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Continuation of Uthman Dan Fodio’s Jihad: Conquering the Middle Belt & the South

Being A Release by Biafra Foundation, Washington, DC, USA

When Uthman Dan Fodio started Jihad (1804-1809) to conquer the Hausa States in Northern Nigeria and parts of Cameroon, his excuse was that he wanted to establish a pure form of Islam. That was a lie. He wanted to conquer the people, take over their land, and impose Fulani Emirs on them as their rulers. It was a geopolitical land grab shrouded in religious garb to deceive the unwary who were about to be enslaved. He succeeded. He conquered the Hausa States one state at a time, took their land and resources, and imposed Fulani Emirs, usually his relatives to rule with iron fist all the Hausa States. He named this area Sokoto Caliphate. His relatives who he made Emirs and village heads exercised absolute authority and control over the millions of Hausa people who before then had their independent governments.

Those Emirs were dictators who exercised the power of life and death over the millions of Hausa people over whom they ruled. The Emirs seized all Hausa land, decreed that the land belonged to the Emirs and village heads who portioned them out to individual farmers, and demanded one third to half of the harvest the farmers gathered at harvest time. They also imposed other forms of taxes on the Hausa people who they called “talakawas” (commoners), distinct from the Fulani rulers who were the “aristocrats” (born to rule), a situation they justified using the medieval philosophy of “divine right of kings.”

Absolute rulers of the Sokoto Caliphate

                                                                                     Late Ado Bayero (1930-2014), Emir of Kano

The Emirs did not only control the land of the Hausas, they exercised absolute control over anything and everything in their emirate. If the Emir took fancy to a commoner’s wife, he simply asked that the woman be transferred to him; if he fancied a man’s daughter, he ordered that the daughter be sent to him as a wife. If he liked any property belonging to a talakawa, he simply ordered that it be transferred to him. These were orders that were carried out without question. If the Emir was displeased by the way a man reacted or behaved when the Emir took his wife, the Emir would order the man killed and it was done – no questions asked. The Emir shut down public highways and opened them at his pleasure. This is how the Hausa states lost their freedom and became a servile people ruled by a handful of despotic Fulani dictators called Emirs.

Stiff military resistance by the Gwari of Southern Kaduna, the Angas, Birom, Chamba, Tiv, Idoma, and Igala, to the South and the Kanuri to the North East; plus the difficult terrain, and the later defeat and subjugation of the Sokoto Caliphate by the British colonialists combined to stop the Jihad of Uthman Dan Fodio and its relentless march towards the South.

Immediately after Nigerian Independence in 1960, descendants of Uthman Dan Fodio openly declared their intention to resume Jihad until they dip the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean. The leader of this second Jihad, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto, stated categorically that they will use the Gwari, Angas, Birom, Chamba, Tiv, Igala, Yoruba, and Idoma of the Middle Belt as wiling tools to continue their military campaign to conquer the South. He insinuated that Nigeria is a plantation bequeathed to the Fulani by Allah and that the Fulani will milk it until it dies.

The symbol of the resistance of Fulani enslavement of the South is Biafra. Biafra has continued to be the beacon to which every intelligent person residing in Southern Kaduna, Jos, Pankshin, Jalingo, through Wukari, Makurdi, Otukpo, Ankpa, Nsukka, Enugu, Onitsha, Owerri, Umuahia, Katsina-Ala, Obudu, Ikom, Abakaliki, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Opobo, Warri, Agbor, Asaba, and Uromi in the East to Ilorin, Okene, Ogbomosho, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Lagos, Ado Ekiti, Akure, Okitipupa, Benin City, and Sapele in the west must look to for freedom, self-determination and defeat of the Fulani scheme to conquer and enslave the South. We are not suggesting that every nation encompassing these cities should become Biafra. Far from it. Each nation in the geographical area called Nigeria must decide for itself whether it wants to continue to stay in Nigeria and become enslaved or get out of Nigeria and assume its own identity, freedom and nationality. Biafra has made its choice – Biafra will get out of Nigeria and will not be conquered, Islamized and enslaved. It will not matter how difficult it is; it will not matter how long it takes and it will not matter whether Nigeria likes it or not. This is Biafra’s destiny and we will take our destiny in our hands.

