There Is No Viable Igbo-Only Solution Model to the Constitutional Miseries of Ndiigbo Within Eastern Nigeria & Nigeria – Tony Nnadi.

As amply articulated in the Aladinma Epistle (2012), the nature of the constitutional shackles with which Ndiigbo are bound, tethered and marooned in Nigeria is such that any solution which does not constitutionally unshackle all Igbo would, at best, amount to a token of amelioration to buy the peace of now since the efforts to break the chains by whatever name called, including “Biafra”, will not go away until the chains are truly broken.

In considering the options open to Ndiigbo for removing the constitutional shackles, which hold the Igbo down and lock away so much potential, it is pertinent to pay close heed to the geographic reality within which any solution proposed must apply.

Today’s so-called “Southeast Geopolitical Zone”, which is the Igbo heartland completely hemmed in by the May 27, 1967 gerrymandering offensive by Gowon’s so-called “Federal Government” (basically the ganged- up rest of Nigeria against the East/Igbo), arbitrarily emasculated the regions and replaced them by “states”. This sleight of hand accomplished one key objective; it enabled confiscation of the land and economic assets of the former regions, particularly the East.

Lower Niger ground zero defined

Cartographical delimitation of the Lower Niger territory; a closeup from map from space by Google. Predicating the Igbo future on Southeast zonal confinement is de-facto acceptance and acquiescence to imposition of the past half century.

All previous efforts by Ndiigbo to seek redress and equity in the oppressive impositions of One-Nigeria, which simply means “Nigeria-on-the-terms-of-the-1967 alliance, had been met by derision and ignominy by the operators of unitary One Nigeria.

The reason for this is not difficult to figure out. By the geographical reality created by the mischief and brigandage of May 27, 1967, the Igbo heartland is safely locked down and made to be surrounded 360° by presumed “antagonistic” neighbors, beginning with the cut-out Igbo-speaking territories which abut the Igboland core that we now call the “Southeast Geopolitical Zone”.

The grim reality created by the dastardly gerrymandering of May 27, 1967 is that, in the event of any disputations arising from the arbitrary impositions by the ruling military junta, Federal (One-Nigeria) troops and their Ilyushin battle tanks can legitimately be stationed on Igboland that is not in the so-called “Southeast” of today, led  by officers and men of Igbo extraction who are not from the Southeast and whose loyalty and allegiance lie with their One-Nigeria compatriots and this is from all sides of the so-called “Southeast” – 360°!!

Being that logic dictates that we must go, from the known to the unknown, it is, of course, a responsibility of the Igbo heartland to think out its inhabitants’ salvation options. The man-made impositions of geography outlined herein demand a lot of thinking outside the box (and I dare say, outside the One-Nigeria box, if we must tell ourselves the truth).

Those who do not understand the implication of this would ipso facto, not understand the utter futility of engaging Nigeria from the geo-formation of “Southeast”, whether for economic, security, infrastructural and even sociopolitical perspective.

Those who do not see the running disaster we have to deal with will not understand why the allegiance and loyalty of an Ifeanyi Okowa, an Nyesom Nwike or even Liyel Imoke will be far removed from the allegiances and loyalties of the heartland Igbo hemmed in within the dubious “Southeast”.

It is within this praxis of thought that we can better appreciate the Lower Niger paradigm which not only brings back the entire Igbo landmass into one fold but also pulls down the rest of the enemy-erected partition brick walls and barricades in the 1st Republic’s Eastern Region, constructed and brutally maintained since May 27, 1967.

Bottom line here is that the key to solving the Igbo misery in Nigeria, lies in defeating the prevailing apartheid-like constitutional instrument that created and perpetuates the misery. The viable battle formations for meaningfully tackling that monster of a scheme must transcend the Igbo heartland to include other erstwhile sequestered but now co-suffering neighbors of the Niger Delta. The Yoruba and Middle-Belt components of the Caliphate-led alliance, which came against the East (Ndiigbo to be precise), had to be yanked off the faltering 1967 alliance and then clinically grafted into the new coalition to isolate and quarantine the 12-state Caliphate/Sharia contiguity of the Far North that has been historically responsible for all the Igbo hurt, including the 1966-70 genocide which was together planned and unleashed with their partner in crime, Britain.

Nze bata, okwu ebie.

Nze n’ozo society is one of the anchors of Igbo culture. Red fez cap is worn exclusively by members of this society in Igbo heartland of Southeast Nigeria.

The MNN alliance, the namesake of this redemptive coalition, has taken on the task of dismantling the unworkable Lugardian Nigeria as defined by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution.

The LNC, as the lead driver of the Lower Niger Movement (LNM), took on the task of recovery and reconstruction of the Eastern half of Southern Nigeria from the now-defunct Federation of Nigeria.

All the commotion about “Biafra”, “Restructuring”, ” Self-Determination”, “Referendum” etc is fully situated within the preceding narrative that you have just read.

The principal duty of the intellectual elite corps in society is to shape, guide and galvanize a people’s thought and action.

Will Nzuko Umunna, Aladinma, WIC, Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, ADF live up to this bill?

Release by LNC Secretariat
July 9th, 2017