South & Middle Belt Must Hasten to Shut Down the Journey to 2023 to Avert Inevitable Constitutional Force Majeure – LNC Scribe

Amidst the November 16, 2019 bloody offseason electoral showdown in Kogi and Bayelsa States of Nigeria, Baron Roy wrote as follows:

Think again…

Your state wants to elect their own governor to govern over them; your constituency wants to choose their own Senators and Representatives to represent them! These are strictly the affairs of the people of the state! But one entity in Abuja; a thousand kilometers away, to whom you owe no allegiance, decides that he shall be the one to conduct the elections for your people on how to elect their own leaders! Then he sends his own security to flog you people into line until the wishes of Abuja are done in your locality!

The Abuja government simply treats you as an idiot…and you obliged. Then you turn around to complain your election was rigged or your representative was not representing you! Dude, you already gave up your rights to the strange entity from Abuja! You elect NOTHING! You’re NOTHING! And it is constitutional!

#rejectThe1999Constitution and quit making yourself ridiculous! Bury that Constitution and reject this obnoxious system that labels you a moron! You’re not a moron until you accept the brazen imposition called 1999 Constitution by validating that abomination with your inconsequential votes!


Tony Nnadi of the LNC commented as follows, (in response to a suggestion by someone else that the South and Middle Belt needs to form a Fresh Political Alliance to Fight the 2023 Elections):

“What the South/Middle Belt Alliance needs now is certainly not one to wobble to another election in 2023 under the 1999 Constitution. It is an act of self-preservation to take down the 1999 Constitution before the Caliphate takes us through the next bend under that “constitution”. That next bend could be taking down the 1999 Constitution on their own terms.

Constitution Alteration Bills (i.e., Amendment Bills that target one single term of 6 years), as well as those that seek to override the fundamental Rights Chapter of the so-called constitution (including the Hate-Speech Bill that seeks to terminate free speech), already flood the National Assembly.

If we (South & MB) do not hasten up in the little time left to seize the initiative that will shut down the journey to 2023, we would be sleepwalking to a catastrophe worse than 2015 and 2019 combined.

It is heartrending to read here, suggestions about alignment to form a Political Party that will contest Elections in 2023 under the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution which coronate the Caliphate in all spheres and enslave the South & Middle in all respects.

*The HOW for getting the 1999 Ordinance entirely out of the way in a matter of weeks or months is available for our collective scrutiny, interrogation and action (though not online).

Our salvation lies in the map below if our focus is on how to extricate ourselves from the deadly Caliphate bondage that is now heading to sure extermination.

The religious and ideological fault line in today’s Unitary Nigeria is not reflective of the wishes of the majority of Nigerian stakeholders. The broken map on the right was adopted by the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) on June 30, 2011 as the path for the future.

The key already in our hand to deploy lies in the Preamble to the 1999 Caliphate Ordinance that claims we enacted our own damnation. “We the People…” have nothing to do with the writing of the 1999 Constitution and we did not approve that document as should be the case in a democracy.

The action/process required does not include anything the National Assembly will have to do.

Those who did/do not know how we came about the 1999 Ordinance (a. k. a. Constitution) should please back up a little and find out the details of how Nigeria arrived at 1979 from 1966. It is from that small probe that further insight can be gained into the comprehensive Ahmadu Bello’s October 1960 mission statement and battle script which has morphed into the document that we call “the 1999 Constitution” today, with everyone still stuck to the status assigned them by Ahmadu Bello since October 1960 till date. This is tragic.

The greater tragedy will be for the enlightened segment of the embattled rest of Nigeria (which I thought this forum fairly represented) to overlook and ignore the Caliphate monster encircling them for a final onslaught”.