When God created human beings, He bestowed on them certain inalienable rights – the right to life

[right to live your life and not have someone else snuff it out]; freedom of speech [the right to speak your mind]; freedom of association [the right to decide for yourself who you want to associate or be with]; freedom of religion [the right to choose how to worship God]; freedom of assembly [the right to assemble and meet with other people of your choice for purposes other than committing a crime].There are other natural rights.

These rights are enshrined in the United Nations Charter and have been recognized and enforced in most parts of the world in recent times. It is as a result of these inalienable rights that the following new countries were created since 1990. They are: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia, (all of which were forcibly conscripted into the former Soviet Union or USSR); Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia (all of which were formerly cobbled together and held by force as Yugoslavia by Marshall Tito until 1990-1992); Slovakia and Czech Republic (both of which were in a forced relationship formerly called Czechoslovakia); East Timor which was formerly occupied by Indonesia and South Sudan which was separated from Sudan and gained its independence in July 2011. These 26 countries all became independent between 1990 and 2011 as a result of the enforcement of the United Nations principle of self-determination.

President Buhari knows this and agrees with the United Nations principles of PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, and SELF-DETERMINATION for all people. This is why in his address to the United Nations General Assembly on September 28th, 2015, General Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria stated:

“Mr. President, (referring to the UN General Assembly President) As we engage in these annual debates, we need remind ourselves of the principles that led to the founding of the United Nations. Among those are peaceful coexistence and self-determination of peoples.

“In this context, Mr. President, the unresolved question of self-determination for the Palestinian people and those of Western Sahara, both nations having been adjusted [adjudged] by the United Nations as qualifying for this inalienable right must now be assured and fulfilled without any further delay or obstacle.

“The international community has come to pin its hopes on resolving the Palestinian issue through the two-state solution which recognizes the legitimate right of each state to exist in peace and security.

“The world has no more excuses or reasons to delay the implementation of the long list of Security Council resolutions on this question. Neither do we have the moral right to deny any people their freedom or condemn them indefinitely to occupation and blockade.” 

President Buhari himself (not a surrogate, not a representative) made these statements in front of Heads of State of countries of the world, members of the United Nations, gathered in the hallowed halls of the United Nations in New York.

If you remove the word(s) “Palestine” and “Western Sahara”, and substitute the word “Biafra” in their place, it becomes obvious to all right thinking people that President Muhammadu Buhari supports the right of Biafra to become a sovereign, independent nation. To say or think otherwise would amount to exercise in cognitive dissonance, and outright dishonesty. The people of Biafra, therefore, hold President Buhari to his words spoken in front of heads of state of the countries of the world at the General Assembly of the United Nations, in New York, on December 28, 2015.

Both the nationalities and cities of the Middle Belt and the South are now under renewed Jihad that is more barbaric, insidious, outrageous, and ferocious than the Jihad of 1804-1809. This Jihad, which has been meticulously planned, is now being systematically implemented by the Hausa-Fulani who are in full control of every arm of the government of Nigeria. They control the Army, Air force, Navy, Police, DSS, Immigration, Customs, Supreme Court, and the Civil Service.

Over the past several years, they have gradually infiltrated Southern cities, towns and even your remotest villages. They have collected data and sensitive information about your towns and villages. They march through your smallest villages disguised as cattle herders driving herds of cattle from place to place. But instead of long sticks with which they control the cattle, they are armed with AK 47s, APMGs, RPGs and other kinds of automatic assault weapons. They don’t carry one automatic weapon. They carry many, strapped to the bodies of their cattle.

They march past army and police check points and the army and police simply salute them as they go by. How is it that nobody questions them for carrying automatic assault weapons whereas if you, a Southerner, possess a homemade single barrel gun, the police and army will arrest you and drag you to prison if you are lucky and they don’t shoot you first? Why?

