Ways to Leverage the Challenges of Covid-19 Scourge in Re-energizing the Development of Igboukwu Community – by MCK Ubah

Below is the text of an open letter to the Igboukwu Coronavirus Relief Fund Group (ICRFG) by Eze-Akajiugo Sir Barr MCK Ubah titled “Towards Installing E-Awareness and E-Meetings at Amaehulu Town Hall as A Pilot Project to Foster Continuity of IDU Activities and Progress During and Post Covid-19 Scourge”.

Dear Sir,

The uncertainties and shock that engulfed the entire global community following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic early this year in Nigeria, whose magnitude and devastation are unprecedented, are the worst our folks have seen since the Civil War. The scourge has crippled the entire world’s socioeconomic life and activities. The rising death tolls and its associated growing morbidity curves around the world are yet to flatten. Our lives and finances are in daily trauma and deadly shocks! Most world communities are yet to understand this while others like Africa and its hinterland remain mostly clueless, if not oblivious to the full implications of the impending tsunami.

What, perhaps, is more worrisome is people’s urgent survival against hunger and starvation which underscore the urgent need for your intervention to assist our folks at ground zero. Kudos! Our Igboukwu community will forever remain grateful to the Coronavirus Relief Fund Group!

However, despite the hunger palliatives and associated supply of food materials, what still worries most of us are stated below:

  1. Barr. MCK Ubah owns a Lagos-based law firm and leads the multi million-naira community development project in Obiuno, Igboukwu.

    When will the scourge and its rising curve ever flatten, given the fact that the vaccines are yet to come or get manufactured?

  2. Given its devastation of the global economies, oil prices, aviation, education, religious activities, hotel and hospitality, social life and entertainment, commerce, politics and administration, among others, where lies our fate and what is the hope of our people particularly those at ground zero?

  3. What strategic readiness are we making to ensure the continuity of our community wholesome health, progress and happiness, including its administration and welfare?

  4. What collaborative efforts is this Group making with the IDU leadership at ground zero to continue to keep our community alive and be seen to remain in touch virtually with the outer world?

  5. When will our social and physical interactive meetings, as a people as well as IDU mainstream administration, ever return in the foreseeable future? It seems our future physical meetings will be altered dramatically and if so, what are our plans to remain and keep in touch!

  6. How can we subdue this SCOURGE as a local community and restart our lives again? Our people need to know and be guided since the Government’s actions seem not sufficient!

  7. How can we assist our people to remain afloat by way of daily enlightenment, information as well as meet virtually periodically at Amaehulu Town Hall as a community?

  8. How much do we have now from the donations paid up so far and is it possible to apply some of the funds so far raised through private donations to handle, tackle or provide more facilities other than food materials to boost live admirably for our people at ground zero?

Waooh, I can hear someone wonder why and how all these questions can be accommodated or taken care of by just the ICRFG! Never worry, we can begin from somewhere!

In particular, when will our normal life return, not just for the overall economy, but also for our regular life at home? All the events lined up at ground zero: pending burials, weddings, title taking ceremonies, church outings, IDU meetings, social hangouts, kindred conviviality, local holidays etc?

Suggested Action Plans:

  1. Working with IDU leadership to first upgrade the Amaehulu Town Hall by providing maximum security around it, installing solar and other power supplies, providing internet facilities that enable virtual meetings and deliberations with our leaders or representatives at ground zero via tele-meetings.

  2. Empowering our accredited delegates and leaders with Android-enabled phone sets that would help E-Meetings within the IDU Town Hall after some basic training.

  3. Roll out plans for Covid-19 awareness, its spread/prevention and control using the IDU installed facilities and other media.

  4. Putting out some structured framework or timetable for ICRFG intervention, provisions and other aids.

  5. Institutionalize the operation of ICRFG as a Trust Fund with requisite credentials with IDU and Idu 3 as strategic partners etc.

  6. And such other activities as can be distilled from the preceding and much more!

Finally, it’s my hope that when ICRFG succeeds in this pilot initiative, the template or framework can be cascaded down to the Quarters and Wards as more and more successes or breakthroughs are recorded.

It’s my hope that this pandemic becomes subdued by the ongoing global efforts so that we do not travel too far into the wilderness of uncertainties. May God make haste to save His children, Amen.

Once again, accept my warmest regards and good thoughts in the course of working for our community! May we continue to stay safe as joy cometh soon!

Yours truly,



  1. 1) PG of IDU, Amaehulu Town Hall Igbo-Ukwu;

  2. 2) The Regent, Chief Sir Mike Nduka, Oji3 of Igbo-Ukwu.

  3. The Chairman, The Igbo-Ukwu Merits Council.

  4. The 3 Quarter Chairmen of Igbo-Ukwu.