Revolution Will Soon Come to Nigeria – Says An Angry Youth


A society that loses the trust of its hewers of wood and fetchers of water is doomed. That’s exactly why the world’s great civilizations of Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Roman Empires came crashing down despite the fact that they had dominated the world of their times for thousands of years. Thus far, no human civilization has ever escaped this fate. It is thus a shoo-in that the current world order, be it the variant based in London, Washington, DC, Beijing, Paris, Moscow, New Delhi etc shall ultimately come crashing down under its own weight. The same, of course, can be said of peripheral players like Nigeria and other foci of sovereign political power worldwide. They shall eventually collapse and crumble under their own weight.

So, governance has been all about putting off the day of reckoning as far from the present as humanly possible. Imperial governments develop structures and processes to assure that instruments of governance take precautionary steps to assure that the regular folks, who prop up the respective empires, are kept in check by a combination of coercion, enticement and brainwashing, if needs be. The lesson here is that no society, no matter how powerful and sophisticated, can endure when its underclass population resolve to bring it to its knees from within. 

That’s exactly what makes this You-tube video both instructive and scary at the same time. The Nigerian youths are now becoming more emboldened in publicly expressing their discontent with the status quo in a manner that is difficult for whoever are in-charge to ignore. It is no longer a matter of groups of youths coming together to support sectional or other parochial aspirations as one may have noted in activist groups like MOSOP, Egbesu Boys, OPC, MASSOB, IPOB, Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) or even the Islamist Boko Haram terrorists.

The mobilization by contemporary Nigerian youths is increasingly being spurred by the perception of escalating economic hard times that cut across all known geopolitical and sociocultural divides in the country. Lack of capacity to make ends meet for an increasing number of unemployed and underemployed youths has now compelled them to come together so as to go after the perceived minders of the status quo who are being blamed for all their woes. This is the message from this You-tube video. The youths’ anger is spurned by severe economic hardship above everything else.

So, the call for a revolution is as real as can be, especially when those who shall carry out the operation are the ones clamoring for such an upheaval. Mass discontent is like a volcano; the devastating power is immense and to make matters worse, the exact time for its eruption is uncertain, despite the existence of sundry measuring and monitoring gadgets. That the roof shall cave in on Nigeria, as is, is hardly in dispute any longer. Only the exact time for the impending cataclysm may still be in doubt.

Before the hammer drops, Nigerians still have the window of opportunity to provide a sort of soft landing for its 170-million population. That should be the smart thing to do. But, history has shown that being smart has never been the best attribute of a ruling elite which is obsessed with power grab as its religion. Nigerians have repeatedly called for geopolitical restructuring, sanitization of the body polity and devolution through plebiscites and the Referendum – all to no avail.

Now, that the threat of an imminent revolution has been mooted, let’s hope that something rational can still be done soon enough to be able to obviate the inevitable.