These so-called Hausa-Fulani cattle herders march through your towns, cities and villages destroying yams, cassava, rice, corn and vegetables you planted in your farms. If you dare challenge them or ask them to keep their cattle out of your farms, they shoot you, rape your wife and daughters who have accompanied you to the farms, or even worse, kidnap and keep them as sex slaves. This was happening so regularly in the past few years that some of our people abandoned their farms and the Hausa-Fulani took them over and converted them to Fulani camps. This is not fairy tale – ask people in Enugu, Delta, Edo, Benue, Abia, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Ebonyi, Kogi, Ekiti, Osun, Ondo, and even Bayelsa States.

The Hausa-Fulani intention to completely colonize and dominate other nations in the geographical entity called Nigerian has not abated over the years. In fact, it has intensified, has been burning like bonfire and has recently become more intense than ever before. The tragedy is that like the ostrich, Southerners have buried their heads in the sands of denial. They talk about Igbo presidency, Ijaw presidency, Urhobo presidency, Ogoni presidency etc; they talk about creation of more states; they talk about resource control – what tiny token percentage of their own property they will happily accept from their sworn enemy who stole their property (Abacha cut that percentage down to 1 percent and the oil producing states happily agreed.) It is as if robbers invaded your home, killed your sons, gang raped your daughters, seized your house, cars, TV, bicycles, and all the furniture in your house, took over your multimillion-naira bank account and then offered to let you watch the TV in your house for I hour once every month after which they kick you out and you happily go back to sleeping under the bridge, drinking sewer water, all the while thankful to the robbers every time you finish watching your one hour of television in the month. Any human being who sees you laughing and smiling happily will simply say “You de craze”.

Consider the following statements by Hausa-Fulani leaders over the years:

Ahmadu Bello:

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future.”

Absolute ruler of Northern Region

        Late Ahmadu Bello (center), arguably the most influential overseer of the Sokoto Caliphate since its founder, Uthman Dan Fodio

This statement was made by Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sarduana of Sokoto, Leader of the NPC and Premier of Northern Nigeria, (Parrot Newspaper, 12th October 1960; republished on November 13, 2002, by the Tribune Newspaper, Ibadan.)

Earlier in 1947, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa who later became the prime minister of Nigeria, in an address to his Northern colleagues on the floor of the Northern House of Assembly, said the following:

“We do not want our Southern neighbours to interfere in our development. We have never associated ourselves with the activities of these people. We do not know them, we do not recognize them, and we share no responsibility in their actions. We shall demand our rights when the time is ripe. If the British quitted Nigeria now at this stage, the Northern people would continue their interrupted conquest to the sea.” 

Again in 1948, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa at the Legislative Council meeting stated as follows:

“Since 1914, the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country, but the Nigerian people themselves are historically different in their backgrounds, in their religious beliefs and customs and do not show themselves any sign of willingness to unite… Nigerian unity is only a British intention for the country.”

In 1957, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sarduana of Sokoto and Premier of the North, restated the intention of the Hausa Fulani to conquer the South militarily and to Islamize them when he said the following:

“We, the people of the North will continue our stated intention to conquer the South and to dip the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean after the British leave our shores.”

In 1961, in a television interview with the BBC, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Premier of Northern Nigeria, when asked about his “Northernization policy” by a White British journalist, and whether it will be a temporary or permanent feature stated as follows: 

“In actual fact, the policy is a Northerner first. If you cannot get a Northerner, then you get an expatriate like yourself on contract. If we cannot get that, then we will employ another Nigerian from the South on contract too. This is going to be a permanent policy as far as I foresee”.

You can actually watch this interview on YouTube at

The West African Pilot of December 20, 1964 reported that Mallam Bala Garuba, a Northerner, had proclaimed:

“The conquest to the sea is now in sight. When our God-sent Ahmadu Bello said some years ago that our conquest will reach the seashores of Nigeria, some idiots in the South were doubting its possibility. Today, have we not reached the sea?  Lagos is reached. It remains Port Harcourt. It must be conquered and taken.”

