Internal War: Is Ike Ekweremmadu the Enemy?

Ifeanyi Chijioke, Enugu

Previously accused by Nnamdi Kanu of facilitating operation python dance, our finest was attacked. Nnamdi Kanu runs a command-and-control system with his group; when the supreme leader commands, the people carry out the order against all the odds. My death has been sanctioned for writing my opinion; I am only arrogant, but whichever way, all our senators put together cannot restore or help Biafra restoration because Northern oligarchy controls the contraption. Instead of this act, let us mobilize against the real enemies and if political leaders back the enemy, we count them in. We cannot leave the real enemies and fight our own brothers. But if our brothers are the real enemies, let the killing start, so by the time Hausa/Fulani comes in, few will be left for them to finish up. But Nnamdi Kanu I know is no longer after Biafra, but indigenous dominance and his quest has begun.

Ike Ekweremmadu’s crime was being in a Nigerian coat of arm-designed apparel – accused wrongly by another Jesus Christ who ran to the UK. Ike Ekweremmadu must understand IPOB runs a supreme leadership; nobody thinks and there is no room for a fair hearing from the accused. Prophet Anthony Nwoko was murdered for criticizing the supreme leader, Cosmos Gorge and Udechukwu Okorie were nearly assassinated for refusing to be under command and control of the supreme leader. Some of us are even on the run for writing our opinion. But the point is that Igbo people invited Ike Ekweremmadu and IPOB Germany, a pro-Biafra group, attacked him. The fight should be in Germany or personally with Kanu; let nobody pay with his life down here.

The command that the supreme leader cannot give is the one against the Hausa/Fulani soldiers or herdsmen who are the real enemies. Marginalization, killing and Igbo maltreatment started long before Ike Ekweremmadu became a senator. Killing Ike Ekweremmadu cannot end our problem neither has Ike Ekweremmadu the power to end our marginalization. The enemies watch while we kill our brothers; late Prophet Nwoko was killed, Cosmos Gorge and Udechukwu Okorie nearly lost their lives, many have gone, killed and forced into disappearance by our own brothers. When a man loses a fight; he looks for a prey or innocent to pelt. Ike Ekweremmadu is also a victim of the situation we are in. To correct or redeem ourselves is to go back to the battlefield and upturn the 1967 status.

Watching a video sent to me, I heard the voice of Nnamdi Kanu’s brother boasting that they have taken care of Ike Ekweremmadu and would likely lynch more leaders. This is a serious threat. I expect our leaders to turn a new leaf and support the aspiration of the people for self-determination.

Irrespective of the outcome, what Nnamdi Kanu did to Ekweremmadu is an excuse for failing Biafrans – more or less a personal matter. Nnamdi Kanu, with his family, attacked him. We all know there are people loyal to him that he commands and he uses those people to take out people he perceived to be enemies. Ike Ekweremmadu’s crime was facilitating Operation “Python Dance II” – as accused by Nnamdi Kanu. Whatsoever the supreme leader says is pure and unquestionable.

"Python Dance" violated 1999 Constitution

Mobilizing divisions of the Nigerian Army just for the sake of raiding unarmed and undefended Nnamdi Kanu’s residence is said to have been motivated by the psychosis of power! Some accuse Southeast governors and leading politicians of complicity by inviting the intervention.

Attack on Ike Ekweremmadu was not done by Igbo youths, but by a group under Nnamdi Kanu in Germany. Those of us at home have no hand in what happened there, and we cannot try it down here. Those guys in Germany are more or less idiotic; you do something and go to bed while we at home suffer the impact. They cannot help us with AK47 to defend our lives when clampdown start as a result of their actions. What a reckless act!

Those in Germany that perpetrated the attack – thank you, great sons of Nnamdi Kanu our savior – fear would not let you people do such a thing to a Yoruba or Hausa/Fulani senator. You people will not come five hundred meters close to them. When I tell you people the need to confront Buhari and his Fulani soldiers, you guys remind me how peaceful you want to be. But when it comes to your own brother, you become a lion. I want to remind you, rugged guys, that Buhari and Nigerian Army, with his Fulani foot soldiers, are the real enemies. You can kill Ike Ekweremmadu and more of your brothers. The Hausa/Fulani will still keep us under slavery. Please, carefully choose your fight.

It is a good development that some people in Diaspora want to fight. But my anger is that they fight in Germany while we at home suffer the consequences. Please, our fighters in Germany and other places should come back home and execute this fight. You don’t fight in Germany and tomorrow if I tag Biafra insignia, I get shot for attacking a distinguished Nigerian senator.

Ike Ekweremmadu should please understand that those in Germany that attacked him did so without strategic thinking. They are in Germany and any reprisal should be in Germany. It is disappointing that the first person to commend the attack was a Yoruba man even when no Yoruba senator has received a harsh word, let alone a physical attack for any reason.

Nigerian government led by Hausa Fulani is killing and abusing us, subdued our senators and made our political leaders their slaves. A group in Biafra has set out to kill and attack political leaders. In the end, it’s all internal war and nobody has the balls to confront the real enemies. We will be here hunting our leaders instead of hunting our enemies. Is Ike Ekweremmadu the reason we were conquered in 1967 and still suffering the effect of that loss to date?

Finally, Kanu has turned the Igbo against each other and until this internal war consumes us, nobody will wake up and see that our common enemy is Nigeria and not our brothers who are also victims of the situation.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is the founding national leader of family writers

Founder Biafra reporters TBP

Pioneer Biafra TV journalists

Independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu