Nigeria Committed Genocide in Biafra: Payment of Reparations to Biafran Victims In Order – Says Chief Fani-Kayode


A political movement usually culminates in addressing the core problems faced by the fetchers of water and hewers of wood in society. But historically, political movements have been led by elements within the societal elite who lend their imprimatur and technical schools required to bring aspirations of the masses to fruition in a timely manner. The self-determination movement with its epicenter in the Lower Niger territory had its initial expression among the nonelite lower socioeconomic strata for obvious reasons. The societal elite and their sympathizers, especially in Nigeria, were less inclined to rock the boat because they either benefit directly from the status quo or are hopeful to begin to do so soon.

In Nigeria, the status quo is seen by an overwhelming majority of the populace as a woeful failure from multiple angles. The failure of the Nigerian state has been long in its development. Many do agree that re-insertion of General Muhammadu Buhari as incumbent head of state has had a catalytic effect on the current accelerated unraveling of the Nigerian state. The Buhari presidency helped to unmasked the many ills of Nigeria which were somehow camouflaged under the preceding national leaders. Buhari has the credential of epitomizing the much disliked Sokoto Islamic Caliphate which is being blamed for derailing post-colonial Nigeria through schemed acts and maneuvers steeped in political divisiveness, marginalization, arbitrariness, eorruption, religious intolerance and communal violence. The Caliphate protagonists believe that they own the Nigerian geopolitical space as their God-given heritage and havebeen treating all other interest groups in the country with supercilious disdain, particularly since July 1966.

But the tide of change is picking up momentum to the extent that Nigeria’s ruling coalition is now quaking in its boots. The tactics of intimidation, which used to work like magic up till the recent past, have lost their significance because the downtrodden, who used to easily acquiesce, have now seen their right to determine their own fate by themselves in their own ancestral lands as an unalienable endowment from Chukwu Abiama (Supreme Creator).

Genocide culminates in devolution

“Acting” president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, Obasanjo & others face up to Nigeria’s past woes and the daunting resultant future prospect.

Fear and trepidation have been replaced by emboldened quest for self-determination. The Caliphate ruling order has become discombobulated by the pace with which the geopolitical landscape of Nigeria is shifting under their very own feet, at least, since ascendancy of the Buhari presidency.

Perhaps, the most discomforting for minders of the status quo is the decision for a critical mass of the Nigerian elite corps to throw their weight behind the just demands of the downtrodden and marginalized, irrespective of the victims’ sociocultural background or religious preferences. Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Aviation Minister in Nigeria’s central government, is one of those high-profile elite in the country to decisively take the side of pro-Biafra agitation despite the fact that he belongs to the Yoruba ethnic nationality. His outspoken and eloquent criticism of the Buhari presidency is gold, steadfast and unrelenting. The issues he raised in this videoed speech speak for themselves.

For the first time since the Civil War, a high-profile Nigerian political figure has publicly admitted the culpability of Nigeria’s central government in committing acts of genocide in Biafra. Fani-Kayobe went further to posit that Biafran victims of such a horrendous crime deserve to be compensated through payment of reparation for all the economic vendetta inflicted before, during and after the Civil War on Easterners for no just reason. He ridiculed the Buhari government’s preference for military crackdown on and arbitrary killing of pro-Biafra agitators instead of establishing dialogue with disaffected constituents as is the normal practice in a democracy like Nigeria.

Chief Fan-Kayode proceeds to lambaste the elite corps of Eastern Nigeria ancestry who have opted for silence instead of speaking up on behalf of their kith and kin who are being arbitrarily murdered, maimed or herded into prisons by the Buhari administration for demanding their unalienable right to self-determination. Some see politicking only as conduit for self-aggrandizement and filthy lucre. A handful of Nigerians still see politics as the opportunity to do good to the greatest number within the polity. Chief Femi Fani-Kayode certainly belongs to the latter group of Nigeria’s elites. For his outspokenness against power and privilege even when some opt for muteness, he deserves the commendation men and women of goodwill in Nigeria and elsewhere from all corners of the globe.