Acquire Economic Power First & the Rest Shall Be Added on to It


A group that seeks to escape being sidelined or marginalized in a multicultural and multiethnic nation must first aspire for and achieve palpable economic relevance in society and thereafter, every other thing shall be added on in its favor. The video reviews five indices whose control help in determining the pecking order and who get what in society. Control over the Economy, Politics, Justice/Police, Media and Education in any society can go a long way to guarantee dominance of whichever group that wields any or combination of these strategic assets. Most often, these capabilities are found less in underserves subunits of society. According to this YouTube video, the Blacks in America, whose capacities have been severely curtailed due to centuries of slavery, have historically lagged behind in all the five indices of power control in the US.

As much all these indices are essential, the video argues that some are more crucial than others. Or better still, acquisition of these attributes must be prioritized so as to make attainment of economic relevance ahead of the others. The argument is buttressed by the argument that discrimination, including slavery, is an economic game. The least economically empowered are usually the enslaved group. The group which lacks economic muscle usually ends up not having what it takes to procure political influence and power in real time. With ample economic power, one can choose to abstain from direct engagement in politicking and instead decide to purchase the services or even the conscience of politicians as needed to do one’s bidding.

The video tends to talk down on reliance of mere exercise of voting power at election or acquisition of education since these capacities on their own, without sound economic foundation, may lead to dead ends and associated frustrations. Without required economic muscle, even the politicians and education graduates may not have assured conduits to exercise their influence or obtain employment opportunities that can match the educational qualifications.

The guide for acquiring and retaining economic power within a subnational group is to assure that whatever money that comes into it is made to change hands or bounces many times within the group before leaving it. In the US, Hispanics money bounces 6-7 times; White money bounces 8-12 times; Asian money bounces 13-14 times and Jewish money bounces 18 times. Right now, Black money does not bounce even once within the African American community. The logic is that, without the capacity to retain cash flow within a community, it becomes extremely difficult to retain economic power which can engender new wealth creation and gainful employment for members of the subunit.

Message in this YouTube video is quite instructive, especially to a group that agonizes over how to prioritize its developmental and operational agenda as a distinct entity within a larger polity.