IPOB Women in Detention: Identity, Age of 114 Incarcerated Pro-Biafra Women Established

These are the faces of our women – daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, grandmothers – who are in unlawful detention and deprivation of their freedom and rights in this 2018 Nigeria.

Priests rally for IPOB

Rev. Dr. Kingsley Jon-Ubabuco is the Priest and Vicar at St. Philip-the-Apostle Anglican Church in Arlington, Texas, USA.

Meanwhile, the governors, senators, congressmen/women, politicians, traditional rulers, community leaders, legal luminaries, academicians, and professionals of Igbo extraction and identity are enjoying their lives and are keeping quiet, going about their businesses, as if nothing is happening.

“Let not anyone pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” – John Stuart Mills (1867).

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke (1795).

This is the time for we the Igbo, to ask ourselves the question we are reluctant to ask:

Have we lost our senses, wisdom, power, inner strength, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, have we lost our IGBONESS?

It is the responsibility of Igbo governors and federal and state office holders to condemn in no uncertain terms these unlawful detentions and illegal charging and torturing of our people, men, women, youths, et al.

In addition to openly condemning these illegalities, the Igbo governors, senators, congressmen/women and other political appointees and lgbo leaders must demand the immediate release of these innocent women and all other Igbo that are held in unlawful detention and molestation.

Angling for political appointments and other selfish pursuits in the face of this illegal tyranny against the Igbo is akin to chasing the rat while one’s house is on fire. It is foolish. 

Truth is Sacred.

Truth is Constant.

Facts are Sacred.

Rev. Dr. Kingsley Jon-Ubabuco
Arlington, Texas, USA


Names and ages of tortured and criminally incarcerated mothers of the nation:

Afoma Umoh Wisdom (64yrs),
Virginia Akwufube (62yrs),
Ezike Emmanuela (62yrs),
Uzoma Oraka (62yrs),
Charity Obioha (60yrs),
Chinyere Nwachukwu (55yrs),
Udeogu Margret (58yrs),
Ratchel Okengwu (58yrs),
Angelina Felix (55yrs),
Monica Anaelechi (54yrs),
Esther Osuji (52yrs),
Florence Olewembu (52yrs),
Nkechi Ekwedisika (52yrs),
Kosarachukwu Udegbunam (51yrs),
Josephine Ogolo (51yrs),
Monica Nwaeleke (50yrs),
Mabel Okoire (50yrs),
Chika Njoku (50yrs),
Grace Nkemakolam (50yrs),
Paulina Awunezi (50yrs),
Christiana Muonwuba (50yrs),
Margret Eze (50yrs),
Florence Egede (50yrs),
Rose Osuchukwu (50yrs),
Comfort Uti (50yrs),
Nnedinma Onuoha (49yrs),
Agatha Nwachukwu (49yrs).
Ijeoma Okorie (30yrs),
Uloma Ejiogu (30yrs),
Victoria Jacob (45yrs),
Vivian Ozuruigbo (30yrs),
Chinenye Imo (40yrs),
Chinyere Egbulom (38yrs),
Cynthia Onyebuchi (31yrs),
Chigbata Chinyere (38yrs),
Egesi Josephine (41yrs),
Hope Eze (45yrs),
Ikejiofor Amechi (44yrs),
Nkeiru Ajagba (45yrs),
Ngozi James (46yrs),
Nnene Nweke (46yrs),
Lucy Mary Kanu (21yrs),
Irole Goodness (30yrs),
Ogechi Okechukwu (30yrs),
Tochukwu Eze (38yrs),
Onyemaechi Ijezie (38yrs),
Ginika Awuzie (39yrs),
Vero Nnamani (30yrs),
Nkwoagu Chinenye (22),
Ijeoma Victoria Nnadozie (43yrs),
Blessing Udeme (25yrs),
Nnewuchi Obiageli (31yrs),
Ngozi Onyenwugo (22yrs),
Ruth Onwumere (45yrs),

Ego Nwafor (40yrs),
Chinyere Eze (32yrs).
Adaku Inyama (45yrs),
Ndidi Uchenna (45yrs),
Nneka Kingsley (38yrs),
Nkeiru Nwankwo (37yrs),
Chinwendu David (38yrs),
Juliet Nwaiwu (42yrs),
Juliet Innocent Onwuka (40yrs),
Chinyere Nwankwo (25yrs),
Nkeiru Orji (34yrs),
Nkeiruka Ohanebo (45yrs),
Nzube Uwaigwe (22yrs),
Eberechi Iheanacho (39yrs),
Joy Uwabunike (47yrs),
Nnene Ibeneli (38yrs),
Jane Isaac (25yrs),
Kelechi Emmanuel (40yrs),
Ngozi Nwajiaku (34yrs),
Ugochi Okwum (32yrs),
Ifeoma Emmanuel (42yrs),
Nkeiru Onyegbari (35yrs),
Eucharia Eke (42yrs),
Ijeoma Onyedinefu (33yrs),
Blessing Nnedede (26yrs),
Iheanyichukwu Ogueri (35yrs),
Ogochukwu Alaribe (35yrs),
Uchechukwu Okoro (48yrs),
Iheomachi Ejiaku (40yrs),
Uchchukwu Ahamuefula (32yrs).
Evelyn Usulo (38yrs),
Joy Chimezie (45yrs),
Precious Ogbonna (40yrs),
Obiageli Nwite (48yrs),
Ginika Ndibe (20yrs),
Chinelo Ugwueze (38yrs),
Nwachukwu Blessing (22yrs),
Rita Edet (29yrs),
Nnenna Okorie (36yrs),
Chinyere Eze (43yrs),
Iwuneme Bibian (45yrs),
Onuoha Ogechi (no age),
Peculiar Nwachukwu (28yrs),
Felicia Ike (42yrs),
Obiageli Obumsolu (39yrs)
Ugonne Godwin (45yrs),
Kalunwoke Ekemiri (28yrs),
Nwauwa Cecelia (44yrs),
Igboka Ngozi,
Angela Okeke,
Blessing Aguama,
Oguchim Chinedu and
Mary Okorie (classified in their charge sheet as “adults” but possibly in their 70s).