Haiti’s Audacious Conquest Over Slavery: How American Empire Determined the Fate of Haitian People for Centuries


by Prof. Chidi Osuagwu

mụIgbo, listen carefully to this video. What is happening in Haiti concerns the Igbo. One has been pointing out that the REBELLIOUS IGBO DISPOSITION for which Lugard described the Igbo as INDUSTRIOUS and RELIGIOUS people who MUST NEVER BE ENTRUSTED WITH POWER started in Haiti in 1791.

The Igbo were proclaimed IBO GRANMOUN in the very first Pan-Africanist Congress in Bay Cayman Forest in 1791. GRAN IBO, the GREAT IGBO SPIRIT, was adopted as the SPIRIT OF THE BLACK RACE. The adopted Battle-cry for the revolution was IGBO GRANMOUN LACKAY IGBO... Igbo Never Surrender Sovereignty over the Igbo.

This revolution, as the reporter in the video recounts, is the most outstanding in all of History (defeating all the then World powers in the process), such that the Whiteman has refused to believe that Black or any humans could do it. Rather, it is attributed to the Devil (Google ‘Haitian Revolution + Pact with the Devil + Pat Robertson + Rush Limbaugh’). Add that to NAT TURNER and other Igbo rebel slaves playing critical roles that make American White Supremacists hold them responsible for instigating the American Civil War and you understand the 1863 Igbo/Southern Nigerian exclusion, by the British, from the Glover-Hausa Constabulary, with which they conquered (note that at the time they recruited this army from Hausa-speaking slave recaptives in Lagos, etc, there also Igbo recaptives they themselves had settled in Bonny, Calabar, Freetown as there were Yorubas. These were as excluded as policy.

Prof. Chidi Osuagwu hails from Imo State, Nigeria.

To see more closely the link between the fates of the Haitians and the Igbo of the Igbo homeland:

  1. One has to read the response of President Francois Duvalier to the big power pressure, through United Nations Secretary-General, U Thant, not to recognize Biafra (Google ‘Glorious Epic of 1804 + Biafra + President Francois Duvalier + Haiti).

He had said that because of the role of the Igbo ancestors in the Glorious Epic of 1804, under no circumstances would he fail to show solidarity with the Igbo.

  1. I met President Aristide and his wife, Dr. Mildred, in South Africa in 2006, where they were in exile.

It turns out, as the woman told me, the real reason American marines kidnapped and exiled him was “His Igbo stubbornness”. Napoleonic France, with the full backing of American President Thomas Jefferson and Europe, had imposed an impossible indemnity on Haiti…to pay for the prices of the slaves who hand just won their freedom (and should ordinarily be the ones to levy indemnity on the defeated), as well as the land of Haiti (which, again they won in War) as PROPERTIES OF FRANCE. As this demand was being made, an armada of French and allied Warships lay off the Haitian Coast, ready to invade. Realizing their, otherwise, helpless situation with all the then World Powers allied against her, Haiti agreed 150 million Golden Florins Franc. Paying this devastated Haiti. When she could hardly pay, in 1915, the United States invaded, as described above, and carted off the Gold Bullion of the Haitian Central Bank, as stated in the video above.

On the Bicentennial of the Haitian Revolution, popular President Aristide was in power. He set up an Economic Commission to study why hard-working, Gran Ibo-powered Haitians have remained the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. The Board concluded that the single most significant reason is the Freed Slaves Buy-back Indemnity imposed by Napoleon and her allies. The estimated value as per 2014 was 27 billion dollars (although Mrs. Aristide told me 270 million dollars, the popular press keeps reporting the lower).

On the Bicentennial of the Haitian Revolution, President sent French President Sarkozy this unjust indemnity Bill to pay back. Sarkozy brought the demand to the attention of the Western Powers. Angry President George Bush, gloating in the video, sent American marines to abduct and dump him in the ‘Heart of Darkness’…the French neo-colony of Central African Republic. The IGBO/HAITIAN EXAMPLAR PUNISHMENT to discourage REBELLIOUS NEGRO elsewhere. Exactly the same reason Britain had planned Eastern Nigerian invasion by or before 1958. For no apparent reason, to the consternation of Governor Robert Stapledon, except for the very serious issue of the NEGATIVE EXAMPLAR AGAINST NEGRO REBELLIOUSNESS. It is instructive that the way Haitian boundaries were altered to land the Dominican Republic by imperialist Interventionists is the way Igboland boundaries are being altered in favor of neighbors to reduce Igboland to Dotland.

Obasanjo regime in Nigeria and Mandela’s South Africa offered President Aristide asylum. He chose to go to South Africa, where I met him and his wife. The Red cap one can see wear in pictures is a gift from me.

It is important to note that the change of American President from Bush to Obama didn’t change AMERICAN HOSTILITY TO DEMOCRACY IN HAITI. The Obama regime, vehemently opposed to Haitian popular wishes for President Aristide or his followers to come back to power, first tried to impose the American singer, Wyclef Jean, on Haiti. His citizenship papers created problems. Then they imposed the dancer Martelly. Imagine how Umofia would feel; when Igbo was Igbo and musicianship was recreational if Unoka was imposed as President? Martelly, on leaving, imposed Joevenes, who has just been assassinated. Trump, who gave national honors to Rush Limbaugh, chief propagandist of the Devil-Haiti Pact Myth, only dealt with the anti-Haiti American policy less insidiously than the sly Clintons’ Democrats…declaring and treating Haiti as the supreme SHITHOLE country.

Palm tree symbolizes Ibo Granmoun

Coat of arms of Republic of Haiti

The ill-informed uncritical observer would blame the Haitians for the chaos as they blame Igbo youth for the evolving chaos in 2021 Igboland. The truth lies closer to the SYSTEMIC WAR ON GRAN IBO by materialistic violent de-civilizers.