Proudly a Saboteur: Top Reasons Why Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB Must Be Stopped

by Magnus Oraka

Very recently, a group of people who have launched massive smearing of characters of those who disagree with their ways of freedom fighting have coined the word “sabo” to describe them as saboteurs. This group is no other than the mischievous money-scheming IPOB lead by a loud-mouthed supreme leader, Nnamdi Kanu. Who to them is a saboteur?

In contemporary English, a saboteur is a person who intentionally causes the DESTRUCTION of PROPERTY in order to HINDER the EFFORTS of his/her ENEMY. In truth, however, have we set out to destroy the property of IPOB in other to hinder their efforts? Is IPOB our enemy? The truth is that those who use the word “saboteur” to describe us with a contrary approach, in a true sense, don’t even know the connotation of the term. Before we are found guilty of sabotaging the efforts of IPOB, what really are their efforts?

Let us first draw a clear picture here.

  1. This is a group that insists everybody MUST join IPOB and subscribe to an oath swearing to complete subservience to the Almighty Supreme Leader – Nnamdi Kanu.

  2. This is an organization without a caucus think tank that issues out communique. Instead, we have one loud-mouthed supreme leader who claims to know everything.

  3. This is a group that funnily believes in fighting the Nigerian government through radio transmission with false narratives.

  4. This is a group whose adherents have become one of the most spiteful miscreants on social media who resorts in invading different social media accounts with the sole purpose of brewing bickering between Ndiigbo and other ethnicities.

  5. This is a group that does not believe in diplomacy, dialogue and negotiations.

  6. This is a group that peddles and wields the supremacy of the Igbo race above their perceived minority neighbors.

  7. This is a group that has set out and designed the structure of the new nation, supposedly called Biafra, without a single input from those they have mischievously included in their fraudulent map of Biafra.

  8. This is a group that issues threats of deaths to “saboteurs”.

  9. This is a group that has no regard for elders, politicians, governors, and constituted traditional authorities.

  10. This is a group that has no strategy disseminated to its members because these strategies are safely in the vault of the mind of Nnamdi Kanu. As members, we should just follow because our fates are defined by the super-intelligent mind of Nnamdi Kanu.

  11. Finally, this is a group whose total workings revolves around one man and not the people.

These are the efforts and legacies of IPOB that we are sabotaging. If this is why I’m called a saboteur, then I’m proud to be referred to as thus.