Hausa/Fulani People Are Barbaric, Wicked: We Don’t Belong in Same Nation State – Avows Young Igbo Woman Born & Raised in Kano City


The Igbo youths, having made up their mind that their parent’s generation are too mum over the raging discourse on the safety of Ndiigbo in parts of Northern Nigeria, are beginning to speak up in whichever ways they can find. This video recording was made by an Igbo young woman who was born and raised in the Northern City of Kano. Her experiences have led her to conclude that the Hausa-Fulani street urchins easily partake in spontaneous riots during which deadly mayhem is often unleashed at random targets. Bloodshed, burning and looting usually occur in these incidents at the end of which no persons are held accountable by the local and central authorities.

She recollects an occasion when her father’s pharmaceutical business was burnt to ashes together with the entire building housing it by marauding street urchins (Amajiris) for reason that no one knows till date. In another incident, she and rest of her homestead almost perished at hands of horde of marauders who had surrounded their residence and were threatening to attack and kill everyone in the building. Luckily for her, some onlooker managed to arouse one Mallam Suleiman who was able to singlehandedly disband the menacing gangs by firing rifle shots into the air. The intervention, which came at the nick of time, is the reason why she and her family members are still alive today.

The visibly upset young woman asks why she and her people must be forced to co-habit a country with supposed compatriots with whom they share nothing in common. The indigenous culture, religious affiliation, lifestyles and even dietary preferences are world apart, says the young lady. She sees no logic, therefore, in sharing same country with people who harbor so much hatred and wicked disposition for their fellow humans as one encounters in Northern Nigeria.

She references the scenario where Ndiigbo and some other Southerners invest their lives’ earnings in developing wherever they are domiciled in the North while reverse is the case for the Northern compatriots who reside in the East and the South. According to her, the Northerners residing in “Ogbe Hausa” in Eastern urban centers procure only mats to furnish their rented sleeping quarters and would prefer instead to repatriate all their income back to the North. This conduct contradicts the penchant of Ndiigbo to feel at home in whatever parts of Nigeria in which they find themselves by investing heavily in building up the local economy and providing employment for the indigenous populations.

The irate young lady vows that if Nigeria were a fetus in her womb, she would prefer to instantly end that pregnancy by aborting it. This is tough stuff to verbalize by this young lady. Perhaps, the statement is intended to convey the emotion that underscores her pitch for Nigeria, as currently configured and run, to be brought to its final terminus. Some people advocate for restructuring as a solution. It is doubtful if this proposed half measure shall be adequate to assuage this Igbo lady’s disgust with the futility of compelling such incompatible cultures, such as the Islamic Hausa/Fulani and the Christian Igbo, into a unitary nation state as we have witnessed in Nigeria in the last half century.

For those who see ongoing evil but still could not bring their consciences to speak out against it, she promises that the forces of Karma shall eventually catch up and deal with them when the time is right.