Anambra State Commissioner, Dr. Madubuko, Kidnapped; Wife, Chioma, Pleads for His Return


Anambra State Commissioner for Culture, Tourism and Diaspora Affairs, Dr. Christian Madubuko, is reported by his wife, Chioma, to have disappeared since January 13, 2021. After learning that her husband was kidnapped, she made multiple attempts to seek help from the state government and other influential people, but she has not gotten any headway yet. Her children are asking for their father’s whereabouts and as a mother, she had no answer for them.

She decided to make the video as an outcry to the general public for help in finding and returning his husband and head of their household. She asks for pressure to be put on the security agencies of government to mobilize the assets required to find where her husband is being held against his wish.

Dr. Madubuko was reported to have filed a resignation letter from the Willie Obiano administration, effective December 31, 2020. The circumstances surrounding his rather hasty resignation from the state government are unknown at the moment. It is also unclear whether Dr. Madubuko’s reported kidnap has any connection with his service in the incumbent governor’s cabinet.

Dr. Christian Madubuko hails from Ayamelum Local Government Area. His community is reported to have joined the search for the whereabouts of one of their own through public demonstrations. On August 22, 2020, the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism made an official visit to the Anambra State Museum, Igboukwu, where he also inspected the Shaw Institute for Cultural Art (SICA) House under construction within the premises. Dr. Madubuko is a cultural enthusiast and wished to use his position to promote culture tourism industry in our part of the world.

Why should someone with the political stature of a commissioner in a state government disappear in thin air without a trace for the past two weeks? Why is the government of Willie Obiano so mum regarding the fact that one of its commissioners was allegedly kidnapped within Anambra state?

These questions need urgent answers.

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