Nigeria Is Trapped in a Forest of a Thousand Demons – says LNC Scribe, Tony Nnadi


This is the 5th in a series of live video recordings of a weekly show hosted by the London-based Heritage TV on Nigerian matters. This video is outstanding because it delves into the diagnosis of Nigeria’s national malady as manifested by rising insecurity, youth unemployment and national instability. Heritage TV’s principal guest and Secretary-General of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC), Mr. Tony Nnadi, has accurately diagnosed the underlying cause of all the ills of Nigeria to the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution. In the preceding weeks’ discussions, Mr. Nnadi painstakingly chronicled the evolution of the subsisting 1999 Constitution since the overthrow of the Independence Constitution in 1966 and abrogation of the country’s federalism that formed the basis for its continued unification during the post-colonial era.

There was a premeditated scheme to set aside the federal system that allowed for region-based development as the engine of growth and replace it with an imposed Unitary state that is controlled from the center, as is the case today. Just like the apartheid constitution was effectively foisted on South Africa by the minority White Boer population, the 1999 Constitution was written by a former army general, Abdulsalami Abubakar, for the sole purpose of foisting the hegemonic rule of the scions of the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate over the entire length and breadth of Nigeria. In deriving the 1999 Constitution, the will of “We the people…” was bypassed because the constituents were never asked to ratify the constitutional draft because the contents of the document were anathema to the aspirations of the stakeholders of Nigeria outside the Islamic Sharia North.

Mr. Nnadi, a lawyer with specialization in jurisprudence, fingers any well-known legal practitioners in the country as contributing to obfuscation related to the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution. The erudite lawyer used the memo and articles of a company to explain the true essence of a constitution in a polity like Nigeria. The memorandum to engage in a business partnership is the prerogative of the company owners (those whose assets and goodwill shall be invested), not those who shall be hired to manage the entity. The Articles shall be written to reflect the wishes and stated interests of the owners. Elected politicians and bureaucrats hired to run the government are like the employees of a company. They do not own the company. This is exactly the reason why the National Assembly has no power to write the constitution. The powers of elected politicians, including the president and the National Assembly, can only be derived from the constitution written and ratified by the constituent stakeholders who are the rightful owners of Nigeria’s sovereignty.

The most obnoxious feature of the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution is the 68-item Federal Exclusive Legislative List that clarifies the boundaries which the peripheral 36 states cannot traverse without the explicit preapproval of the government at the center. All matter related to security, commerce, energy generation and distribution, mining, transportation infrastructure etc are included in that list. The goal is to maintain a chokehold on the citizens’ quest for local development and control while, at the same time, consolidating the seizure of all the lands and assets of the indigenous ethnic nationalities whose ancestral lands constitute the geopolitical territory called Nigeria.

The widely repudiated and rejected 1999 Constitution imposes a 68-item Federal Exclusive Legislative List that cripples all socioeconomic infrastructure development throughout the country. All Nigeria is now ruled from a single location controlled by the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate in Abuja.

Mr. Nnadi astutely noted that the political class in Nigeria has persistently propped up the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution since its inception despite the hue and cry emanating from the PRONACO, Movement for New Nigeria (MNN), National Indigenous Nationalities Assliance for Self-determination (NINAS) in the past two decades. The political class deploys the instrumentality of the political parties to sustain the psychology of greed, fraud, arbitrariness and impropriety foisted on Nigerians by the fraudulent constitution for self-enrichment and aggrandizement. It has thus become logical that the impoverished masses should now be informed about the complicity of political parties in sustaining and perpetuating the imposed fraud called the constitution. 

The MNN, NINAS and Nigerian constituents in the South and the Middle Belt have resolved to initiated a Constitutional Force Majeure to protect themselves from the unmitigated damaged inflicted by the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution that has unleashed a life of misery on 200 million Nigerians. Specifically, the enslaved populace shall be asked to cease all political activity in their territories of domicile until the 1999 Constitution is declared as unsuitable for continued governance of Nigeria.

The approach entails stopping the political class from their usual electioneering shenanigans at the grassroots level. No voter registration, personal voter’s card (PVC), party conventions must be tolerated once the Constitutional Force Majeure is initiated. The inevitable outcome shall be a universal clamor for a transition program that will culminate in the renegotiation of Nigeria.