An Investigation on Claimed IPOB United Nations’ (UN) Invitation – Propaganda or Reality?

Ifeanyi Chijioke (Abuja)

The worst thing that can happen to our people is building a skyscraper on sinking sand because when the flood or wind comes, it will blow the edifice away to the hurt or discouragement of my people. Having said that, I expected my people to be happy with a mud house built on a rock. With time, we will gather materials to build a skyscraper on that same rocky foundation and the sky will not be our limit. I urge my people to always accept my position with a pinch of salt; everything is working for the restoration of Biafra and the security of our effort and emotion. I have a simple belief that Biafra is now or never. We are in the last phase of the struggle and cannot afford selfish mistakes.

When IPOB leaders lie to remain relevant or to convince followers that their strategy is working, they don’t only deceive the people but also themselves too. Whenever a Biafran group resorts to lies, the Holy Spirit of Biafra leaves the group. How come IPOB said the UN invited them to discuss Biafra face-to-face while IPOB delegates only voluntarily went to UN office in Geneva to submit Kanu’s parents (mother and father) forcible-disappearance complaint during the UN Human Right Commission Working Group 116th Session? Fortunately, this deceit is a testament to the fact IPOB has finished the Biafra awareness mission it was divinely assigned. God has left and the anointing, like during Saul’s epoch, has also left. To desperately hold on to empty ground leads to lies.

The picture featured in this article is the very tag Uche Mefor had which gave him access to UN building in Geneva. If you zoom in on the picture name tag, you can clearly read the heading – ‘HRC/WG on Enforced and Involun 116th session of the WGEID’. The first line on the name tag stands for ‘Human Right Commission/Working Group’ on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearance. In second line on the same tag you, have “116th session of the WGEID” which means that ‘this is the 116th time that the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance is meeting. This simply means IPOB delegation was given the pass to UN building simply because Uche Mefor-led delegates were attached to the human rights working group that came to submit or review submitted petition on the forcible disappearance of persons.

Now, you can understand that the only reason the so-called delegates went to UN was to submit a petition on the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu and then, leave the building at once. How come there were plenty of lies contained in IPOB press release that they were invited by the UN to discuss face-to-face the issue concerning the people of Biafra? Now, you can understand Biafra was never discussed anywhere. Instead, Nnamdi Kanu’s human rights petition, as a person, was submitted by the IPOB delegation.

IPOB shall never go back

IPOB enthusiasts on parade to celebrate the release of Nnamdi Kanu on bail after 18-month detention in Abuja prison for alleged treason against the Nigerian state.

I want to take your time, hardcore Biafran; give me your time and I can show you how to emancipate yourself from deceit and lies so that we can find the alternative conduit to restore our dear nation. IPOB leaders said they were invited to the UN on same September 14, 2018 – the same day that they were remembering martyrs to the Biafra cause by sitting at home. But brother, the session of this United Nations’ Working Group (WG) happens three times yearly and the date for the session has long been chosen before the 14th day of September sit-at-home announcement. In other words, nobody invited IPOB leaders or delegate. They commonly, like every other people from sundry sources, went to submit the complaint about Nnamdi Kanu’s disappearance.


Let me kindly quote UN Human Right Commission Working Group sessions.

Sessions of the Working Group

Sessions and Annual Report

The Working Group holds three sessions during the year. The Group’s meetings are held in private. During the session, the Working Group reviews newly-submitted cases of enforced disappearances and information on previously accepted cases. In addition, the Working Group reviews general allegations, based on information from non-governmental organizations concerning reported obstacles encountered in the implementation of the Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. The Working Group meets, during the first three days of each session, with NGOs and family members of the disappeared, as well as with representatives of governments to exchange views and information on the phenomenon of enforced disappearances. Following each session, the Working Group informs governments, in writing, of decisions taken with regard to disappearances in their countries. The WGEID reports annually to the Human Rights Council on its activities, informing also on its communications with governments and NGOs, its missions, all cases of disappearance received during the year, and the implementation of the 1992 Declaration.

Coming sessions

Sessions for 2018:

114th session: 5-9 February 2018 (Brussels. Belgium)
115th: session 23 April – 2 May 2018 (Geneva)
116th: session 10 – 14 September 2018 (Geneva)

Sessions for 2017:

111th session: 6-10 February 2017 (Seoul. Republic of Korea)
112th : 8-17 May 2017 (Geneva)
113th : 11-15 September 2017 (Geneva)

Sessions for 2016:

108th session: 8-12 February 2016 (Rabat)
109th session: 9 – 18 May 2016
110th session: 19-23 September 2016 (googled)

We cannot afford to be complacent with this propaganda of UN visit by the IPOB leaders. We have not achieved anything as is being claimed and thus, must remain focused. UN doesn’t give freedom and they don’t participate in anything that threatens the sovereignty of a member nation. Let me take this little opportunity to explain UN charter on self-determination. The summary of the charter is that indigenous people have the right to demand self-rule from parent country. That is a right and not an obligation on the parent country; it entails you can ask for self-rule and it is the duty of the parent country to accept it or not. If the parent country refuses; it is left for indigenous people to seek the alternative which, for Biafra, UN is expecting restructure to be more viable.

As long as Restructuring is on the table, the UN sees it as the alternative to secession in Nigeria and cannot, therefore, meddle with any secessionist group. A secessionist group can override the decision of its parent country only when it can match her strength.

I will outline further submissions to enable the people of Biafra to reason and judge for themselves. This is very important to checkmate excessiveness of our leaders. During the time of Uwazurike; he got desperate and told the people of Biafra how they visited UN Headquarters and were given the observer status and we all rejoiced. Candy Stallworth; the former IPOB-USA mobilization officer was in front of the White House, made a video coverage of referendum meeting that was just concluded, and we rejoiced but when the die was cast, we did cast her away. Today; I saw a picture of IPOB deputy leader in front of UN Office and he told us they went in and finished their meeting like Candy Stallworth did and came out to make a press statement in front of the UN Building.

