An End Must Be Put to this Fulani Arrogance… Now!

 – I’m terribly angry this morning. Extremely angry.

Chidi Osuagwu

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) visited the Chief of Defense Staff yesterday and as I listened to a sound bite from their leader, one Senator Jegeri Alkali, I felt my blood getting hot. My face reddened and I couldn’t believe my ears!

These bloody murderers didn’t even bother to deny the murders they committed! They had the effrontery to look Nigeria’s Chief of Defense Staff in the eye and justify all the violence that the Fulani herdsmen have carried out.

My goodness!

So, one can kill Nigerians, pay a visit to the highest serving member of Nigeria’s armed forces, look him in the eye and admit to those killings, albeit, giving excuses! What a failed state!

I think this lays to rest all the stupid denials that have been put up by their defenders on social media. Some of you are inherently evil and should hide your faces in shame…and of course, you know that’s why I don’t respect you. That’s why I give free rein to foul language when you start defending open evil. You’re utterly shameless, I swear!

Now, let’s look at their excuses for murder.

1) Desertification:

If nature has chased you away from your traditional abode, what gives you the right to kill off other people and take their land? Do you think the owners of those lands have no nature challenges they’re dealing with without killing your own people?

2) Cattle rustling as justification for carrying arms:

Why are Nigerians who have suffered loss from armed robbery not also carrying arms? Why are Nigerians who have lost relatives to armed gangs not also carrying arms and killing everybody in sight?

3) The population explosion has wiped out old grazing areas:

If the population has increased, whose land do you now wish to take when you drift Southwards? And what gives you the right to kill off local populations to take their lands?

So, seeking grazing lands has now become a valid excuse for genocide? Ha! Ha! Ha!

4) The Fulani value their cattle because it represents all their wealth:

Who told you the lands the Fulani are taking do not represent all the wealth of the local peoples? So, by your books, the life of a human being is equated to the life of a cow? Ha! Then, we ought not to be in the same country, period!

Mass burial of Fulani victims

President Muhammadu Buhari is Life Patron of MACBAN which sponsors the Fulani herdsmen militia. More than 70 victims of herdsmen killings were given mass burial in Makurdi, the state capital on Jan. 11, 2018

5) Nigerians love meat and the 20m heads of cattle provide that meat:

I’ve never been more insulted in my life as a Nigerian. Whaaat! Ah, now I see reason to join the #boycottbeef campaign. What an egregious insult! It clearly suggests that eating beef today is akin to eating human blood.

Listening to that Sen. Alkali, I heard a most grating arrogance, a most aggravating sense of entitlement and an extremely annoying tone of “what-can-Nigerians-do-to-us anyway?”

So, this is it, eh? So, this is the open declaration of war that some of us have suspected all this while, huh?

I think it is clear to even the worst cynic that Nigeria is sailing in boiling waters and headed for a port of perdition. I’m sure ethnic groups are already putting on their lifejackets (read bulletproofs).

Enough said.