Atiku Vs Buhari: So Far, So Interesting.

by Tai Emeka Obasi.

One of the most critical events in the history of our nation is the ongoing Presidential Election Petition Tribunal at the Appeal Court in Abuja. On the outcome of that globally followed exercise revolves the continued existence of Nigeria as an entity.

Let me start by expressing gratitude to those following so far. Your very positive comments continued to spur me on to risk the journeys to and fro Abuja from my base, ignore the dangerous security situations in the country, particularly in the FCT lately in the face of religious riots and stray bullets and bringing the reports live as proceedings evolved.

As a writer, I am an artist, who knows his pen is like an AK 47, that can kill or protect. I have long past juvenile cadre, quite matured enough to use my version of that AK 47 objectively in order not to mislead or cause undue chaos.

The truth is that the social media is full of junk that people could be led astray but I always put my byline (Tai Emeka Obasi) to authenticate my stories. It means I forever take responsibility for any report or opinion I dish out to my readers. And I stake my honor in assuring that I have not and will NEVER lead you astray by subverting the truth.

I am a democrat and wouldn’t be subverting the wishes of the majority irrespective of whoever I supported and voted for. If truly HE Muhammadu Buhari had freely and fairly won the last election, I would have congratulated him and got deep into my business of surviving his next four years. But I had this strong belief that HE Atiku Abubakar and HE Peter Obi won the election. I hence decided to physically follow the Tribunal sessions to see for myself. And believe me, after what I witnessed so far, it became a certainty that the PDP candidates indeed did win.

Tribunals tend to impede justice

Electoral Tribunals constitute an uphill battle for complainants who are often given a very hard time in obtaining the required official data to help in making their cases. Tribunal had to specifically order the INEC to allow the complainant, Atiku, access to ballot documents.

The comments and shares accompanying my Presidential Election Petition Tribunal have been quite impressive and once more, I say kudos. But I have to add that reading, liking and commenting are no longer enough. You must add sharing henceforth if you haven’t been doing so.

If you didn’t know, be informed that social media today is a potent constituency. Just recently, Pastor Biodun Fatokoyinbo stepped down because of allegations of rape made via social media. Senator Elias Abbo was forced into public apology barely 24 hours after slapping a woman because the social media went to work.

I tell you, it’s time the electorate of this country understood that social media is their real power. We can all protect our votes henceforth via this medium — no need taking risks of stray bullets by going demonstrating on the streets. Just a N50 worth of data, sometimes less, will be enough to read an important message and share on your wall/timeline, share to all Facebook and Whatsapp groups you belong, particularly those that welcome political posts.

You have to diligently share the Tribunal reports because Nigeria is at crossroads. Never before has our dear country reached this level of complete mistrust and tribal hatred.

The eloquent Kenyan speaker, Prof Patrick L. O. Lumumba taught me that people get to the dinner table for three reasons:

  1. To eat the food served as diners
  2. To serve the food as waiters
  3. To be eaten as the food served.

In our dear country, the masses that form the vast majority of the electorate that deliver the votes have perpetually been the food eaten for too long. Today, social media has provided you with the window to make a difference. Don’t ignore the impact. One message shared by just you can get to one million others. And forever, politics is a game of numbers.

The Tribunal sessions have revealed that President Buhari, INEC and APC can’t effectively defend the result of the last February 23 Presidential election that returned him as president. The world is watching and reading. They are particularly watching AIT, who are giving the most accurate reports of the proceedings so far. They are reading some reports in the newspapers. Help make more people all over the world to read what is happening in our electoral process by sharing.

Many people, including a large number of those that voted for Atiku and Obi, sadly do not believe that the duo can regain their mandate. I do not blame them for harboring this kind of thought, even though defeatist. Nigeria is in a sorry state, while our INEC is proving to be a sordid institution.

But believe me, once more, Atiku and PDP presented a petition that will be impossible to dismiss on all grounds. Events so far at the Tribunal have more than proved that. I say it one more time; this is the mother of all election petitions.

Buhari has overthrown a democratically elected government before via a coup d’état in 1983. If he succeeds in getting this petition dismissed, it must have been his second coup d’état… this time overthrowing democracy.

In 1983, you and I were all helpless. But this time around, we have our phones and the comfort of social media. Don’t wait any longer. Share to save this country. Share for your future or those of your children.

Even if you want Biafra, Oduduwa or Ijaw nation, you can’t get it under Buhari without trails of bloodshed. You need a conducive democracy to negotiate our continued existence as a nation on a round-table dialogue without unnecessary loss of lives.

#ProtectMe project is for all

#ProtectMe is a mass protest initiated by Dr. Brimah to press for a revamp of Nigeria’s security agencies to be able to protect the lives and properties of citizens as a matter of top priority.

This is no longer about Atiku Vs. Buhari… it’s Nigeria Vs. Nigeria. One is a hopeless, insecure and hatred-filled entity.  The other is a new dawn of positive hope for greatness. Make your choice wisely. Use your phones and continue sharing.

President Donald Trump became the president of the most powerful nation on earth because of social media. He is reading and following events in Nigeria closely. The recent visa ban of those that rigged past elections in Nigeria by the United States is a strong statement that the Atiku Vs. Buhari case is no longer just for INEC to declare and the judges rubber-stamp. It is now much more than that.

Everything good requires sacrifice. Don’t read an accurate report or opinion on the Tribunal without sharing henceforth. For those skeptical about any good coming from the Tribunal and Supreme Court judges, I urge you to contribute your quota first. Don’t sit idle and expect positive change.

Offer your own sacrifice. Add your voice. Do something you should be proud to tell your children years from now that you offered when your country was in real danger of a second war and total disintegration.

From tomorrow till next case date on August 21, I will be bringing you recaps of the Tribunal. Keep a date as…