Nigeria Has Maintained a Very Expensive, Useless & Inconsequential National Assembly for 20 Years

Common Sense 6 – written by Baron Roy

The National Assembly took off on May 29, 1999 …and the 1999 Constitution came into force. It is believed that the problems of Nigeria became official on that day.

109 Senators, 360 House of Representative members every 4 years …for almost 20 years… each pulling over 20 million Naira per month …for 20 years. Over 10 trillion Naira spent on the National Assembly in 20 years… AND NOT A SINGLE LAW MADE TO PUT THE COUNTRY ON THE PATH OF GROWTH!

So, for almost 20 years, none of the expensively maintained National Assembly members looked critically at the 1999 Constitution and commenced a series of motions and actions that could change whole aspects of it or have it thrown out? For 20 years, we never had a single profound legislation to remove Nigeria from the path of perdition to something more amenable? Yet, they file out every 4 years to talk about how much they wish to serve the people! Serve who?

The only piece of legislation I’ve seen in the National Assembly is the Appropriation Bill! Yes; sharing-money bill…. and an occasional endorsement of INEC! If they had been making laws as lawmakers, please inform me right now!

In sane societies, the Legislative Arm continuously interrogates the structure and continually improves on the system with legislation. In Nigeria, the Legislative Arm lives in mortal fear of the president …because if they didn’t conform, the presidency would ensure their removal in the very next general elections by ordering INEC or the party! If in doubt, ask Shehu Sanni.

We have maintained a very expensive, useless and inconsequential national assembly for 20 years. They fed fat while they watched the country go to the dogs and people starving and dying. I would be concerned if I were paid money I didn’t work for! The National Assembly is a retirement home for imbeciles that made it good. I put it to you here and now that ONLY an inconsequential few have studied the 1999 Constitution among them. And none is a philosopher king; they are just rubber stamp minions looking forward to the next million… and appropriating our patrimony with their inconsequential existence!

This is the structure we expect to do us some good by some miracle. No lawmaker is protesting the mass killings across the country, none is protesting the sheer volume of injustice, none is calling the president to order, none is calling for the overhaul of INEC, none is calling for total restructuring, none is calling for Judicial Reforms to bring justice and Equity to the people! They’re called the “Honorables“…all we see is a dishonorable institution! And they’re supposed to be the bastion of democracy! Ridiculous!

Commonsense says that we should picket that National Assembly and give them problem till they’d represent us! Alas no! They said we should go to the polls to the polls to validate this sham once more! I don’t think so, really. Why should I be involved in a charade that does me no good?

If the National Assembly were up and doing, Shiites and IPOB members would be alive, Fulani Terrorists would have been curtailed, the Military wouldn’t be a pseudo-terrorist organization, the president would have been contained, the creeping Islamization would not have been, lopsided appointments wouldn’t have been, that wicked INEC would have been dissolved, funds wouldn’t be flying out of the window, the economy wouldn’t have tanked, Nigerians wouldn’t have been emigrating and Nigeria wouldn’t be breaking up now!

We do know that common sense ain’t all that common around here. But it doesn’t exist in the Nigerian National Assembly of complete idiots!

We must #RestructureOrBurst. Dammit!!!