Christians of Nigeria, Wake Up!

– Stop Ongoing Genocide Against Fellow Christians of the Middle Belt by Islamist Jihadists, Fulani Bandits

This video shared on YouTube is made to be the clarion call for all Christians, especially Southern Nigerians, to understand that the time has come to rise up and stop the ethnic cleansing and genocide going on in the Middle Belt region falsely characterized as farmers/pastoralists clashes. What is happening is not communal clashes among residents of an area competing for the use of available land. Here is the true situation on the ground. Well-armed and radicalized Islamist fighters were recruited by controllers of the Fulani beef cattle owners to create additional open grazing ranges in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria by attacking and killing off indigenous peoples who own and live on their ancestral lands. The armed killers, some of whom are recruited from outside Nigeria, are given cover and protection by Buhari administration’s security apparatchiks – the Nigerian Armed Forces, Nigeria Police, and the Secret Service which are headed by a Fulani-dominated cabal that minds the Buhari presidency.

The killings portend unparalleled acts of savagery. AK47-wielding terrorists target certain communities for nighttime assault. At the sound of gunfire, villagers wake up and attempt to flee only to be mowed down by bullets. The victims’ bodies are then mutilated and hacked to pieces with machetes. Homes and food storage barns are then set ablaze and burnt to ashes. The Police in-charge of the involved areas are never anywhere in sight until the deeds are done. Thousands killed since the onset of this mayhem are usually gathered for burial in mass graves. The few who manage to escape join the ranks of millions of the so-called Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) that abound in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. Government security forces of the Buhari administration is yet to arrest a single killer despite the fact that their sponsors are well-known. In the Benue mass killings of early 2018, the leader of the Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) had publicly threatened reprisals on indigenes of the state for the passage of anti-open grazing and ranching bill which the Fulani beef cattle owners bitterly resent. The threat was carried out and up till today, no one has been held accountable for the heinous crime.

faces of herdsmen militia

Fulani herdsmen terrorist militia is well-equipped with AK47 rifles and other military-grade weapons. The paramilitary outfit is being sponsored by Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) to procure and secure fresh grazing pastures and cattle routes that link them in Middle Belt & Southern Nigeria.

The video calls on the Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN), Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria (PFN), the Catholic and Anglican Churches in Nigeria as well as men of women of conscience to rise up to stop the ongoing genocide happening while the whole world watches. Individuals and groups are asked to write the United Nations, the Government of the United States of America, the Internationational Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague etc to alert them about the ongoing human tragedy facing Nigerian Christians. It is clear that the goal of the killings is to accomplish ethnic cleansing and seizure of indigenous lands in the Middle Belt region as the stepping stone for a full armed invasion of the South and complete Islamization of Nigeria.

The Fulani National Movement (FUNAM) is peddling a political argument to foster the rebirth of the Sokoto Caliphate which was created during the Islamist Jihad of 1804-08 led by Sheikh Uthman Dan Fodio. British colonialism is blamed for subduing the caliphate thereby halting the Fulani land grab that spanned the Middle Belt and parts of Southern Nigeria. The ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing, to the Fulani irredentist, is an inevitable prerequisite for converting the entire geopolitical space of today’s Unitary Nigeria into an Islamic Caliphate of West Africa.

The video ends by warning Middle Belt and Southern politicians not to fall for the ruse of offering indigenous lands to be used as grazing reserves and cow colonies which are being peddled by Fulani irredentists, MACBAN and Islamist terrorists who are intent on the Islamization of Nigeria. Those who fall for this gimmick shall surely rue their tomfoolery.

For this message to have the intended impact, it must be heard by as many Nigerian Christians as humanly possible. The graphic images, which underscore the barbarity and brutality of the ongoing genocide of Christians inhabiting the Middle Belt region, must be seen by the conscientious world out there. A picture is worth more than a thousand words and this video is definitely worth more than a thousand tales. This video tells the story in vivid colors for even the blind to see. Share the link to this page with all your contacts and then ask them to pass the message on.

Let’s respond enthusiastically to the CLARION CALL.