Avert the Looming Chaos; Choose Referendum as Way Out – Admonishes the Congress of Yoruba Nation

Ahead of the Yoruba Solemn Assembly slated for September 7th, 2017, the Congress of Yoruba Nation has released the following

statement proposing a road map to Yoruba self-determination via a Referendum:


There is no need for a rehash of Nigeria’s history since everyone should be aware of the slow but continuous descent of the country since its inception. Those not aware of its history are living witnesses to its current decadent state, making it a hopeless and despairing environment for the generality of the citizens. We are now at a crossroad, either to continue in this present situation, voting every four years and possibly become extinct in a few years’ time


to take our Destiny in our hands and go another direction; the Direction of Yoruba Autonomy.

Yoruba champ for devolution

Alani Akirinade is a retired army general & veteran of the Nigeria/Biafra civil war. He is a Yoruba nationalist and strong advocate for devolution of Nigeria.

Whilst saluting the courage of our brethren in YOLICOM, we wish to point out that a nation that secedes unilaterally will find it difficult to be recognized by the comity of nations. Under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) of September 13th, 2007, the Yoruba nation exclusively reserves the right to decide the basis and terms of federating with any other nationality and if these fail, the right to stand alone. This is the whole essence of self-determination, irrespective of previous constitutional arrangements.

The legal process to determine the above is called REFERENDUM.

Once we go through this process and the United Nations sees the result, the Yoruba nation will be accorded worldwide recognition and thereafter, automatically admitted as a member of the world body (UN). Scotland used it and decided to stay within the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom itself used it (Brexit) and they chose to exit the European Union (EU).


We are hereby proposing a road map aimed at achieving Yoruba autonomy. This Referendum will be internal to Yoruba land and it is for the Yoruba to decide whether they want to stay within Nigeria or exit it. In the unlikely event that the decision is to stay within Nigeria, then regional autonomy comes in. In this scenario, we shall renegotiate the basis and terms of federating within Nigeria as the mandate of the National Assembly does not include constitution making. That mandate belongs exclusively to the sovereign constituent components for which reason democratic constitutions all over the world, including the United States of America, usually begin with “We the people……”.


  1. We must educate and enlighten the populace through trained volunteers at Ward levels whose preliminary task is to first sound out people’s opinions for our focus, mission and vision. Citizens empowerment and re-orientation will be a result of this stage of the process.

  2. If the consensus is to opt for a Yoruba nation state, a political vacuum must be avoided. To this end, all current political office holders will remain as Transitional Government.

  3. Transitional Government will operate initially under the 1963 Western Region Constitution.

  4. A Constituent Assembly of the Yoruba people will be convened to fashion a legal way forward – that is, by writing a United Yoruba Constitution.

  5. Security of life, property and businesses situated in Yoruba land shall be guaranteed in line with the universal laws guiding trade, commerce and industry, whether owned by Yoruba, our geopolitical neighbors or foreigners.


This will be arranged for our brethren in the present Kwara, Kogi, Edo and Delta States to enable them to choose their future relationship with the emergent Yoruba sovereign nation state.

Emergent Oduduwa federation

Emergent Yoruba federation as delineated in the MNN broken map adopted during Lagos Conference declaration on June 30, 2011

Finally, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. The only solution to the Yoruba question is REFERENDUM – it’s legal, it’s our right and it’s universally acceptable.

Otunba Shade Olukoya                          Chief Adekunle Olaiya -Akinsemoyin

Mr. Kayode Ogundoro                              Comrade Adegboyega Adelu

Mr. Leye Akinmodiro                                 Mr. Adeola Adegoke