We Know Identities of Fulani Herdsmen Militia: Myetti Allah Kautal Hore (a. k. a. MACBAN) Sponsors Killings in Benue State & Federal Govt. Is Aware, But Does Nothing to Stop Them – Says Gov. Ortom


The above YouTube interview of Benue state governor, Ortom, by visiting foreign news correspondent reveals that his state has as much as 100,000 new refugees were created in immediate aftermath of the fresh killings by the Fulani herdsmen militia since New Year 2018. Governor Ortom laments that bulk of the refugees or what the Nigerian government would euphemistically call Internally Displace Persons (IDPs) come from neighboring Nasarawa state where some inhabitants of indigenous communities have preemptively fled in fear of being next victims for the Fulani herdsmen militia murderous attacks. The IDPs shown in the video are basically on their own since they are not being cared for by the government or any other humanitarian agencies, both local and international. They have the two poor choices of either returning home to Nasarawa to be killed or to remain in makeshift refugee camps in Benue under tremendous  indefinite deprivation. Pleas from all and sundry to come to the aid of these fellow citizens have fallen on deaf ears of the Buhari administration in Abuja.

The interviewee takes the Vice President, Osinbajo, to task for denying the reality of goings-on in Benue and elsewhere in the Middle Belt, particularly the inability of Nigeria’ security agencies to protect lives and property of the average citizen. All levels of government apparatchiks have been alerted to the killings, but no action has been forthcoming. More killings continue with brazen impunity by same militia and its cattle-owner sponsors in the Buhari presidency and Myetti Allah Kautal Hore (a. k. a. MACBAN).

The killings are often deemed to be mere farmer-herdsmen communal clashes while, in fact, the underlying cause is emboldened land grab by the Fulani ethnic nationality who have posited that the Benue River Valley belongs to the Fulani by conquest. In the precolonial era, the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate had claimed suzerain rights over large tracks of territory in the Middle Belt which were subsumed under the Fulani-dominated emirates based in Arewa North. Indigenous peoples of the Benue River Valley and elsewhere in southern Middle Belt deny that their ancestral lands were ever conquered by the Fulani as claimed. The Fulani aristocracy has apparently resolved to redeem their spurious land claim in the Middle Belt through ethnic cleansing of the territory of its indigenous inhabitants.

The solutions proffered by the interviewee include enforcement of the law in order to safeguard the lives and property of citizenry of the Middle Belt, on the one hand and adoption of the practice of ranching for all livestock, on the other. If the tatter were adopted and implemented, there shall no longer be need for establishment of the so-called “Cattle Colonies” in all states of Nigeria as is being embarked upon by the Buhari administration. For ease in identification and arrest of killers in the Fulani herdsmen militia, the YouTube video recorded at the terrorists’ rendezvous is embedded for your viewing at https://goo.gl/ZT5QxG.

The video shows that hired killers of the Fulani herdsmen militia are able-bodied young men who are quite familiar and at ease with AK47 rifles. It is also noteworthy that some of these terrorists are clad in military combat fatigues and other paraphernalia. It is no wonder, therefore, that these killers may indeed be well-known to the top-echelon leadership of Nigeria’s security agencies. Some believe that the Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen militia utilize same personnel and logistical backing since both serve Islamist agenda of their paymasters who currently control Nigeria’s central government in Abuja.