If Nigeria No Longer Belongs to All of Us, Let’s Divide It Now – Says Dr. Chris Okafor


There has been an escalating spate of killings of the indigenous ethnic nationalities that inhabit Southern Kaduna state by well-armed units of the Fulani herdsmen militia. The motive for this mass murder is dual. First, the nomadic Fulani herdsmen wish to seize arable lands of the indigenous peoples and then convert them into pastures for grazing their cattle. Second, the Islamist Fulani herdsmen militia see themselves as waging a Jihad against the mostly Christians of Southern Kaduna who are deemed to be “infidels”.

As shown in this You-tube video, several hundreds of citizens of Southern Kaduna have been butchered by the well-trained and equipped herdsmen militia in recent months. Since a well-known Islamist sympathizer, Nasir El Rufai, is the governor of Kaduna, there have been no arrests made to checkmate perpetrators of the mass killings in southern part of the state. The Kaduna governor has made no secret his disdain for non Muslims in his state. He once issued an edit requiring Christian preachers to obtain special permit beforehand from his government or risk imprisonment.

Until recently, the Christians in Kaduna state have remained relatively docile and had taken all the killings of their fellow congregants in stride as the usual pastime of Islamist hoodlums who have been operating in the region for centuries. But the election of Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s president and Nasir El Rufai and governor of Kaduna state has brought a new impetus to the Fulani herdsmen militia’s murderous rampages into many parts of the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria. Despite the wide publicity given to the mass killings of indigenous populations of Southern Kaduna, neither the security forces at the national or state level have raised even a finger against the lawless herdsmen militia. It is particularly noteworthy that President Buhari has been the patron of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), a body which is well-known to be financing the murderous activities of the Fulani herdsmen militia in all parts of the  country. 

The Christian population in Southern Kaduna has now come to the realization that the Biblical injunction of turning the other cheek might actually be encouraging the increased raids by the murderous Fulani herdsmen militia. Pastor Johnson Suleiman was the first clergyman in the North to openly confront the bloodthirsty actions of the conniving officialdom at the seats of government in Kaduna City and the national capital, Abuja. Threats and intimidation have been deployed to silence this lone voice kicking against those intent on perpetrating ethnic cleansing of Southern Kaduna. But things have since changed.

The Christian clergymen have now resolved to counter the affront emanating from the Islamist Fulani jihadists cloaked in herdsmen garb. The likes of Dr. Chris Okafor have now joined the fray by deploying their pulpits to rail against the establishment in Kaduna and Abuja which has preferred to give deaf ear and blind eye to the escalating murder of innocent people by land-hungry nomadic Fulani herdsmen in all parts of the country, especially in Southern Kaduna and other parts of the Middle Belt.

Islamist Fulani herdsmen militia is made up of bloodthirsty hordes who see wanton murder of non Muslims manifestation of piety and as commonplace as saying their daily prayer routine. Time to turn the other cheek has long gone. As said by Dr. Chris Okafor aptly asserted in this video, Enough is Enough….. If Nigeria no longer belongs to all of its citizenry, let’s hurry up and divvy up the country into manageable entities in which neighbors can cohabit without fear of endless inter-communal killings and religious persecution as we see today in Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria.