ICC Link: President Buhari in Trouble as ADF Files a Lawsuit in Enugu Court


The Nigerian judiciary is, once more, shying away from its constitutional duty by failing to proffer its opinion on an important matter tabled before it. In a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Movement of New Nigeria (MNN) in 2007 asking the Lagos High Court to affirm that the 1999 Constitution is a forgery that falsely claims that “We the people…..” wrote it, the judges handling the matter opted to back away from stating the obvious by issuing no judgment on this clear-cut case before the matter was finally abandoned.

The case filed by Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) in Enugu High Court was scheduled by the judge to be reconvened on December 22, 2017. The plaintiffs and their lawyers showed up, but the court official, including the presiding judge, scrammed to Abuja under the pretext of a superior vacating order inviting them to Abuja for an end-of-year party. This new development was never communicated to the plaintiffs in the scheduled case, neither were their lawyers notified. This portends ill will and evidence of lack of interest in adjudicating the pending lawsuit in a fair and credible manner. The plaintiffs showed up only to meet an empty courthouse since its principal officers have jetted off to celebrate in Abuja.

The case filed by ADF wished to ascertain whether President Buhari acted in direct contravention of Article 217 of the subsisting Constitution of Nigeria by deploying battle-ready military forces in September 2017 to invade parts of the Southeast geopolitical zone, during the so-called Operation “Python Dance” II, without seeking and obtaining the consent of the National Assembly as clearly stipulated in the referenced section of the 1999 Constitution. Object of this lawsuit is simply to have the Enugu court declare that President Buhari, as the Commander-in-chief of Nigeria’s Armed Forces, willfully violated the law by dispatching troops under his command to engage in combat-related acts in a part of the country without adequate authorization – in violation of the law.

President Buhari did not only deploy the troops illegally, but also he gave them specific instructions to go after law-abiding fellow citizens, capture, torture and kill them without due process. In order words, Nigeria’s head of state ordered the extrajudicial killing of hundreds of innocent and law-abiding youths of Abia state in the vicinity of Aba, Ngwa and Umuahia within the first week of the so-called Operation “Python Dance” II. This is a clear case of brazen violation of the human rights of fellow citizens by President Buhari; a criminal act regarded worldwide with opprobrium since it is a violation a very important statute of the United Nations.

Countries’ leaders, who had committed such heinous violations in the past, have been charged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague. It should be recalled that a Washington, DC-based international law firm, Law Offices of Fein & DelValle, had petitioned that President Buhari should be charged to the ICC for the crime of violating the human rights of hundreds of Igbo youths whose lives were snuffed out by Buhari troops during Operation “Python Dance” II of September through October 2017.

"Python Dance" violated 1999 Constitution

Mobilizing divisions of the Nigerian Army just for sake of raiding unarmed and undefended Nnamdi Kanu’s residence is said to have been motivated by psychosis of power!

The ADF law team has planned its legal battle with Nigeria’s minders of the status quo very skillfully. Could that be the real reason why officers of the Enugu High Court did everything possible to avoid hearing the case so as to enable the derivation of a verdict?

As stated in this YouTube video, the Enugu High Court is expected to reschedule the outstanding case as soon as the officers return from the celebratory party fest in Abuja. Just listening to the ADF legal team, informs even the uninitiated that the Enugu High Court’s verdict shall surely pave the road which shall ultimately convey President Buhari and his top military officers to the ICC at the Hague. President Buhari and his co-travelers may have bitten off more they can chew in ordering elements of the Nigerian Armed Forces to grossly violate the human rights of youths of Abia state in contravention of the constitution, in particular and UN statutes, in general.