Corruption Is Not Nigeria’s Problem: Replacement of a Negotiated Federation with a Unitary State Is Killing Nigeria.

In 1976, Niger state split from Sokoto;

In 1991, Kebbi state split from Sokoto;

In 1996, Zamfara state was split from Sokoto.

Niger State consists of twenty-five (25) Local Government Areas; Kebbi State consists of twenty-one (21) Local Government Areas; Zamfara State consists of fourteen (14) Local Government Areas, and Sokoto State consists of twenty-three (23) Local Government Areas.

Sokoto, a single state prior to 1976, was divided three times between 1976 and 1996 into four (4) states. These four (4), states have between them 83 Local Governments.

Do note that Lagos state and Sokoto state were the same in 1976 in terms of the number of local governments. However, while the Lagos state remains just a state with its original 20 local governments, Sokoto state had been split three times into four (4) states with 83 local governments from its original 20 local governments.

It will interest nobody if Sokoto State is divided into 100 states tomorrow and funded by the income generated from the area only. We are, nevertheless, concerned that, it is the revenues generated from the Yoruba South-West Region that is funding economic growth and development in states like Sokoto and all other Northern states.

The same thing highlighted as above in Sokoto happened with Kano and Jigawa states.

Kano had the same 20 LGAs as Lagos until 1991 when IBB created Jigawa state and today there are 44 LGAs in Kano and 27 in Jigawa. Lagos remains 20. Former Kano state: 71.

Distortions by militicians

Between 1967 & 1996, the military strongmen ruling over Nigeria arbitrarily transformed 1st Republic’s 4-region federal democracy into a 36-state unitary state.

They also claim Kano has a population larger than Lagos state even though 4 million are in Jigawa.

They’ve created all these LGAs to chop federal allocation money: the basis for revenue sharing is the number of LGAs & POPULATION. The 1953 census by the British was skewed in favor of the North.

The 1963 census was so violently disputed that it was discarded and restarted all over again. S. L Akintola helped the NPC to cover up the nonsensical figure that was finally adopted in exchange for PM.

Nigeria has never had a proper census figure. No need to mention IBB’s census: final figures were farcical. GEJ was about to solve the census problem but his appointee as chair of population commission, Festus Odimegwu was hounded out by the governor of Kano and other interest groups.

Let’s not even get started on how Ilorin and Kabba both Yoruba speaking areas till tomorrow were forced into becoming emirates when there used to be an Oba.

Buhari says looters of national resources are to be arraigned shortly. Mr. Buhari is just fooling the gullible Yoruba youths. The looted resources belong to the Yoruba’s and the Niger Delta’s people and not the whole of Nigeria. He recognizes the fundamental cause of corruption in Nigeria is the unitary constitution of the country. He knows that Hausa/Fulani have looted the resources of the Yoruba’s and Niger Delta’s people since the suspension of regional government in 1966. But he is running about with lies and propaganda, grandstanding about curbing corruption in Nigeria.

Before Mr. Buhari’s second coming, we have had Babangida (8yrs); Shonekan (3mth), Abacha (5yrs); Abdulsalam (1yr); Obasanjo (8yrs); Yar’Adua (3yrs); and Jonathan (5yrs) – yet corruption hasn’t been abated. Why? The section below, which is a portion of the constitution of Nigeria, encourages corruption. Buhari knows this, but he is unwilling to change it because it favors the North:

C – Public Revenue

“162. (1) The Federation shall maintain a special account to be called “the Federation Account” into which shall be paid all revenues collected by the Government of the Federation, except the proceeds from the personal income tax of the personnel of the armed forces of the Federation, the Nigeria Police Force, the Ministry or department of government charged with responsibility for Foreign Affairs and the residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

(2) The President, upon the receipt of advice from the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission, shall table before the National Assembly proposals for revenue allocation from the Federation Account, and in determining the formula, the National Assembly shall take into account, the allocation principles, especially those of population, equality of States, internal revenue generation, land mass, terrain as well as population density;”

The past leaders of Nigeria, including Mr. Buhari, who were from the North and who divided Sokoto state, a single state prior to 1976, into four (4) states by 1991 and with 83 local governments from merely 20 local governments in 1976, are the looters of Yoruba’s and Niger Delta’s resources and they are the people who must be prosecuted.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that Buhari, who represented the Northerners’ interests, was against Obasanjo’s National ID Card scheme in 2003. The card could have curbed corruption and fake population census figures. Today, he is grandstanding about curbing corruption by arresting individuals, without addressing the fundamental causes of corruption. Anyone who believes corrupt Buhari will curb corruption must be crazy. Nigeria’s problem isn’t corruption. But the unitary system in a multi-ethnic society.

As horrible as Tinubu has become, he will protect and safeguard the interests and welfare of the Yoruba people as Yoruba Regional Premier than 100 Buharis.

God is not crazy. He couldn’t have possibly allowed Babangida; Shonekan; Abacha; Abdulsalam; Obasanjo; Yar’Adua; and Jonathan, with none of them able to curb corruption, if indeed our problem is corruption. Nigeria is not just sustainable under a unitary system.

The most corrupt country on earth is the United States. The country still works because it has a sustainable political system. There is nothing like the feeding bottle monthly allocation we have in Nigeria in the United States. The Americans don’t have a centralized Police system or command Economy. Each state in the United States is in charge of its economy, police, special security forces, education and other functions.

The United Kingdom is more corrupt than Nigeria, yet the country works. It works because of its enduring political system. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, together called themselves the United Kingdom, yet, they go by different football teams, different police systems, different education policies, different currency designs, different healthcare systems, even with different regimental armed forces.

Shuttering the NEEC is evil

Central Nigerian government policy has been to shutter the Nigerian Eastern Economic Corridor (NEEC) since the eve of the Civil War. Port Harcourt City wharf and rail station used to be at parity with those of Lagos until 1966.

The demographics of the US Population is often along racial grouping. That of the United Kingdom is based on ethnicity. But in Nigeria, the people are so fake they don’t want to openly associate anything with their ethnicity. They named their administrative divisions ridiculous names including South-West, South-South, South-East, North-Central, North-East and North-West geopolitical zones. They are so scared of their own identities, including Yoruba, Ibo, Ijaw, Hausa/Fulani and Kanuri.

Ghana administrative divisions are given such names as Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Greater Accra, Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions.

In South Africa, the administrative divisions are named after the ethnic groups within the country such as the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West and Northern Cape.

Nigeria’s problem is not corruption. The current unitary system is the cause of our problem. Nigeria must be restructured along regional autonomy or be divided along its natural boundaries.

Mr. Buhari must stop insulting our collective intelligence with his stale chorus of corruption, corruption and corruption.”

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