In 1966 after orchestrating and participating in the slaughter of 100,000 Igbo and other Easterners all over Northern Nigeria and anointing himself Head of State and Supreme Commander of Nigeria, Yakubu Gowon, in his first radio address to the country, actually stated as follows:

“Taking everything into consideration, the basis of unity (in Nigeria) is not there.” 

In a terribly unguarded moment of brazen buffoonery, Aliyu Gwarzo, a Northerner and former head of the Nigeria State Security Service, blurted out the following:

”When I say that the Presidency must come to the North next year, I am referring to the Hausa-Fulani core North and not any Northern Christian or Muslim minority tribe. The Christians in the North, such as the Berom, the Tiv, the Kataf, the Jaba, the Zuru, the Sayyawa, the Bachama, the Jukun, the Idoma, the Burra, the Kilba, the Mbula, and all the others are nothing and the Muslim minorities in the north, including the Kanuri, the Nupe, the Igbira, the Babur, the Shuwa Arabs, the Marghur, the Bade, the Bura, the Igalla, the Zerma, the Bariba, the Gwari and all the others know that when we are talking about leadership in the North and in Nigeria, Allah has given it to us, the Hausa-Fulani. 

“They can grumble, moan and groan as much as they want but each time they go into their bedrooms to meet their wives and each time they get on their prayer mats to begin their prayers, it is we the Fulani that they think of, that they fear, that they bow to and that they pray for. Some of them are even ready to give us their wives and daughters for one-night sport and pleasure.

“They owe us everything. This is because we gave them Islam through the great Jihad waged by Sheik Uthman Dan Fodio. We also captured Ilorin, killed their local King and installed our Fulani Emir. We took that ancient town away from the barbarian Yoruba and their filthy pagan gods. 

“We liberated all these places and all these people by imposing Islam on them by force. It was either the Koran or the sword and most of them chose the Koran. In return for the good works of our forefathers, Allah, through the British, gave us Nigeria to rule and to do with as we please. Since 1960, we have been doing that and we intend to continue. 

“The Igbo tried to stop us in 1966 and between 1967 and 1969, they paid a terrible price. They were brought to heel and since then, they have been broken. No Goodluck or anyone else will stop us from taking back our power next year. We will kill, maim, destroy and turn this country into Africa’s biggest war zone and refugee camp if they try it. 

“Many say we are behind Boko Haram. My answer is – what do you expect? We do not have economic power or intellectual power. All we have is political power and they want to take even that from us? We must fight and we will fight back in order to keep it. 

“They have brought in the infidels from America and the pigs from Israel to help them but they will fail. The war has just begun, the Mujahadeen are more than ready and by Allah, we shall win. If they don’t want an ISIS in Nigeria, then they must give us back the Presidency and our political power. 

“Their soldiers are killing our warriors and our people every day but mark this: even if it takes one hundred years, we will have our revenge. Every Fulani man that they kill is a debt that will be repaid even if it takes 100 years. The Fulani have very long memories.”

Aliyu Ismaila Gwarzo is a former Head of Nigerian State Security Service.

From 1980, the plot to Islamize Nigeria and conquer the South picked up steam. On November 8th 1999, Champion Newspaper reported that Ahmed Sani, later governor of Zamfara State, had stated in an interview: “We will Islamize Nigeria”.  The same Ahmed Sani on May 16th, 2000 went to Washington DC, United States of America and used the VOA to sell the introduction of Sharia in all the Northern States to the world.

Under the ruse of organizing a symposium fraudulently titled “Nigeria’s Quest for Democracy: Governance, Sharia and Civil Conflicts”, Ahmed Sani claimed that Sharia will be only for Muslims and will not be imposed on Christians and non Moslems. Olusegun Obasanjo, then president of Nigeria, called in to congratulate Governor Sani, and so did Archbishop Onaiyekan.

