Dethroned Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi: He Was Caught in the Vortex of Two Clashing Civilizations

by Tony Nnadi

The March 9, 2020 dethronement and banishment of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the Emir of Kano is a concomitant and an integral part of the medieval civilization that Sanusi so proudly embraced.

Tony Nnadi, Esq. of the LNC

Mr. Tony Nnadi, Esq. is the Secretary-General of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC). He is a lawyer resident and practicing in Lagos, Nigeria.

Does anyone here recall that the first day Sanusi assumed office as the new CBN Governor, he turned out in the full ceremonial regalia of an Emir, thus sending a signal to the global community about who is now in charge of the Central Bank of Nigeria?

Let’s not even get into his role in the Gideon Akaluka saga in the days of Sani Abacha. Let’s not talk about the huge money grants that he unilaterally made to his Sharia home-state in the name of a dubious CBN “Community Social Responsibility” program helping Kano with Boko Haram bomb victims of the time. Let’s not talk of his recent advocacy for Sharia and Arabic education to be recognized and treated equally as Western education in Nigeria.

The reality of now is that both Sanusi and his Sharia Caliphate North MUST choose soon whether they want to advance into the 21st Century with the rest of the progressive world or they want to race back to the Stone Age and be left behind by modernity. There is no middle ground.

By this dethronement and banishment, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi just fell into the deep chasm of the imaginary middle ground he tried to create between the two mortally opposed civilizations he straddled as a maverick of sorts.

The rest of Nigeria has since moved on from the mass deaths, constant attrition and monumental debilitations forced on them by over 100 years of the British/Fulani Caliphate joint venture which locked two mortally opposed civilizations into one political union since 1914.