L O W E R  N I G E R C O N G R E S S







(a) By RESOLUTION #2, of the  SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER in Port Harcourt, 27th April, 2015, convened by the Lower Niger Congress, Accredited Delegates Representing the Ethnic Nationalities of the Lower Niger (being the combined  Contiguity of the Old Eastern Region and Midwestern Region of Nigeria), Unanimously Decided that   the political future of the Peoples of the Lower Niger in the failed, fractured, imposed Federation of Nigeria shall go to a Referendum of the Peoples of the Territory.

(b) That SOLEMN ASSEMBLY had Adopted an 1885 Map of the Lower Niger Territory, (which depicts the geo-ethnolinguistic diversity of the territory), as the geographical basis of a the Prospective Lower Niger Federation, in the inevitable reconfiguration of the distressed Nigeria Union, 100 years after its Amalgamation in 1914, and 50 years after the 1966 collapse of the 5 Constitutions defining the Federation.

Lower Niger circa 1885-1905

                          Map of Lower Niger territory before Amalgamation of 1914

(c) The Solemn Assembly Mandated the distillation of a Charter of Relationships that would document the agreements, understandings and consensus amongst the constituent component Nationalities to underpin and define the Federating Constitution for the Territory.

The First Draft of that Charter of Relationships is currently undergoing expert scrutiny and will in the coming days be subjected to a fuller public scrutiny in the Territory of each component Nationality, after which a Joint Inter-Ethnic Review will take place before a Special Delegates Convention to Ratify and Adopt the Charter.

(d) Guided by the Abandoned Property expropriation catastrophe of 1970 and the recent echoes of same, both in the Abuja 2014 National Conference by the Lamido Adamawa, and in Lagos by the Oba of Lagos, in the heat of the 2015 Electoral Round,  the Solemn Assembly Mandated an ASSET PROTECTION AND GUARANTEE SCHEME (APGS),to avoid any loss of assets to persons of the Lower Niger Territory, for assets  situate outside the Lower Niger.

That Scheme is in place now and will be launched at the Scheduled time for  Inventory, Valuation and Documentation.

(e) The Solemn Assembly mandated the recall home for consultations, of all persons of the Lower Niger, appointed, elected or in anyway, connected with the management of Nigeria, under the Current disputed Constitution 1999 as amended, with a view to determining the propriety or otherwise, of further participation in the affairs of the Union.
(Formal announcements specifying the dates and venues for the consultations shall be made in due course).

(f) The Solemn Assembly had recounted the story of the 1914 unilateral British annexation of Southern Nigeria to the North in an exercise tagged “Amalgamation”, which is too well known to bear any repetition here. It also recounted the story of the collapsed Federal foundations of Nigeria; the bloody War that was fought 1967-1970 against the Breakaway Eastern Region which Declared itself Biafra and all the institutional atrocities post-War, including the imposition of a Constitutional Architecture that expropriate, shackle and enslave the Eastern Half of Southern Nigeria, wrought by the Victorious Alliance of the rest of Nigeria against the East in that War.

(g) It is pertinent to note that the countrywide demand for Restructuring which is being ignored by the Government of the day; the ubiquitous military operations going on in almost all of Nigeria; the several Self-Determination agitations raging on all over Nigeria, some violent, are all evidence of a federation that has collapsed and in need of a Grand Renegotiation.

(h) It is beyond disputation, that the current Constitution of Nigeria was enacted and imposed in utter negation of the Peoples’ already suppressed Sovereignty cum Right to Self-Determination even as expressly prescribed by Section14(2)(a) of the so-called 1999 Constitution, yet the egregious falsehood of “We the People”,  proclaimed in the Preamble to that 1999  Constitution foists the authorship of the Document on the entrapped Nationalities. This is a plain fraud and renders the entire 1999 Constitution illegitimate, being a forgery. The entire  Structure/Governance founded upon the Constitution 1999 are therefore criminal, to the extent of that false claim.

