Biafra Will Be A Great Nation When It Gains Its Freedom – Says Yoruba Man

If Biafra achieves self-determination, I’m almost certain that the following factors will make Biafra a great nation:

1) The desperate zeal to excel, compete and overwhelm Nigeria.

2) There will be new jobs. Biafrans will have to fill positions in Embassies in 200 countries across the world, for instance.

3) A new Biafra capital city will emerge which is certain to be of world class.

4) A new industrial base will be launched tapping on Biafran history of industry and enterprise.

5) The drive to assert Biafra language and culture in the new world order will create a new cultural wealth and a new economic impetus.

6) Biafrans will be saved from the trauma of looking up to Nigeria in almost every aspect that her people need to struggle through quota to be admitted like in sports, civil service and in the army and security services.

7) Biafran children will have a new syllabus in schools that will reflect their heritage, history of the civil war, their custom and their civilizations which at the moment are suppressed under the NUC and the domineering Federal agencies.

8) There will be a mass exodus to Biafraland but that in itself will create a new spirit of determination to survive.

9) Development agencies worldwide will be interested in the new nation.

10) Biafrans will not have to contend with terrorism and violent herdsmen who will be treated as foreign invaders.

11) The pride of Biafra nation sitting at the UN as equal partners with Russia and US, for instance, is a value that a billion USdollars cannot buy.”

Author unknown