The following people either participated live or by phone as speakers or panelists at this so-called conference on Quest for Democracy in Nigeria: Owen Dillard, African Division Director, VOA; Sanford Ungar, Director VOA; Hon. Ed Royce, Chair, subcommittee on Africa, International Relations Committee; Olusegun Obasanjo, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria (by phone); Prof. Jibril Aminu, Nigerian Ambassador to the United States; Mr. Rotimi Suberu, Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center; Dr. John Voll, Georgetown University; Ms. Obiageli Ezekwesili, Harvard University; Alhaji Ghali Umar Na’abba, Speaker, Nigerian House of Representatives (by phone); Dr. Sulayman Nyang, Howard University; Alhaji Ahmed Sani Yariman Bakura, Governor, Zamfara State, Nigeria; John Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja and VP of CAN; Prof. Chudi Uwazurike, City University of New York; Dr. John Paden, George Mason University; Kanu Agabi, Minister of Justice, Nigeria (by phone); Donald Payne, US Congressman, Committee on international relations; Ambassador Howard Jeter, Deputy Assistant Sec. for African Affairs, US Dept. of State; Dr. Constance Freeman, Africa Center for Strategic Studies; Leslye Obiora, Human Development Group, World Bank.

Shamefully, less than one year after the introduction of Sharia Law in Northern Nigeria, the elected deputy governor of Kano State led a team of Sharia Law enforcers through the streets of Kano destroying businesses and establishments belonging to Southerners that he identified as not in compliance with Sharia Law. It didn’t matter that the businesses belonged to Christians and non Moslems. Then the flood gates opened. June 2nd, 2000 the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mohammad Uwais, demanded that Islamic Sharia law be taught in all Southern universities (his son was recently reported killed while fighting Jihad with ISIS in Syria).

June 23rd, 2000 Guardian newspaper reported that the government of Kano State had stated clearly that Sharia is for everybody – Moslems and Non-Moslems alike. 

July 6th, 2000, Comet reported that former president Shehu Shagari asked Moslems to rise for Sharia.

July 5th, 2000, Post Express reported that Nigeria police flouted Federal Government instruction on Sharia as Nigeria police arrested innocent people relaxing in beer parlors in Sabon Geri, Kano for using alcohol.

August 1st, 2000, Guardian reported that drinking joints in Katsina were forced to move to army barracks as the Emir has decreed that everyone in Katsina State, Moslems and non-Moslems alike will live by the laws of Sharia.

April 28th 2001, Comet News reported that Sharia court jailed two Christians for selling alcohol in Gusau, Zamfara State.

May 24th 2001, Guardian reported that Government officials in Bornu state had arraigned non Moslems in court for transporting alcoholic drinks.

November 28th, 2001, Guardian reported that Nigerian Police Commissioner, Idris Mohammed, ordered the Nigerian police in Enugu to disrupt and disband by force Igbo youths who had organized a pro-US rally in support of the United States fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and the killing of Christian Igbo people in some states in Northern Nigeria. Note that anti-US demonstrations had gone on unchallenged in Sokoto, Kaduna, Ibadan, and especially Kano where it was so bad that more than 350 people were killed and more than five churches burned (Compass News, Oct. 14th, 2001).

September 11th 2002, a bomb exploded at the Church of Christ in the Laranto suburb of Jos.

And so the incidents kept growing until you could count scores of incidents every month.

February 24th 2007, it was reported that Moslem fundamentalists set nine churched ablaze in Niger State.

February 16th 2007, it is reported that Kano State was seeking support to train 100 enforcers of Islamic Sharia law.

May 17th 2007, several churches were marked for demolition in Zamfara State.

May 17th 2007, Compass News reports that Christian children in Sokoto in Northern Nigeria were kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. It gave the name of a recent victim as Victor Udo Usen from Cross River State in Nigeria’s Christian South.

May 20th 2007, agents of Bornu State government demolished several Christian churches in Maiduguri.

December 12th 2008, it was reported that six Christian pastors were murdered and forty churches burned in Northern Nigeria in post-election attacks by Moslem fundamentalists.

