Middle Belters Thoughtlessly Adopted Hausa Names & Abandoned Their Indigenous Ones for Too Long

Good Morning,

The Middle Belt peoples are no longer North Central… REMOVE THE NORTH from the CENTRAL… We are now to be known as MIDDLE BELT OR CENTRAL NIGERIA.

The MIDDLE BELT NATIONALITIES have been so deeply penetrated that

  1. The second Lingua Franca of the Middle Belt is HAUSA LANGUAGE.

  2. The Middle Belters have been identifying themselves as Northerners for long without any meaningful benefits.

  3. The MIDDLE BELT peoples have been riding the national horse on the back seat.

  4. The Middle Belt indigenous peoples have been bearing HAUSA NAMES without thinking twice about their original AFRICAN names.

  5. The Middle Belt indigenes have been manipulated to dislike one another while worshipping their Core Northern OVERLORDS for ages.

  6. The Middle Belt stakeholders have been programmed and reprogrammed to accept being the lowest citizens of this country.

  7. The Middle Belt will easily be squeezed using their RELIGIOUS PLURALISM and ETHNIC MULTIPLICITY.

  8. The Middle Belt will have to stand strong and be a power base in the country the same way the SOUTH SOUTH has done and proper representation and respect is being accorded them.

  9. The Middle Belt nationalities have been losing their daughters to the Afro-Asiatic overlords via forceful marriage.

  10. The Middle Belt indigenous nations have very little knowledge of one another, their actual strength, competitive advantage, rich history and their spread!!!