(i) That by virtue of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 2007, and in remediation of the aforementioned Constitutional imposition, the Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria, particularly in the Lower Niger Territory, being indigenous Peoples of the Territory now fraudulently subsumed by a suzerainty called “Nigeria”, have the Right  Self-determination and have thus organized themselves to exercise that Right by way of a Referendum.

(j) The full text of the Resolutions of the Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Peoples of the Lower Niger, as well as the Public Announcement of that Solemn Assembly, were  published unedited as full paid Advertorials in several national dailies. The Guardian Newspaper of April 26, 2015 has the announcement in a full page. Thisday Newspaper of May 7, 2015 has the full text of the Resolutions.

The NOTICE BOARD (https://www.lnc-usa.org/blog/lnc-mnn-notice-board/) of the LNC-USA website has the major public communications of the LNC, including the Resolutions of the Solemn Assembly. The video of that Solemn Assembly is on YouTube by the name, Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Lower Niger and also on LNC-USA Notice Board.

(k) Let it be recalled that by the Joint Declaration of June 30th, 2011, the LNC and  its MNN Partners had  repudiated the fraudulent 1999 Constitution, as the basis of the Nigerian Federation and had outlined the processes and formations by which the Nationalities entrapped therein would reconstruct their political future within their Rights to Self-determine.


The Lower Niger Congress posits that:

(1) Sequel to the recent attainment of  Key Milestones in the Self-Determination Referendum being processed for the Lower Niger Territory and upon the Advise of LNC Consultants/Project Advisors, the Lower Niger Congress is pleased to announce the commencement of the Registration of 3 Million  Volunteers, to be Processed, Trained  and Prepared for Deployment  towards various Referendum Tasks including:

(i) Mass Education, Mass Enlightenment and Mobilization of Human and Material Resources.
(ii) Voter Registration, Polling Duties including Collation and Archiving.
(iii) Observers’ Guide and Assistance
(iv) Field Logistics Management including Storage, Transportation, Distribution
(v) Technical Support including for Field Surveys; Delineation of Polling Districts, Areas and Units; Enumeration; Systems and Process Integrity.
(vi) Safety Management, Medical Aid and Emergency Management.
(vii) Campaign Management.
(viii) Materials Management.
(ix) International Coordination, covering Diaspora Participation.
(x) Inter-Institutional Coordination
(xi) Post-Vote Transitioning Management.
(xii) General Assistance.

(2) This Lower Niger Referendum Volunteers Registration does not require any Registration Fees or Payment of any kind and shall on a first-come-first-served basis, be open only to persons aged Sixteen years and above (16+), indigenous to the Lower Niger Territory and belonging to any of the Ethnic Nationalities in the Eleven States of the Lower Niger namely, Abia, Akwa-Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Cross-River, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu, Imo and Rivers, who may wish to participate in the humongous Tasks expected to accompany the Referendum in which we estimate well over 50 Million Voters.

(3) To ease the sorting that would follow the Registration, Volunteers are advised to indicate the Task Area(s), as itemized
(i)-(xii) above, which  they would prefer to be grouped and assigned into, particularly if such persons have some specialty in the subject area. This will apply more to Professionals and Experts in various Technical Areas as listed above. Each Volunteer can therefore select more than one item.

(4) The Registration Portal for this Referendum Volunteering was opened after weeks of Test Running, at 00:00 hrs, January 1st, 2017 and it shall remain open on a 24-hour basis until the 3 Million Volunteers are received, verified and fully documented.

The LNC Secretariat will revert to each verified Volunteer with further instructions relating to that Volunteer.

The Lower Niger Congress website www.lnc-usa.org  will have information and updates on the Referendum process.

This Volunteers Registration is different from the Voter Registration for the Referendum which shall be undertaken at the scheduled time.

Enquiries to: +234-810-0569448.
Email: lncreferendumdesk@gmail.com

Welcome to the year of Jubilee.

Issued this 1st Day of January, 2017.


Tony Nnadi.
Lower Niger Congress.