March 30th 2012, SaharaReporters reports that Malam Adamu Ciroma stated as follows:

“God will bring new Usman Dan Fodio to clean up Nigeria – just as happened in Hausa kingdom over 200 years ago”.

Is there anyone who does not understand the meaning of this statement by Adamu Ciroma? There are more than 100 recorded incidents of attacks on Churches in the Sharia States of Nigeria by 2012. So why is everyone acting as if Boko Haram, the declaration of the total Islamization of Nigeria, and forced conversion to Islam just started in 2012?

Recall that on March 30th, 2012, had published a confession by Major Mustapha Jokolo, the former Emir of Gwandu, and one of the highest ranking Emirs in Northern Nigeria, titled Northern Politicians created Boko Haram in which the Emir detailed how Northern politicians, who were aggrieved by the treatment of the North by president Obasanjo, had decided to fight back using an independent military force called “Boko Haram.”

August 27th 2001, Guardian reported that former head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, had called for the implementation of Sharia law in all the states of Nigeria. Buhari had earlier been criticized for an alleged statement to the effect that Moslems in Nigeria should vote for only fellow Moslems in future elections. As a special guest at the first yearly National Convention on the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN), held at the Arewa House, Kaduna, Buhari urged Moslems to be bold in their efforts to ensure that Islamic Sharia law is rooted in all the states in Nigeria. He stated,

“For Moslems in Nigeria, as I mentioned at other occasions, at least twice, we were overrun by the colonialists and our way of life was drastically changed… And one of the things we lost for being overrun by the colonialists is for us to be denied the freedom to practice our religion as it is or as it was and as it has always been. But God, in his infinite mercy, brought this independence back to us through a democratic system of government.”

He continued, “It is a legal responsibility God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly and to educate non-Moslems that they have nothing to fear because the biggest fear of Nigerians are three insecurities that I identified a long time ago. I believe that education is the most difficult one because of the forces outside that are insisting that Moslems in Nigeria should not be allowed to raise their heads, which to me is not the ideal thing.”

Concluding, Buhari stated, “This is the sacrifice Moslems will have to make and persuade their fellow countrymen who are non-Moslems to accept. I will continue to show, openly and inside me, the total commitment to Sharia Movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of Sharia in the country.”

Present at this event were: Alhaji Abdulkadir Kure, governor of Niger State; Alhaji Sani Zango Daura; Alhaji Awwal Ibrahim, Emir of Suleja; representatives of governments of Kano, Zamfara, Kaduna, Kebbi, and Sokoto states as well as Islamic scholars from Jigawa, Plateau, Niger, Borno, Imo and Enugu.

Today, Muhammadu Buhari, is the president of Nigeria and people are shocked by his Northernization and Islamization policies? 

Buhari contested for this presidency four times before he became president. During his third attempt, Hausa-Fulani leaders actually said that if he did not win, the North will make the country ungovernable. They did – Boko Haram became intractable. The Hausa-Fulani sent their leaders to America and Europe to lie to Americans and Europeans and indeed the world that Boko Haram was caused by poverty in the North resulting from neglect by the Nigerian Federal Government (a federal government that they had controlled for 44 of the 55-year existence of Nigeria as an independent country. [eg. The Jodidi lecture given by Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III at Harvard University, on October 3rd 2011.]

Pertinent questions leaders of the free world did not bother to ask are: where did these poor people the Sultan of Sokoto was talking about get the money to buy dozens of brand new BMW’s, VW Passat’s, Mercedes Benzes, and other expensive cars which they were using as car bombs; where did they get the money to buy hundreds of thousands of AK 47s, RPGs, APMGs, etc; how in the world did these ‘poor little folks’ acquire a couple of tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers which they were using? The cost of these will certainly run into millions of dollars. No, the West and even Nigerians never bothered to ask those questions – they just swallowed the lies the Hausa-Fulani leaders fed them. And when the Frankenstein the Hausa-Fulani leaders created got out of their control, the West was quick to blame it all on Goodluck Jonathan and his administration. Buhari and his Hausa Fulani oligarchs got exactly what they wanted and the West helped make Buhari the president of Nigeria. After sowing the wind, Nigeria is now reaping the whirlwind.

