May Someone Tell Osinbanjo That Biafra Is as Good as Gone! – Chant Women in Pro-Biafra Public Demonstration Click on video thumbnail of this link.

Pro-Biafra agitation is driven by firm resolve to achieve self-determination for our people who have been compelled to accept marginalized existence in Nigeria as normal lifestyle in past 50 years. Involvement of young women in open public demonstration for self-determination (via pro-Biafra agitation) ought to send the message to all and sundry about the urgency of now. This thing is becoming increasingly unstoppable, folks!

Grassroots mobilization could not be more efficacious and holistic than this. Those who are adept at reading the tea leaves should know, at this juncture, on which tree branch the eagle in flight shall soon perch.

The “No Referendum, No Election” mantra is tabled for full implementation, across the board, during the 2019 general elections cycle.