Endorsement & Pledge of Support for Gov. Willie Obiano by Some Leaders of Old Aguata Union (OAU): Cause for a Conscientious Questioning.

by Hon. O. C. Gaius Ezeh

The decision-making time is here again; another opportunity for us to decide the fate of our dear state for the coming four years and probably more. A time for the proverbial blind man to avoid being pricked a second time by the same stick.

Hon. O. C. Gaius Ezeh

Hon. O. C. Gaius Ezeudegbulam is a political leader in Anambra & resides in his hometown, Igboukwu, Aguata LG, Anambra state

Without wasting time, I will like to voice my disappointment so far, and seek a cogent explanation for the seemingly sycophantic and self-serving gesture of some elements of the Old Aguata Union. From recent information, the incumbent governor visited Old Aguata where some members of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and their sympathizers received him warmly. That of course, is not a cause for concern. But going ahead to pledge their full support and endorsement for him on a second term is obviously perplexing. Was there any town-hall meeting conducted by OAU? All we heard was the fallacious claim that OAU adopted Obiano as their candidate.

I have continually tried to fathom the reason for such support. Taking a close look at all corners of the region, there is nothing to justify the action. For example, the Nnewi-Igboukwu-Ekwulobia road has spent more than 3 years in shambles under the watch of this government. The most deplorable part of this interstate highway is at Igboukwu, at the doorstep of the former governor of Anambra state. The entire region would have been cut off from Onitsha if not for the bypass constructed by Senator Uche Ekwunife (Anambra Central).

I may also have to remind us that to visit Ndi-Ukwuenu and the neighboring towns, a person at Ekwulobia, which is less than 6 kilometers away, has no choice but to firstly find his way to Awka, then, to Ugwuoba in Enugu state before embarking on the second phase of the journey to a community that would have taken less than 25 minutes to arrive had the government not neglected the direct connecting roads. Huge cracks and potholes on direct links between Ekwulobia and Ndi-Ukwuenu have been allowed by Gov. Obiano’s administration to metamorphose into death traps and deep gullies. These are just few examples of stark neglect of the Aguata/Orumba region by the Anambra state government.

One thing I am convinced of about this government is their expertise in reckless spending of the state’s resources and execution of extravagant and irrelevant projects like spending billions of Naira decorating every part of the state with flashing lights and Christmas trees during end-of-year holiday seasons while pressing needs of the poor masses are perpetually ignored.

Please, I will like anyone who know better to mention two to three projects that the present government has completed within the Aguata/Orumba region. Some may be moved to bring up the 20 million Naira shared to various communities. Then I will like to ask: what is the monthly allocation of the three local government areas within the region put together? The three local governments get a total of about 500 to 600 million Naira per month. So, how much do we receive in a year from the Obiano administration, to talk of four good years?

Obiano smiles to Abuja to meet with his boss

Anambra state governor, Mr. Willie Obiano (left) paying homage to President Buhari (right), his paymaster, at the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja while crucial road infrastructure in his state is abandoned in total decay.

Unfortunately, some are still mesmerized and confused by the 20-million Naira trick which he played just once for the entire 4 years. Some of us complain that the federal dividends of democracy have been denied the Southeastern part of Nigeria. What can we say with respect to our own state government and the Old Aguata?

To say the least, the support pledged by SOME leaders (emphasis on “some”) of the OAU is simply unjustifiable. It is terribly bad for anybody or group to take the Old Aguata people for granted. If such a decision is to be made, a town-hall meeting must be conducted and consensus reached. In my opinion, APGA members invited the governor and adopted him for second tenure, which I don’t have anything against. But to do so in the name of OAU is wrong and unacceptable.

It’s Well ….