Woe unto the Lawyers, Men of God in Nigeria Who Help to Uphold the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution Which Impoverishes & Kills the Masses – LNC

The blood of the dying masses of Nigeria, killed by poverty, misery and the routine violence required to keep Nigeria One, as commanded by obdurate Yakubu Gowon since 1966, will be first on the heads of lawyers and the men of God in the land who close their eyes to the falsehood that “We the People…….” made and enacted the 1999 Constitution, from where the miseries and deaths in the land flow.

Self-determination arch protagonist

Mr. Tony Nnadi, Secretary-General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC) is a Lagos-based attorney

Those men of God who pour olive oil on the heads of the tormentors of the people in return for private jets and private universities, priced above the reach of the children of their impoverished flock, shall account to God in whose name they trade with the blood of the people.

Those lawyers who procure their silk for the sole purpose of transporting bribes and gifts between the bar and the bench so that they can share from the humongous loot of their politician-clients, shall account to that God who, by grace, appointed them as ministers in the temple of justice.

There was a lawyer in South Africa called Nelson Mandela, who used all the talent that God gave him in the privileged position of being a minister in the temple of justice, to rescue his oppressed and impoverished Black people of South Africa from their Boer tormentors.

Nelson Mandela bluntly refused to do any political business under the obnoxious apartheid constitution.

There was a man of God called Archbishop Desmond Tutu who used all the privileges God gave him as shepherd over His flock, to help rescue that flock from the vicious wickedness of the wolves of apartheid South Africa.

Desmond Tutu did not procure for himself, private jets nor did he build for himself private universities. He stood firmly with his flock as the good shepherd would do, until the rescue was accomplished.

As for the politicians, in and out of office or yet aspiring as well as party proprietors  (whatever be the party colors) who for the mind-boggling benefits that accrue to them and their families, cling tenaciously to the 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria and its warped genre of democracy, let it be known to you that the misery, torment and death visited upon the people, in whose name you forcefully draw your humongous benefits, shall suddenly clasp like a vice grip upon you when that constitution comes crashing like a pack of cards in the coming days.

As for the buffoonery of INEC that would, in March 2017, advertise the date for the presidential election of 2019 under the rejected 1999 Constitution, at a time the whole country grope at Valley of Decision and perch at the brink of corporate existence, on account of grave disputations around that obnoxious 1999 Constitution, let it be known to you that your kneejerk prank of trying to reset the discourse agenda in Nigeria from Restructuring to Election 2019, is dead on arrival.

There is no Nigeria in place now over which your so-called 2019 Election will be conducted.

Broken Map for devolving Nigeria.

Proposed regional geopolitical structure for a devolved Nigeria. Southern Nigeria comprises Yoruba & Lower Niger federations.

To the youths whose future has been swallowed by a greedy, failed generation, led by the so-called “Class of 66” and from whom history of what transpired was taken away by that dubious Class, the LNC urges you to invest a fraction of the time you invest on Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and Barca, to seek the retrieval of your mortgaged future, lest you also hew wood and fetch water for the children and grandchildren of the tormentors of your fathers, as those “masters’” children and grandchildren return from Harvard, Oxford and Yale while you yet fight over who wins the next UEFA (European soccer championship finals).

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Tony Nnadi
Lower Niger Congress.