We are rejoicing and making our bed to sleep. UN has come, and Biafra is here, our referendum has been endorsed by UN and whatsoever Uche Mefor planned to achieve is circulating like wildfire. Did I come here to put a stop to it? No, that is not the case. I came here to open the eyes of my people, what they deserve to know.

A UN Visit Must Have Appointment/Visit Document

UN is not some kind of Nzuko or club meeting you wake up and get a call over the phone to come and visit. There is a due process which starts with getting invitation document; which can come through the mail, letter or press release by UN leader in any capacity. The documents shall be tendered to your country’s UN office that shall see to the honoring of the invitation. UN did not invite IPOB delegates to discuss referendum or any issue regarding our secession agenda. With WG tag, anybody can get permitted into the UN building; even you a Biafran in Geneva can go to that 116th UN/WG session, it is a free-for-all session.

Were IPOB Leaders Invited by the UN?

Let me firmly make it clear that IPOB was never invited by the UN. NGOs and Human Rights Working Groups collaborating with the UN are responsible for the invitation of Kanu’s family to account for their enforced disappeared family members. IPOB deputy leader took advantage of the failed visa to Kanu’s family members and witnesses to represent the family of the enforced disappeared persons at Geneva 116th session of UN Human Rights Working Group. It is shameful that IPOB deputy leader’s trip to submit a complaint as the representative of Kanu’s family has deceitfully been said to be a special invitation by UN to discuss Biafra. May God save His children and grant them freedom!

Imprisoned IPOB women

Women peacefully demonstrating in support of IPOB were brutalized and imprisoned by the Nigeria Police in Owerri, Imo state without trial. Allegations of torture and maltreatment of imprisoned women are alleged.

Anybody Has Right to Visit UN Office & Submit/File on Enforced Disappeared Person(s) During UN/WG Session

It is one thing to visit UN Office to submit a letter of complaint about abuse of human rights of a select indigenous people or enforced disappeared person but another thing, altogether, to come out and say that the UN invited you to discuss how Nigeria will be divided and Biafra awarded to us. I don’t know what we tend to achieve by lying to our people over a serious agitation like Biafra in which we have already lost millions of lives. So, it is commendable that Uche Mefor went to the 116th UN/WG 2018 final session to submit a complaint on Kanu’s disappearance. Anybody can do. But it is condemnable that he did that and then, lied that he went there to discuss face-to-face with the UN about our referendum or restoration of Biafra.

There Is Official UN Picture/Media Protocol in a Case of Exclusive Visit

When an invite is made by the UN; the representatives of invited people, after discussion, must have an official protocol picture with UN leader or representatives. This is mostly done immediately after the meeting inside the UN meeting hall and video coverage is also allowed. Pleasantries are exchanged, such as an official handshake with UN representative, for pictorial evidence of the visit. In the case of Uche Mefor, coming out after a free-for-all 116th UN/WG session and snapping pictures and videos in the name of an invitation by UN is nothing short of what Candy Stallworth did. Luckily, the propaganda is spreading. The spread is so infectious that I have already received a call that UN has approved our referendum with pictures of Uche Mefor in front of UN building. I am waiting for Radio Biafra International (RBi) to also visit and tell us what they discussed with the UN; funny indeed.

UN Law Forbids Meddling with Secessionist Groups

At the beginning of UN 2007 Self-determination Charter; the institution firmly made it clear that the charters they approved do not, in any shape or form, give anybody right to divide or temper with the sovereignty of any member nation. The major reason for the creation or membership of the UN is to protect the sovereignty of member nations. There is no record of the UN negotiating the balkanization of a member nation with a secessionist group. Worst come to worst, UN will intervene or plead/negotiate with member nation to consider indigenous people in a conflict situation, only when they see division as the ultimate solution. UN law forbids UN to give listening ears to secessionist groups; the least that can be taken is a complaint of human rights violation or enforced disappearance as in the case of IPOB deputy leader’s protest over Kanu’s personal and family agony.

UN Activities ‘Exclusive’ Are Always Done in the Open

After the UN jamboree in front of the UN Building in Geneva, Uche Mefor opened his mouth to say he would not leak the secret of what was discussed inside. I laughed off the phrase because Uche Mefor certainly knew he was dealing with enslaved minds that can buy any rubbish that proceeds out of his mouth. Little did he know at the end of every diplomatic or official meeting UN releases a press statement to update their stance and what was discussed. It is a protocol that must be observed!

Working UN Building Journalists Run Interviews, Not Fellow Delegates

Don’t get it twisted; the interview in which Uche Mefor spoke was carried out by one of the IPOB delegates who even invited me to watch his video. After official visit as claimed by IPOB, reporters working in UN building follow up the meeting to get reports and get the reaction of the invited delegates. For Christ sake, we are talking about official UN meeting and not some Nigerian movie shit produced every week. I was disgraced when one of the delegates told camera handlers to take a view of a prominent UN office and asked the delegate leaders to talk to the people of Biafra when only the official picture was everything needed.

There are many more to discuss but that would come in my next column. The purpose of this column is not to weaken your spirit but to tell you that nothing is happening and for you to wake up and fight for your freedom. Do not go to bed thinking that the UN is aware of your existence. They are not and cannot be until you have a business that can attract them. Keep working hard, keep exploring and looking for alternative routes to restore Biafra. IPOB has nothing to offer anymore.

All Hail Biafra!

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja

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