LNC Queries Rationale for 2019 General Elections Amidst Ethnic Cleansing in the Middle Belt.


First, watch the video showing discussion of Fulani herdsmen militia killings in Middle Belt, Nigeria.

(1) Did anyone else observe the emphatic reference to competing narratives between farmers/herdsmen clashes as promoted by the colluding “federal government” and the self-evident ethnic cleansing in this presentation at the House of Lords in the ongoing Fulani-driven human carnage in Nigeria?

(2) Will elections processed and managed by the clearly complicit Fulani-led “federal government of Nigeria” in 2019 douse or escalate the already raging fire in the rickety House of Lugard?

(3) With the lessons of 1964/1965 and the catastrophic consequences of 1966-1970, in which the fuel of elections was loaded on to the furnace of an already burning constitutional dispute ignited by the May 29, 1962 decapitation of the Constitution of the Western Region, will it not amount to a deliberate plunge to self-immolation if Nigeria continues the journey to the 2019 elections as being advertised under the 1999 Constitution?

(4) Is it not obvious that Nigeria in 2018, under the crisis-brewing 1999 Constitution, has arrived at that historical juncture South Africa reached in 1990 under the apartheid constitutional order when President Frederick W De Klerk suspended further electoral business under the Apartheid Constitution and wheeled the bleeding apartheid South Africa to the CODESA operation theatre which birthed the multiracial South Africa of 1994 and saved South African peoples and the South African nation?

(6) Has it not become an urgent imperative for the entrapped component constituents of Nigeria to save their traumatized and endangered peoples from Fulani annihilation, by standing up and throwing off the deadly Caliphate suzerainty masquerading as “the federation of Nigeria”, (which collapsed since 1966) from their various spaces?

(7) What choice are we making now between saving master-servant, Unitary Nigeria for the Caliphate owners of it to continue in their CONQUEST, ISLAMIZATION & COLONIZATION campaign and saving the distressed peoples of Nigeria from certain death via ethnic cleansing?

(8) In the face of massive blood requirements from the non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, are we still pushing on with the obdurate Gowonian Task of “Keeping Nigeria One”, and has the time not come for us to realize that to keep Nigeria one, we must be prepared to take our turns at providing the daily generous ration of blood required to keep the man-eating, blood-guzzling monster called “Nigeria” alive?

FUNAM claims ownership of murders

The casualty tally after recent murderous rampage by the Fulani herdsmen militia are 106 dead. Photos show desecration of murder victims by savage butchery of their bodies with deep machets cuts.

(9) Has it not become obvious to the non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria that the civilization & strategic interests of the Fulani Caliphate-owned one-Nigeria are in IRRECONCILABLE CLASH and MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE with those of the indigenous constituent components trapped in the failed toxic Lugardian experiment of 1914?

(10) Just like the Igbo and rest of the peoples of Eastern Nigeria learnt between 1966 and 1970, has it not become clear to the Birom, the Tiv, the Yoruba, the Ogoni, the. Jukun, the Ijaw, and the other over 200 indigenous peoples of Nigeria that FOR ANY OF THE CONSTITUENT NATIONALITY GROUPS TO LIVE, UNITARY NIGERIA MUST DIE AND FOR UNITARY NIGERIA TO LIVE, THE CONSTITUENT NATIONALITY GROUPS MUST DIE?

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July 1, 2018.