charade that will invariably happen under the 1999 Constitution, is facilitating the ETHNIC CLEANSING, CONQUEST and COLONIZATION Agenda of the Fulani, and shall be treated like a traitor for betraying his/her own people in the midst of a bloody war.

From the point of the Constitutional Force Majeure in 2020, political merchants and political parties in the South and Middle Belt of Nigeria seeking further national elections in 2023 under the Caliphate-imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution, which enslaves the South and Middle Belt, will be treated as the traitor he/she is by one’s own people.