Emboldened Hausa Fulani mercenaries disguised as herdsmen, armed to the teeth with assault rifles are now rampaging all over the Middle Belt and the South sacking town after town and occupying them, killing and maiming men, women, and children, raping mothers and daughters, burning down homes, rice fields, and barns where harvested grains and yams are stored.

They are on the march down to the Atlantic Ocean – from Jos through Shendam, Wukari, Makurdi, Agatu, to Uzo Uwani, and Ukpabi Nimbo. On the western side, they are doing the same thing across Kogi State, Ondo State, Ekiti State, Edo State and Delta State as far down as Ughelli, a couple of miles from the Atlantic Ocean. What have Southern leaders been doing? They are begging Buhari to rein in the Hausa-Fulani mercenary army that he helped to create.

When the Hausa Fulani attacked and slaughtered hundreds of Idoma and Tiv people in Agatu and Buruku Local Government areas, the governor kept calling President Buhari hoping that he will take his call.

When the Hausa-Fulani invaded and sacked Ukpabi Nimbo and surrounding towns, the governor of Enugu State kept calling President Buhari, the head of the army, the IG of police several days before the invasion to inform them that his community was in imminent danger of attack from the Hausa-Fulani mercenaries disguised as cattle herders. What did Buhari do you might ask?

For several days, Buhari refused to take the governor’s call, the army and the police refused to intervene and stop the invasion. The same thing happened when the governor of Benue called the authorities. We don’t know exactly what happened when Olu Falae was kidnapped by the same HausaFulani mercenaries disguised as cattle herders as well as what happened in all the other cases all over Kogi, Edo, Benue, Taraba, and Delta States.

What we know is that it was this kind of failure of leaders to act, lack of clear understanding of the danger, unintelligent analysis of the intention of the enemy, and unwillingness to take tough, collective, decisive, bold action to stop this imminent danger that led to the conquest of all the Northern Hausa States by the Fulani Jihadists between 1804 and 1809. That is what is about to happen to the people from Kafanchan, Jos through Wukari, Gboko, Calabar to Port Harcourt, Aba, Onitsha, Enugu, Makurdi; and from Ogbomosho, through Abeokuta, Lagos, to Ile-Ife, Akure, Benin City, Asaba, Yenagoa, and Brass.

The situation is now so bad that in Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Aba, Benin there is palpable fear and panic that Boko Haram has infiltrated these cities and is about to start bombing the markets. What have the governors and leaders of thought in these places done? They have asked their citizens to pray and fast so that Boko Haram and these evil mercenaries will not be visited on them.

Nothing could be lamer and indeed more stupid than this. Didn’t the Bible tell us that God helps those who help themselves? What did Jesus Christ do when he saw the Temple (His Fathers’ House) being converted into a market by avaricious merchants? Did he kneel down and pray? No. He took a whip and drove the moneychangers, their animals and their money out of the temple, overturning their tables in the process. He took action. He did not pray and fast. Christians, please, stop deceiving yourselves, your pants are on fire. Which human being, on being diagnosed with breast or lung cancer, will go out and buy Tylenol for treatment instead of radical surgery and radiation treatment in a specialist hospital?

As you squabble among yourselves and pretend that the Hausa Fulani mercenaries will only attack and conquer your neighbor and not you, they progress and by the time it will be your turn, there will be no one left to help you. You can be wise now and swear that what happened to the Hausa States in the 1800’s will not happen to you or you can hide your heads in the sand until you are destroyed by these Islamists. The choice is yours.

Buhari will go to Lagos and tell the Yoruba that he loves them and that they have nothing to worry about. He will also tell them that the Ijaw militants and the Igbo are the problem and that he will deal with them. He will dole out money to some Yoruba leaders who will sing his praises all around Yorubaland and if the people are naïve they will believe them.

