History Is Repeating Itself: Government Watches While Bona Fide Nigerian Citizens Are Being Slaughtered as Was the Case in 1966 – Says Tony Nnadi of LNC


History is indeed repeating itself today in Nigeria as shown by the massive massacres and ethnic cleansing in the Middle Belt while the government simply looks on. A similar thing happened in 1966 when tens of thousands of Easterners residing in Northern Nigeria were hunted and hacked to death by incited mobs who the government did not even raise a finger to stop from their evil acts. The mass killings of citizens of Nigeria by their fellow compatriots as has been witnessed in the Middle Belt during the Buhari administration underscores the fact that something is terribly wrong with the nation-state. Mass killings of 1966 culminated in the 1967-70 Civil War and the ethnic cleansing of today is destined to result in something equally calamitous or worse. The sense of urgency to keep 180 million fellow compatriots from collectively falling over the edge into an abysmal terminus compels the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) to package this message for wide sharing to all Nigerian constituents, in particular, and the entire civilized world, in general.

The Nigerian nation is currently malfunctioning like a computer about to crash. Most often, just a mere reboot of the system is all that is required to correct the situation and thus restore normalcy. Nigeria’s nationhood is now in a state where something decisive must be done urgently to avert a cataclysmic crash. The underlying cause of 90% of the country’s problems is the imposed 1999 Constitution which was written and put into force by the General Abdulsalami Abubakar’s military junta by the issuance of Decree No 24 of 1999. This imposed constitution has in its Preamble that “We the people….” resolved to produce and ratify the document as the basis for governance and management of Nigeria’s human and material resources. That statement in the 1999 Constitution is a blatant lie because Nigerians never met to write and ratify any such document. This 1999 Constitution is a mere compilation of military decrees and edicts issued since the military hijacked Nigeria’s governance in 1966 plus a few additions included to affirm the wishes of the ruling order dominated by the Fulani aristocracy.

Nigeria is called a federation, but it is actually structured and run like a UNITARY state. The 36 states created arbitrarily by the military strongmen are supposed to be the federating units. These mini-states are, however, mere appendages and tentacles for a centralized rule derived from only the 1999 Constitution. For Nigeria to be a true federal democracy, the federating units must first have their own constitutions. It is only after doing so that the federating entities can come together to agree on a federal constitution. This was the process that gave rise to the Federal Government of Nigeria at Independence of 1960. The three federating Northern, Eastern and Western Regions first created their respective constitutions before proceeding to the Lancaster House conference to negotiate the Constitution of the Federal Government of Nigeria that came to life on Independence Day.

LNC’s quest is to collaborate with its alliance partners in the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) to engage rest of the citizenry in pressing the reset button in order to reboot the malfunctioning system of governance which has created and sustained all the ills that bedevil contemporary Nigerian state. This tedious undertaking has already been simplified by the widespread denunciation and rejection of the subsisting 1999 Constitution by constituents of Southern and Middle Belt Nigeria. Only 12 states of the Arewa (Sharia) North appear to be comfortable with the status quo while the rest of their fellow countrymen demand a reboot NOW.

Middle Belt Region at last

Vast territories in the midsection of Nigeria is called the Middle-Belt Region. The Muslim Far North had dominated this territory since the colonial era.

The INEC-scheduled 2019 general elections are hardly what a country in turmoil needs at this juncture. The LNC Secretary-General urges Nigeria’s stakeholders to beware of tripping a lethal boobytrap by plunging head-first into a pre-rigged electoral process that is presaged to be violence-ridden. The 1999 Constitution, from which the INEC derives its authority to conduct the said elections, is not only being disputed but has also been resoundingly repudiated and rejected by constituents of Southern and Middle Belt Nigeria. Only 12 states of the Arewa (Sharia) North still see any value in this imposed legal framework. 

Intelligence reports confirm that the INEC-scheduled general elections shall trigger massive violence by the Fulani herdsmen militia, irrespective of the polls’ outcome. The terrorist outfit shall feel greatly empowered if their Life Patron is returned to power. If by whatever means, their man is upended, then there shall definitely be a bloodbath. This was the same nightmare that President GEJ wanted to avoid through his hurried and premature concession of defeat in the 2015 polls. The $800 question is who needs this catch-22 electoral charade which shall trigger a fresh bout of bloodletting by the Fulani herdsmen militia, irrespective of the outcome. It would appear as if Nigerians are being lured into a boobytrap by INEC into the so-called 2019 general elections which no constituent in the country is ready for, except the Arewa North?

This video was concluded with a detailed explanation relating to the MNN Broken Map depicting the proposed emergent regional federations after the sought-after Restructuring is completed. Those who have questions regarding the geopolitical basis for the Lower Niger and the three other regional federations shall find important answers by watching this video to the end.

This important video should be shared as widely and rapidly as possible.