Nigeria Is Not for Diezani, Charlie Boy, Goodluck Jonathan, Tam David-West, Ijaw People etc: Man, Know Thyself!


In the past half century, the minority ethnic nationalities of Southern Nigeria have come full circle in understanding and appreciating where they truly belong in scheme of things within a unitary Nigeria. The Ijaw leader featured in this video mocks and satirizes the roles being played by some indigenes of their ethnic minority in service of unitary Nigeria. He specifically mentions President Goodluck Jonathan, former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, Prof. Tam David-West etc. In his estimation, the Ijaw nationality and its populace never benefited anything that one can see after half century of trying. The Southern minority elements in central government in Abuja are often too preoccupied with serving the interests of their Northern benefactors and masters than to pay close attention in meeting the existential needs of their own impoverished kith and kin in Ijaw land, in particular and rest of the Niger Delta, in general.

The video concludes by enjoining the Ijaw people to begin to understand that their key to redemption lies in an independent Biafra. The narrator affirms that we have what it takes to be able to secure self-rule for Biafra because our oppressors are, when the chips are down, factually not stronger than us. He exhorts his target audience to be Ijaw first, Igbo first and Biafra first.