Forty years ago, Yakubu Gowon told the Ijaw that the Igbo were the problem and that the Ijaw had nothing to worry about since the Hausa-Fulani are their best friends. He promised them that after they help him and the Caliphate destroy the Igbo, he will turn Ijaw land into paradise. They believed him. What happened? He confiscated their petroleum and handed it over the Hausa Fulani oligarchs; he took over all their land, then their water resources. He completely destroyed their land with pollution that will take several decades and billions of dollars to clean up if at all, and when the people complained, he and his Hausa-Fulani oligarchs slaughtered them in thousands and destroyed their homes. Remember that!

Remember that the Hausa-Fulani started in the 40’s and 50’s with looting your goods in your shops and then burning the shops down. This was in their own Northern towns of Sokoto, Kano, etc. When you didn’t react, they escalated it in the 60’s and 70’s to killing you and your family in their Northern towns. Still no reaction and they amped it up in the 80’s to 2000’s to pursuing you down to your homes in your homeland. Now, they are set to completely take over your homeland. They are kidnapping you and members of your family, raping your wives and children, laying siege on your cities, towns and villages, sacking villages and establishing Hausa-Fulani settlements there. Your ancestral lands are going, going, and will soon be gone. You can act now or gnash your teeth and cry midnight cry later.

What to Do Now

You don’t have many choices. Separate from Nigeria now or die as slaves in it. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, bishop or evangelist, male or female, old or young. The same fate awaits you. Demand a referendum now so that those who want out of Nigeria can leave and those who love Nigeria can stay. Stop talking about restructuring Nigeria. It is fool’s gold. If restructuring Nigeria back to the regions would be so great, would stop the Hausa-Fulani scheme to conquer and Islamize Southern Nigeria, please explain to us why the Hausa-Fulani Federal Government of Nigeria in 1960 declared war on the Tiv civilian population for supporting the United Middle Belt Congress; killed so many Igbo in Northern Nigeria in 1945, and 53; killed thousands of people all over Western Nigeria in 1965 in their effort to take over the government of Western Nigeria; slaughtered one hundred thousand Igbo and other Easterners in the 1966 pogrom; declared genocidal war on Biafra (1967-70) and starved to death more than three million babies, children, pregnant women, old men and old women; completely destroyed the town of Odi killing more than four thousand innocent civilians in the process.

Stop talking about creation of states, it is absolute tomfoolery. Stop talking about percentages of revenue to be allocated to your states. It is absolutely stupid. Your private property is either yours or it is not. You make the call. Stop talking about the cattle that Hausa Fulani sell to you. That is childish in this age of globalization and free trade deals. You do not need the cattle that the Fulani mercenaries masquerading as herdsmen bring down South. The United States, or Argentina, or Brazil can supply several times over and cheaply too all the beef that your people will ever need; ask South Korea, Japan and China.

You can equally buy from friendly countries in West Africa pending the time you develop your own ranches. The same thing applies to any other item that seems attractive to you and your friends. Stop talking about small land area and being land locked. Have you ever heard of or been to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg? All of them are landlocked. They have about the highest GDP per capita in Europe and the world.

As for land area, ask South Korea and Japan what their populations are and look at their land areas. They rank among the most densely populated, and most technological and wealthy countries in the world. Besides, your sons and daughters are all over the world making excellent contributions to humanity and many of them are also getting rich using their talent and skills.

Southerners, stop talking about these silly stuff and embrace the global world with your talents and God-given abilities. You have several alternatives. What do you really need the Hausa-Fulani for anyway? Nothing, really nothing! In the meantime, and as a matter of urgency, all Southern governors should send tightly crafted BILLS to their respective Houses of Assembly making it a criminal offense (with severe penalties) to have free roaming cattle in their states and the State Houses of Assembly should, as a matter of urgency, immediately pass these Bills into law.

Seek, and demand your separate identities, insist on your freedom, and insist on your self-determination, especially through a referendum. Stop dithering. Your independence will enable you begin to live like human beings while leaving a legacy of freedom and hope for your children, your children’s children and generations coming after you.

May God guide you to do the right thing and liberate your people! 





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