Take the Biafra Agitation Serious: Dialogue Now! – Evangelical Pastor Admonishes Nigerian Government


Spiritualists often proffer interpretations of routine experiences in ways that can mesmerize their target audience. The evangelical pastor used this video clip to address his congregants about his latest vision about Nigeria and the best way to handle the Biafra agitation which has currently taken ample amount of bandwidth in national political discourse, both in the print and electronic media, with the country and on the international scene.

The pastor speaks from the depth of his conviction and not as one with a vested interest. He introduces himself as a Yoruba and thus should not be expected to have parochial interest on Biafra which is situated in a different part of the country from his. Apparently, he is inspired to speak out on this matter for the sake of Nigeria whose future shall be greatly jeopardized if his admonition is ignored.

To the pastor, time is of a great essence. He thus recommends prompt action so as not to miss the window of opportunity when dialogue with pro-Biafra agitators can make a lot of difference. He started by admonishing some political leaders who are wont to the dismissive of the visible leader of pro-Biafra agitators (Nnamdi Kanu) as a “small boy”. The pastor cautioned that “what you see in the small boy is bigger than him”. He alluded to his earlier vision of a puppy which slowly metamorphosed into a wild animal with passage of time and counseled that time shall come when the option of initiating dialogue with pro-Biafra agitators may not be as available as it is today. 

“Dialogue now, so that you should not be knocking at the door for dialogue and there is no dialogue”, counseled the pastor. He fears that unnecessary delay might result in a scenario when “doors are knocked, calls are made and people who are heady have come down, but these people are not willing to dialogue again”. His greatest fear is that there is likely to be a time, much later than today, when the movers and shakers of Nigeria shall finally assemble together around the table to dialogue, but the pro-Biafra agitators shall decline such an overture as too little too late. The animated pastor warned, “This is not the cry of a baby, it’s a cry of an adult. Dialogue now”.

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To conclude, he referenced the Biblical quote, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”. He continues, “Please, every authority…., there comes a time when a revolution is about to take place; the power of gun, bomb and bullet cannot hold down an ideology”. The challenges facing Nigeria today may not be readily overcome because of the country’s arsenal of guns, bombs and bullets. He called on fathers of the country to sit down around the table to listen to the cry of their children. This is certainly not the time to continue to contemplate arrest of dissenters as a panacea. It is the time to listen to cry of the people.

The pastor’s repeated emphasis on dialogue as the best way forward is akin to calls being made by many of Nigeria’s constituents who now clamor for geopolitical restructuring of the country as the only means for averting an imminent political cataclysm if the status quo is allowed to drift along for much longer. If this constricting window of opportunity for dialogue is missed, it is very likely that tardy intervention at later date shall be repudiated by the agitating youths after they must have resolved to utilize their own means to get at what they have been aspiring for.